The SC took time off from exploring Denver to visit her 93-year-old mother in Minnesota, accompanied by Camille.  My mother Norma continues to live in the assisted living facility that has been her home for five years.  She remains energetic, in good spirits and as ‘sharp as a tack.’  Camille and I cleaned the rings in her extensive collection, which she wears when playing bridge with other residents and at the senior center down the street from the facility.


Camille took the above photo of the two of us walking the halls of the facility. Due to macular degeneration my mother’s eyesight is limited, but that hasn’t affected her ability to enjoy relationships with family, staff and other residents.  Although she walks with a walker, she is pain-free and independent in her room, which is filled with her own furniture and beloved objects that reflect a life well lived.  She tells us that she appreciates the safety that is provided in her surroundings, with higher levels of care available at the same location if she needs more help with activities of daily living.  It’s comforting to know that Mom is thriving in her 90’s and as Bella from The Citizen Rosebud HERE would say, ‘she’s blooming where she’s planted.’

I’m connecting with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style from the land of 10,000 lakes, but I will be home in time to launch Hat Attack HERE on Thursday, August 1st.  Hope to see you there in your headwear of choice.

By the way, I found a bumper sticker in Minneapolis:  CRONE (Creative Researcher of New Experiences).  I can relate to that!


  1. I love both those pictures – the candid one is so evocative. And I love your scarf-cape-jacket thing!

    Your mother sounds like she’s very lucky. I hope I feel safe and comfortable when I reach that age!

  2. Your dear mama may not have very good eyesight, but I can tell she’s overjoyed at a visit from her beautiful daughter and grand-daughter. My, I’ll bet she’s got the whole place holding its collective breath waiting for you two to step through the main doors!! xoxo

  3. Such a touching post… showing the lineage of family beauty. Thank you for sharing this family love dear Judith… you are ever an inspiration of love!

    By the by… I have been working on my hat attack post…. as a passionate lover of hats and all the various pieces of head adornment… I am so excited to not only participate…. but see your round up of uber stylish and creative friends.


  4. I love these pictures. They tell such a story, one that I can relate to so well. I’ll be seeing my mom soon at her assisted living place, eerily similar to the one in the picture. I recognize the lovely three-generation picture and I’m so glad you’re able to bridge these relationships, hopefully enriching the lives of all of you. I remember seeing the picture of your mother’s hands before, and her lovely rings.

    I’m sure you had all the other residents whispering into their tea and coffee cups as you made your entrance. I’m sure you made their day. As always, you made mine. XXOO

  5. Lovely family portrait of the three of you. I can see beauty runs in your family. I am particularly struck by your mother’s eyes. They draw me in, and although she has macular degeneration, she speaks volumes with her lovely blue eyes.

    Lovely scarf Judith.

  6. What great family photos – beauty clearly runs in the family, as does the bloom-where-you-live philosophy. I’m thinking about my hat…

  7. Love these picture. How happy I am on your way. Your mother is still going on. All three look so lovely. Three generations of women. Beautiful. Send a special message for your almost Danish mother.

    “Jeg sender en kærlig hilsen til din mor og håber alt godt. Kærlig hilsen fra danske Anne-Marie”

  8. Three lovely ladies whose beauty and sweetness of spirit are conveyed in this picture! It’s wonderful that your mother is safe and happy where she is living.

  9. The CRONE acronym: perfect!! Glad to hear you had good mamatime. Lovely photos too, of lovely you(plural).

  10. All three of you have such beauty and elegance, each in their own individual way. My mum is 89 and still living independently in her own home, but if she get to the point of needing more support, I hope we can find somewhere as good as your mother’s facility. I love the shot of the two of your walking down the corridor, I bet you were chatting too!
    I’m not so good with summer hats, though I have plenty of hair flowers and feathers, so I am hoping to be able to join you for your first Hat Attack, Judith! xxxx

  11. What a lovely post! How wonderful to see all three generations of women in your family together in this photo! And how wonderful that your mother is still enjoying a full and active life at 90.

  12. Lovely to see the three generations of your family. I find inspiration from my 90 year old Dad that has adapted to his care facility. Your mother sounds like the same type of soul, accepting the changes and making the best of life as it is. I can feel your love for her in this post.

    I made some photos with a hat last night, but the lighting was so low that the focus wasn’t sharp. I wanted to join your hat post but I just didn’t get a good picture.

    blue hue wonderland

  13. I was delighted to see the picture of the three generations of women together, each one beautiful in her own individuality.
    Good Luck to your new site HATATTACK!
    C R O N E !!!!!

  14. What a good explanation of Crone. That is you, explorer of new experiences.
    Lovely picture of the three generations. And your daughter looks so cute, what a lovely woman. You must be so proud. I know she is also beauty on the inside.
    (Great scarf by the way.)

  15. How lovely, Judith! Your Mother is just as beautiful as you and your daughter are. I can’t wait to see your fashion photos when you are 90. I’m willing to bet they’ll be every bit as chic as they are now 😉


  16. Thank you for sharing with us about your beautiful mother. What a comfort to know that she is well looked after and enjoying herself in the company of family and friends.

  17. I miss my mother so much, and I’m so glad to see you with yours. Three generations of loveliness … you can tell you are all roses from the same plant.
    I’m so late with everything this week, but I look forward to seeing your Hat Attack … can’t find one to wear, but may have to try harder!
    Your posts always comfort and inspire me, Judith, and this one is no exception. Thank you for the introduction.

  18. How reassuring and thank you so much for sharing. We live just across the street from a very large community of homes for people aged 55+, as well as assisted living. In addition, there is a large shopping center and we see a lot of our elderly neighbors there. We just love being around all these folks and it makes me happy to know that your mother is blooming where she is planted. That’s what we all need to do, at every age, after all. The three of you are lovely together, too.

  19. Thanks for posting this three generation picture. I really wanted to see you while you were in Canby, but had a wonderful houseful of grandkids. Your mom is quite the lady…I appreciate how she is aging…so positive! And, yes, she is still “sharp as a tack.”

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