Photo by Carol Markel of Femme et Fleur HERE

The SC was thrilled beyond words to accompany Carol Markel and Richard Cramer to Sue Kreitzman’s HERE studio and home in the Washington Heights area of NYC on a rainy day, which did nothing to decrease the absolute joy and exhilaration that I felt when I entered Sue’s magical world of color and creativity.  For the occasion I wore Denise, the hat that I purchased from Carol Markel at her studio earlier in the week. Denise fit right in with the color that surrounded her on this day of her debut.

The above photo was published on Carol’s blog Femme et Fleur HERE, where Carol writes eloquently and with humor about our visit to Sue’s world, her history and her art.  It was a day that will always be remembered for its jaw-dropping explosion of art.


This photo captures the self-expression of a woman who possesses extraordinary creativity and warmth.  I felt embraced and electrified by her art and her very presence, inhaling the energy that surrounded me, and look forward to how it will inspire me in the future.  How it will it engage and influence me as time unfolds.  This was an experience that deeply affected me on all levels and with all of my senses.


Carol Markel, wearing the beautiful beads of her own creation, amidst Sue’s world of endless and abundant artistry.


Sue’s work speaks for itself!  The following photos captured a small amount of the wonder on display.








Sue’s apartment in Washington Heights is a few steps from her studio, and has a stunning view of the George Washington Bridge.  Even on a rainy day, it was a glorious vista to behold.  Richard, Carol and Sue, wearing a jacket of her own design, catch the view from the living room.


In her home, Sue displays the work of artists that she loves and supports.


I loved the shape of the chairs in the dining area, and was enthralled by the art on every wall and in every possible space in her living area.


Back in Denver, while shopping for a birthday card for a friend at Talulah Jones HERE, a gift shop a few blocks from my home,  I thought I would be safe from all things irresistible in terms of adornment.  I was mistaken. I had forgotten that Talulah sold shoes, and these beauties were 50% off.  Is there no safe place to enter when on a spending diet?

The shoes are made of felt and could be a hat for the foot.  The radiant color captured my attention.  Perhaps Sue Kreitzman’s influence made me buy them!  And here they are at home, ready to enhance an outfit and to step over to gorgeous Bella’s Shoe Shine HERE at The Citizen Rosebud.  Can’t wait to see what’s “kicking” at this once a month shoe party!


  1. Magical, and a delight for the eyes, and spirit, Judith. I am also entranced by the sight of the beautiful bridge from Sue’s living room. I have those felt shoes, in gray! You are right, they’ll be perfect for Bella’s linkup.

  2. Where to begin? Let’s start at the feet and work up…the shoes are every so stunning! I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they had a sign…’On hold for Judith, Style Crone’ on them. So pretty, so you! Moving upwards to Sue’s art pieces…the artful torsos are whimsical, full of joie de vivre, and so clearly made with love. Magical indeed! And last, but not least, your hat! I saw it in your earlier post…the whole hat cupboard is inspiring, to say the least…and this hat holds her own in a room that is a riot of colour. Well chosen! I think there’s a little bit of Frosty in that hat, and it makes magic happen!

  3. Wow, so much color and energy in one post! Those shoes are AH MAZE ING! You must give us a picture of you wearing them very soon. And Sue is right, they are so you!

    Sue Kreitzman looks like a force of nature! I loved seeing her in Fabulous Fashionistas, and I especially loved her jackets. Lucky you to be able to soak in that aura of creativity.

  4. Exciting Color, Exciting Beauty, Exciting Creative Women, Exciting Time to be Alive! FABULOUS!! And I LOVE those shoes…..

  5. Thanks for the phrases “…abundant artistry” and “…a hat for the foot”! I shall roll them about on my tongue as delicious sweets following the visual feast that is the SC’s visit to Sue’s private world. * I myself am on both a spending diet and a Damn Diet, alas.

  6. Do you think that Sue would let me come and just sit in her studio for a few hours? Your photos are wonderful, but I can’t imagine how energizing and inspiring all that colour and creativity would be in person. I love the sense of humour and over-the-top embellishment that is in all her work, and it would be amazing to have one of those mannequin heads in my apartment. Thanks so much for this virtual tour of her world – what a wonderful trip you had!!

    Denise is lovely, as are the purple felt shoes (if you’re on a spending diet, you pretty much can’t leave your house).

  7. AMAZING! Wow what a burst of vibrant colour! Her studio and apartment are like museums. So happy you were able to share this with us.

    I am so glad you did not walk away from those booties. They must look smashing on you.


  8. Oh, we should all have such wonderful hats for our feet! No wonder you couldn’t resist. . .
    Such a visually rich post — I can only imagine what it must have been to experience that IRL, in 3D.

  9. Thank you for sharing such an amazing artist and woman with us!! I could spend HOURS in her studio and home ooohhing and aaahhhing over all of the fantastic stuff!!!

  10. Loved this post, Judith…thank you for taking us there!!! I loved everything from their clothes to the decor to your hat to your new shoes!! You ladies certainly inspire and encourage the rest of us.

  11. Judith, thank you for sharing your visit to such an interesting artist, a treat for the eyes.
    Your new Denise is stunning on you , as I’m sure those gorgeous purple shoes will .

  12. I saw Sue on the Fabulous Fashionistas documentary, and loved her energetic and colourful style. And of course her sage words about the danger of beige! What a wonderful studio and home she has, so much to catch the eye and enjoy. She’s all about vivid colour, vibrant images, detail, and people, she loves the human form, and so do I.
    And there you are, sporting the beautiful Denise! So very chic. And the purple shoes are a real delight. xxxx

  13. I’m feeling the energy from here!! Surely her apartment has been featured in decor books!! It reminds me of the Interiors series (Parisian Interiors, Moroccan Interiors, New York Interiors, etc.) published by Taschen. The Parisian book blew me away and proved to be a huge influence in changing (and charging) my creative life, similar to how Ari and Advanced Style did. I can’t wait to see how your home is impacted by this marvelous experience.

    You look beautiful in Carol’s creation and those shoes are utterly irresistable. I can only imagine how they can become shoes-as-decor, too. XXOO

  14. What fine company you keep! These women sizzle with their creative energy. What a great space Sue has- I would love to wander about and get a good look at those “dolls.” The colors of the rooms are so vivid and lively, as I imagine the conversation amongst you all to be. And precious as a gem, are those amethyst hues kicks. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with SHOE SHINE. You are indeed a star!

  15. Thrilling experiece. I saw Sue in The Fashionistas. Grand lady. You were right to wear that new colourful hat. It will have pleased Sue. The right hat for the right occassion (oh alright, I will admit, that cat suits you. You can wear anything.)
    As for the purple shoes: perfect, too good to resist. And no there is no safe place for anyone on a spending diet. I know from experience.

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