The lovely Diana and The SC made a visit to City Park HERE, the largest park in Denver, which is less than a block from my home.  I consider it my back yard and the area of the Pavilion HERE, Sopris Gardens and the Bandshell HERE hold my history within its boundaries. It’s the end of the summer and the Discovering Denver Series has its last episode.  It is fitting to close in a location dear to my heart.


The back of the Pavilion in the midst of Sopris Gardens.  And to think that this grandeur is available to The SC at the drop of a hat!


The end of a series and the last hat of the summer go hand in hand.  This hat by Diane Harty HERE of Frisco, Colorado is a muted shade of blue with an abundance of structural folds and swoops; it approaches the world differently from every viewpoint, which I reveal throughout today’s photos.


The multicolored crinkle Mieko Mintz HERE shrug with flared sleeves provides just the right amount of warmth on a beautiful sunny day, which carries with it a chill that comes with the reality of autumn.  The black high low skirt was acquired for a mere two dollars at a yard sale this summer and the black sweater was a consignment store find years ago.


The Bandshell is the location of City Park Jazz HERE, a free event on Sunday evenings throughout the summer. It began in 1986, and I have been a regular from the beginning at this celebration of community, which has grown from just a few people in attendance to 6000 to 8000 in recent years.


As I gaze across Ferril Lake from the Bandshell, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science HERE  can be seen across the water in the distance. I say goodbye to summer’s sweet warmth and greet whatever mysteriously comes my way in the approaching fall.


The estate sale suede blue wedge shoe with gold trim and estate sale jewels.

Hat Attack #3 remains open for participation HERE until midnight on Monday, October 7th.  Stop by if you have headwear to share!

The gorgeous Patti is providing another gathering at Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to join other bloggers in this biweekly celebration of style and community.

I’m taking my blue suede shoes over to the amazing Bella’s Shoe Shine HERE at The Citizen Rosebud.  Thank you Bella, for hosting this festive shoe party.


  1. Lovely vibrant pictures! The end of summer is happening here in MN just this week. I have enjoyed your tour through the sites of Denver. This dress is regal in it’s purple tone. The shrug has a beautiful texture and I like the hemline of your dress. Your hat and cobalt shoes are a perfect accent.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. What a fabulous sunny day! Love the colours of your outfit, dark and elegant.
    And of course, your choice in headgear never disappoints!

  3. Stunning as always, Judith! You look lovely in blues and purples. I have really enjoyed your series – great to see Denver from your eyes. Thank you!

  4. In the first photo, I thought that you were wearing an elaborate medieval-style blouse under a black jumper. It’s a drop-dead gorgeous shrug!
    I love kantha embroidery of West Bengal and its interesting to see on her website how Mieko uses it in her garments. Thanks for introducing me to her work.

  5. I’ve loved learning more about Denver. I’ve only been there as a child, but now I know what I want to see when I visit again.

    Your hat is stunning, and I can’t think of anyone who could wear it as well as you! The purply-blue colors are all lovely for a sunny autumn day and look fab with your hair color.

  6. Oh, those sleeves are spectacular! I’ve so enjoyed this series of Denver locales. The architectural swirl in your hat is also quite fabulous.

  7. It would be easy to be swept away by the shrug alone, but you hold your own so all the pieces blend into one powerful sense of you. I’m sad that your exploration series is closing – I’ve loved it all. And thanks to Diana as well for making it possible behind the scenes. It was so much fun to see Denver’s treasures with both of you lighting them up. Cheers!! (corks popping) I’m excited to see what’s next.

  8. What a spectacular location and a glorious day and you’re certainly dressed for the occasion. That shrug is nothing short of magical! xxx

  9. What beautiful place to have right on your doorstep, I love the bandstand and the lake. Public parks and places for community events are so important in bringing people together.
    Your hat and shrug add gorgeous colour and texture to the black outfit, and as always, you have such grace and elegance, Judith. xxxx

  10. Your eye for beautiful colours and unique cuts never fails to enthral me, dear Judith! Another wonderful outfit full of soul and artistry. The purple is marvellous on you, and the backdrop exquisite. I shall really miss the Discovering Denver series, it’s been incredible!

  11. Sorry to see that it’s the end of the Discovering Denver series. I’ve really enjoyed it. How sensational you look as well in the purple/blue/black combo.

    I’ll bet Elvis would be jealous of those blue suede shoes!

    Many thanks too for your comments on my blog. Hope to get my new laptop this Saturday and resume blogging without pulling my hair out!

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from http://www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife. blogspot. com

  12. Thank you so much for this series, and the virtual tour of your wonderful city. I wish I could have seen the park when it was green and blooming, but I still thought it was amazing!

    I think that might be one of my favourite hats of yours, because of the amazing structure. The purple shrug is pretty awesome too!

  13. Judith,
    I just love the violet color of your jacket. And it’s so period, so 19th c.
    Just watched the first episode of The Paradise on PBS. It’s about a young shop girl who goes to London and gets a job at a beautiful department store called The Paradise. I think it’s based on Zola’s “Ladies Paradise,” a book that I love. Anyway, I think you would love all the clothes and fripperies in the show.

  14. How lovely! Your hat may be a new personal favorite of mine in your collection, which is saying quite a bit.

    From the front you look to be wearing a dramatic gown with bell sleeves, a full skirt, and some delightful modern touches. This is item combination mastery!

  15. Don’t you look smashing in your purple. The flowers behind you are the ideal backdrop with the orange contrasting against the purple.


  16. Ohh my goodness you look great in purple! I can’t wear it. I love the color of your shoes. I think that blue color is going to be the color of the year for Pantone.

  17. Everything coordinates… and matches… and those beautiful shoes!! Lovely, simply lovely….

  18. Such beautiful colors and silhouettes! The setting is perfect, too. I look forward to what’s next, now that our tour of Denver is complete for the moment. XXOO

  19. I’m really going to miss the Denver series. These new photos are just gorgeous and I love knowing that this beautiful location is so close to your home. No wonder you think of it as your back yard. The hat design is great. It reminds me of the Guggenheim.

  20. Good gourd, you are so beautiful! Love this gorgeous outfit – the blue shoes and earrings are exquisite and the location is stunning.

    Sarah xxx

  21. Thank you, lovely Judith, for treating us to this civic series … you know Dan and I really enjoyed it. Mostly, though, I enjoyed seeing you. Just as I am seeing you in this really wonderful set of choices! The hat is just delightful. Love the structural jauntiness of the crown, and how the textures play so nicely with your amazing shrug. SO much more effective a design than even the loveliest shawl or pashmina, at least in terms of staying put. Undeniable cool element! I love dressier elements with separates. That combo just says something different than a more formal one piece dress, no matter how subtle the pairing is! Just cool, Judith. But then, you know that! I just go on and on to let you know I’m paying attention and learning from what you offer us! Thanks for that, forever!
    Have a lovely early fall week. I for one am enjoying the cooling off!

  22. You look like the most beautiful flower among all the lovely blooms in Sopris Gardens. You’re so lucky to have such a lovely place in close proximity to your home. Thank you for sharing so much of your hometown with us!
    I love, love, love you in purple. It suits you so well and that shrug is just magical!


  23. Once again, my spirits are lifted by such fun and beautiful pictures! I love how the blues and purples in the gardens pop out even more because of what you’re wearing!

  24. Quite unique picture galleries in a beautiful park with associated buildings. Your hat is as mysterious and fascinating as the buildings and the park. A very beautiful dres to the end of your summer tour. Thanks for the view of Denver. It has been very exciting. I love it.

  25. You always look so awesome, dear Judith. Love the mix of black with “sparks” in purple, and that hat is the ginda the cake in the wonderful landscape of your photos. Love it! Happy week, dear Lady.

  26. THIS is my inspiration for my fabric Judith! The hat and the shrug, both! And, importantly, You! You are inspirational with each and every post. You are fortunate indeed to have such a beautiful park close by…there is always such beauty in manicured parks. This post I am, however, drawn to the architectural features of the turquoise gates. Fabulous!

  27. Love the Mieko Mintz and the perfect hat. Lovely pictures too.
    The shoes are lovely but I find them a bit too blue for this outfit and too low. May I say that? But they are great shoes.

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