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The SC has been dabbling on the edges of Nelson’s desk and closet, going through files and memories and touching items of clothing.  In recognition of this passage I donned the distinctive vintage houndstooth fedora that I found for him at an estate sale many years ago (one of his favorites frequently seen knocking around the city and recognized by all who knew him) and the long vest that I purchased for him at an antique market in Northern California where I was participating in a health care diversity conference. The vest envelopes me;  its oversized essence is condensed with a belt!  I tossed on a few estate sale touches of red, a few pieces of silver, and with a black background The SC marked the process of movement amidst his dear possessions.  Now, when I see something that screams his name and out of habit I eagerly reach for the item of perfection, in midstream and frozen in time, I remember that he is not here to receive another offering of my amore.  A closet full of offerings presents itself to me now as my fingers softly pass over the shirts, the jackets, the ties, the hats, the cuff links, the endless gifts that were presented to a regal recipient. This hat will always be with me, with its vibrant memories, a quirky and unique crown that I now proudly wear in his absence.


  1. I image Nelson looked extremely dapper in that fantastic hat and waistcoat. You do him and his clothing an absolute credit with your style, elegance and beauty. x

  2. What a wonderful way to preserve his memory and spirit. Keeping his personal effects close by makes his presence even stronger. Hold on to that and stay strong.

  3. Thank you for bringing Nelson back to us through his lovely clothes full of love and sooooooo chic.
    You are admirable, my dear friend.

  4. I think many persons take comfort in the clothing of loved ones, and this is a smashing look! You can’t beat black and white, and the red adds a vibrancy that is quite nice.

    Items that remind me of loved ones departed are treasures that I cherish. I wear an enbroidered jacket that was my sisters, and I take pleasure in a ring that my mother wore as a girl. My nephews enjoy wearing blazers and fedoras that belonged to my father, their grandfather. Those items connect us in enduring ways across time and through memories of those dear ones we continue to hold close.

  5. What a wonderful way to remember Nelson, and this is seriously one of my favorite looks on you…you look amazing and glowing with the meaning behind each piece. I love this!

  6. I love graphic black and white, and the touch of red is superb. This is also a splendid example (for those of us in our style crone years) of “flaunt what you’ve got left”. Your trim waistline and glorious gams are enviable!! You are fabulous, as always. Love you!

  7. Yep, I remember Nelson in that hat! You wear it well! So glad to know you are healing. I am with you in spirit.

  8. The clothes and memory of the man, so beautifully brought to life on your person. I never met Nelson, but will think of him now as a regal recipient. The hat is so very stylish.

  9. How evocative clothing is, particularly of someone who is no longer with us. I have saved my father’s old orange Tee shirt, and a really manky red/white and blue sweater of my mother’s. It’s not that this particular sweater was especially nice, but I remember her wearing it when she went to hospital the last time. There’s something about a person’s clothes and belongings that are an echo of them, and as such, so heart renderingly poignant. You are moving on so gracefully, so beautifully, and honoring the past in each step. You are one AMAZING woman!

    Much love from England,

  10. Thank you for stopping by. You are a very lovely lade and write beautifully.
    I haven’t been blogging that long, I have found it to be a very supportive medium. I’m sure you have found the same thing.
    Hope to see you pop over again.

  11. This is like to feel the essence of Nelson, on your skin! I have felt shivers of excitement reading this post, your love is infinite, beyond time and space ….

  12. Clothes that belonged to a loved one can be such a reminder of their physical presence. I have a work jacket that belonged to my father, worn at the cuffs, that I keep in my closet, and for the longest time I kept a leather jacket that belonged to a dear friend because it retained his scent. That vest should definitely move to your closet, as it looks great on you, and I’m sure you will find a few more things of Nelson’s to integrate into your own wardrobe, and they will become a source of comfort, instead of sadness.

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