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The SC traveled to Minnesota for a visit with her 91 year old mother Norma, who now lives in an assisted living facility.  Because of macular degeneration, which has limited her precious eyesight, and the loss of physical strength, Mom made the decision to move from her home to an environment where she could receive the help that she needs and now feels at peace with the losses that led to this transition.  She enjoys the company of the other residents and staff and continues to play cards several times a week. Bridge is her favorite card game and she always wears rings to accessorize her outfits when engaged in this activity of pleasure.  For purposes of this photo, she put at least one ring on every finger, but tells me she would never do this during an actual card game.  I admire how Mom has the ability to accept and transcend the loss of her independence and continue to engage in a life that is meaningful.  Her interests, in addition to playing cards, include listening to books on tape, relationships with family and friends, and remaining physically active.  She tells me that she feels good most of the time, dresses for every day and enjoys choosing jewelry to accompany her outfits. This has become more challenging with her loss of vision!  Mom attributes her longevity to what she describes as ‘good genes’ (her mother lived to the age of 98), remaining active, eating well, and continuing to enjoy her life. She appreciates that she can choose to be private or to socialize in her living situation, and feels grateful for her remaining function.  Inspiring words of wisdom from Mom!

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  1. I love that she put on all the rings for this photo. My grandmother is about the same age, has macular degeneration too. It’s a terrible thing.

  2. I feel so touched by your mom, and many other people who flow and make the most of everyday, no matter the age.
    You are always an inspiration, my dearest friend.

  3. Living a stylish life, at any age, requires the ability to approach each day with an optimistic point of view. My mother also elected to move to an assisted living apartment about a year ago, and she loves the freedom she is afforded from the chores of maintaining a home as well as the opportunities for involvement in an active social life as she wishes. Mom didn’t want to live alone after my father passesd away, and as a rural woman, though she tried living with us in the city, it was her preference to live in her own community where she could best enjoy life on her own terms. I love seeing her so happy and independent!

  4. Your mum looks wonderful. So great that she has kept her sense of style. Love the rings! And fantastic that she still plays bridge. It’s a great game and very good for keeping your brain active.

  5. I too want to say thanks for sharing her with us! I love her expression in the photo, so pleasant yet with a little “impish” quality. With her views on life, I think she’s a wonderful exemplar. I love how she put on all her rings, but of course (!) would never wear them all at once.

    I hope you had a good time in Minnesota and that it was nourishing to your soul on some level. Welcome home; we missed you!

  6. She reminds me of my own Mother, Miz Myrtle who passed away at 85. She was born in 1913, so would be 97 now. She designed and made the most incredible Mardi Gras costumes every year and was fabuloius as Elizabeth Taylor, Daisy Mae, a Madame, a Geisha….I miss her and she lives in my heart, always nearby to remind me to lighten up and laugh! Thanks for sharing your Mom! A beauty full of sparkle just like her dauhter! Tell her hello from your fans!

  7. Wow! Your mom is incredible! I guess now I can from where you got your style, thank you very much for showing us this part of your life.

  8. How wonderful for you to be able to visit your mum and to learn from her. No doubt you have soaked up her wisdom all your life, as it certainly shows.

    Much love from England,

  9. I love all her rings! Cocktail rings are very in this year–she’s right in style! Love her–she looks so cute, Judith.

  10. Your mother is lovely! You are so lucky to still have your mother, as I lost my dear mother at the young age of 75 this year. Your mother sounds like she has a wonderful attitude and she really looks so pretty.

  11. Yes, Mom Norma looks wonderful. I am one of the ladies that gets to play bridge with her and yes, she does have an impish grin – especially when she finds a way to set your contract. I have seen first-hand how Norma has accepted some difficult losses – her husband, her failing eyesight, her home, and even her driver’s license. There just has never been a “poor-me” attitude.

  12. The wisdom it takes to accept the inevitable dependence that really old age brings, and still live with a joyous heart that embraces all the new that awaits, is an unmeasurable talent- Love love love to your mom! 😀

  13. I was overwhelmed by all the kind responses!!! 🙂 It really makes me appreciate the life that I am living here. I was very happy that Judith was able to visit Minnesota and come again! I miss Nelson too, he was a good cook and would always cook special meals for us when he came to Minnesota. Judith will come out of this happening a stronger person. I love you very much and hope to see you soon.

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