I love to discover fascinating places that have in the past escaped my radar.  In this case the Lovely Diana and The SC headed under the Speer Avenue viaduct to play amidst the murals by painter, sculptor and muralist Emanuel Martinez HERE.  “Confluent Peoples” is one of the many public artworks HERE created by this highly esteemed and nationally recognized Colorado artist.  This was the location we were searching for several weeks ago when we came upon Centennial Flower Gardens HERE,  just a few blocks away from the viaduct.


The SC’s NYC street vendor multicolored fabric hat (which plays nicely with the headwear on the mural’s center face above) and estate sale vintage multicolored kimono jacket reflect the colors of the mural.  I was about to downsize the kimono, but when I tried it on I reconsidered and have enjoyed wearing it this summer.  What was I thinking?  Letting go of vintage usually means that it will never appear again.


One of my favorite mural features are the scenes reflected in the sunglasses on the multiple images of “Confluent Peoples.” On the above faces adorned with grey hair, the artist with easel and Mexican dancers had me up against the wall in admiration.


Reveling in diversity on concrete!


Standing next to the signature of the artist Emanuel Martinez in my YSL moss-green heeled slides and cropped skinny jeans which were both purchased years ago on separate occasions at Buffalo Exchange.


Photos By Diana

I found the blue beads at a thrift store and threw them on to pull out the small amount of blue in the kimono, accompanied by estate sale vintage blue clip-on earrings.  Bangles and bracelets are from estate sales and flea markets.  Over the past few months I have become enamored of beaded necklaces.  Scanning for these beauties has been a fresh focus, and adding this accessory to my ensembles is a source of newly discovered self entertainment.

Hat Attack begins on August 1st HERE and I’ve added its badge to my sidebar.  Deck yourself out in headwear and give The SC a monthly Hat Attack!

I’m taking my multicolored hat and newly appreciated kimono over to Patti’s weekly party at Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style!


  1. Yes, please keep the kimono – it’s so brilliant! And what a wonderful location for showing it to its best advantage. The artwork is fabulous too – I love seeing art outdoors, and everywhere. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. Those slides look so comfortable! And I love the Kimono; I have a few too and find I don’t wear them as often as I should. These pics may motivate me!
    Love the artist and his works~xoxo

  3. I am also a happy soul living in Denver. I love our public artworks and thank you for sharing them with others. Great look!

  4. Love getting your post in my email! These photos are fantastic SC! That background is perfect and you couldn’t be more beautiful. The kimono is a keeper for sure. xo

  5. Love the jaunty tilt the hat in this first picture. Great mural and really cute casual summer outfit. That is one fab hat and like the pop of the blue beads.

    blue hue wonderland

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing field trip I just took. Those murals are breathtaking and you fit right in.
    Love how you choose to wear your lovely kimono with skinny jeans, what a creative idea.
    Looking forward to the hat party.

  7. What an amazing location for your photos, Judith – wonderful street art, I love the reflections in the sunglasses too. I am so glad you decided to keep the kimono jacket, it looks marvellous. I do this frequently – decide to sell something, give it one last try, and then decide to keep it after all!
    As always, you look elegant and beautiful, but you fit right in with your artistic urban setting. Gorgeous! xxxx

  8. I am not surprise the walls of the street dresse themselves as you walk by.
    You are magical every single time.

  9. I have decided that, after regretting what I have let go, that I will just be a hoarder and not get rid of things. The outfit is terrific (as usual). The backdrop is amazing! The kimono is definitely a keeper.

  10. Denver is a place that I would love to visit so I am really enjoying your jaunts to its great places. You look wonderful and vivacious. I love the way you put together outfits.

  11. Look at that backdrop, the perfect place to show us your incredible kimono – like you I adore oriental patterns and this one is so lovely my dear. The blue necklace makes it, and those skinny jeans show off your amazing legs so well. The hat, the shoes, it’s such a great outfit!

  12. The street art makes a great background for these photos! I think it was a good idea to keep the kimono; it’s a wonderful layering piece. I’m glad to see you are having fun seeking out places in Denver that are new to you – it’s great when you can have adventures in your own backyard.

  13. I am almost knocked out of the fantastic colors. I love the pictures in the picture in the glasses – in the same way as babushka dolls. Beautiful and fascinating clothes and the necklace gives it the finishing
    and the hat of course.

  14. Wow, this is impressive street art to say the least. Fabulous works!!!

    And you shine equally in your vintage kimono. Brilliantly styled with cropped skinnies too. I’ve always struggled with what I might wear with a kimono styled jacket, and this is so modern and playful.

    Sue xo

  15. Amazing murals! What an excellent backdrop for your outfit – the colors are all sympathetic without competing. I just love the kimono. Getting rid of that would have been a big mistake!

  16. Standing next to the artist’s signature seems appropriate for our own walking-talking-blogging work of art, Judith. So fine to see such wonderful public art, and such a celebration of diversity in Denver. There’s so little here, and it’s so homogeneous that’s it’s like fresh air to see diversity celebrated. No little cool in the subject with the reflected images, either.
    I envy the kimono … I’ve been looking in vain for Asian prints here before all the summer things are gone. That’s the thing about vintage loves … often, there’s no replacing them. Good call to keep it. You’re beautiful, as always.
    Pretty beads and I particularly love your mules … very, very in tune with the art. As you always are!

  17. I’m so glad you kept the kimono, Judith! I really love the delicate print and how well the shape flatters your figure. Your hat is perfection, of course. If I had that hat I would wear it.
    My compliments to Diana for taking some really incredible photos that show both you and the murals to your best advantage.


  18. What a coincidence that I should publish an outfit with a kimono nearly the same time as you did. I had not peeked at your blog first. Honestly.
    Of course I think your outfit looks great. Like you I love kimonos. I have two “kimono-like” tops and I use a proper (cotton, would you believe it) kimono as a bathrobe.

  19. You look so vibrant and fresh in this outfit! Think you did well to hang on to this floral kimino as it is a wonderful piece and looks great with your cropped jeans. Fabulous photos! Love the murals on the wall!

  20. I just love this shoot location. You are just a bit bigger than the figures reflected in the sunglasses in one of the photos – I love that play. And kimono-sleeve styling is one of my favourites. Your kimono jacket is beautiful. I often have second-thoughts too before changing a vintage piece and usually go with the original, belted or clipped, in the end. You look great in the Huffington Post too!

  21. I adore your style. This kimono is beautiful! I never tire of looking at traditional Japanese flora prints.

    I’ve heard a few people mention they have some now- I clearly need to figure out where you all shop.

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