I recently received my “Old Is The New Black” t-shirt, a creative collaboration between blogger, film maker and author Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE and designer and creator of The Old Ladies Rebellion, Fanny Karst HERE.  I’m finding that this glorious garment is very versatile and can be worn in many settings.

“Old Is The New Black” is playful enough to wear out to dinner with friends with: coral estate sale vintage jacket, consignment shop black platform heels and coral chapeau with black trim from a Paris hat shop.


“Old Is The New Black” is chic enough to wear to the theatre with: estates sale black velvet maxi skirt, vintage black velvet beret, vintage silk ruffle scarf and vintage earrings and hat pin, along with long black velvet gloves adorned with rhinestones from my hat shop in the 80’s and red lipstick.


Photos By Daniel

“Old Is The New Black” provides a message strong and powerful enough to enhance warrior two pose with: white estate sale ballet flats and two headwraps from my scarf collection.

“Old Is The New Black” or its cousin “Old Is The New Gold” T-shirts can be ordered HERE!  They make a great statement for any occasion!

I’m taking “Old Is The New Black” over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style!


Captivating Crone Series

Florence is my dear friend Sally’s 95-year-old mother.  “She is a Denver native who was married for 60 years, raised 3 children and taught English as a second language at Denver University.  She still travels to Mexico and Central America,  delighting foreigners and Americans alike with her vibrant, generous and upbeat manner.  Her colorful clothes reflect her radiant and warm personality. Few new acquaintances believe her when she tells them  her age!”…Sally


  1. When I first saw these t-shirts I almost bought one. I did post a picture of it on my twitter page. I especially like it with the pop of red jacket. You look amazing in it.

  2. Yes, that fabulous t-shirt is certainly versatile, and you are rocking it, Judith! I love how you’ve paired it with elegant velvet for a night at the theatre, so chic.
    Florence looks like she enjoys life, I bet she’s fantastic company! xx

  3. It is such fun when you can dress elegantly but with a wink, a little joke incorporated in your outfit. Well done Judith. I will have a look whether they have a T-shirt which would suit my figure.

  4. You of course have exhibited your unending creativity and flair in all of your various renditions of the iconic Advanced Style/Fanny Karst collaboration T-shirt. Isn’t the cut of the neck and sleeve length fabulous? Somehow I feel there should be some event of happening where we all wear out shirts!

    Accidental Icon

  5. You’re one of the few women in the whole world that manage to look graceful and elegant in a tee shirt. Fabulous!
    Florence is an inspiration. Still travelling at 95? That’s how I hope to be. xxx

  6. I can appreciate all of your looks here Judith. But my absolute favorite is the one in the yoga pose. Your wreak power, grace and beauty! You are one woman that makes aging an aspiration! Thank you my dear for your continual inspiration!


  7. I think there’s no way that you, YOU, wouldn’t be able to style that amazing T-shirt. Each look here is so very different but natural. Fierce! (in a good way), Judith.
    And Florence, oh my, setting a new bar for life at 95. Drinks raised for everyone, she’s a spectacular crone. Thanks for the introduction.

  8. perfect for every occasion! Looking marvelous as always, lovely Judith! And where can I get mine?

  9. Hi Judith,
    I love how you just exude joy and love this look, red is YOUR color. Of course the hat is amazing. Love all the ways you styled it, I love the long gloves too, I have a pair in grey.

    Please stop by, jess xx

    Hope to see you tomorrow at Turning Heads Tuesday link up!

  10. Yippeee! Always, always love to see your posts Judith! This one is particularly fun…it’s like three posts in one! You’ve clearly had fun styling Old is the New Black! The laughter in the first photo rings through my monitor! Love it! I love seeing you in the Virabhadrasana II pose also. Even posing for a photo, I can see your attention to self and going within!

    Have a great week!

  11. This is THE BEST POST YET Of that TEE SHIRT!!!!!!!!!
    I love how you find your treasures……….
    GO ARI and FANNY……………fun fun fun!

  12. Lovely outfits Judith, and so creative. I would never have thought of the theatre version, but it’s fantastic with the long skirt and gloves!

    The fabulous Florence looks so sweet, and how inspiring to hear that she still travels the world!

  13. Your latest addition to the Captivating Crone Series has a great smile, and is obviously still living an interesting, adventurous life at 95!

    These three outfits are very simple in shape but are very striking with the t-shirt. I really like it paired with the coral jacket and gorgeous hat! It is a perfect shirt for yoga – great photo of you demonstrating your Warrior 2!

  14. Dear Judith, I’ve just seen you on the list of best 40+ blogger list by WHOWHATWEAR – huge congratulations! Your beautiful outfits and the spirit you show, pushes all of us to make an extra effort every day 🙂

    I apologise if my English isn’t 100% correct – I hope you get the meaning anyway

  15. What a wonderful tee for a time when youth is revered so much. I absolutely love how you styled your headwraps. I wish you would do a tutorial. Maybe I can find a video on YouTube.

  16. You look fabulous, as always, in this great t-shirt! The cut is so stylish, not at all like your average t-shirt and we should all get together wearing these!!
    What a photo shoot that would be!

  17. Can you please tell me how the “old is the new black” shirt runs? I read that it’s 100% cotton, so I am curious if I should order a size up.
    Thank you!

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