Photo by Camille

The first anniversary without Nelson was a reflection of the dragon journal in my outfit, dinner at our favorite restaurant with Camille, and many memories of years past entering my thoughts as the day passed by in a confusing blur.  Putting together an ensemble was the structure that brought meaning to my day.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful in that outfit. From shoes, to bangles, to the amazing jacket, to your earrings and to your adorable hat. I can see your smile lights up a room. I’m
    not insensitive. I know this must be hard for you. You bring such joy to people. You
    inspire me.

  2. You should keep putting outfits together for all of our sake.
    Nelso would love that.
    Thinking of you always, my dear friend.

  3. You look beautiful, Judith. I know you are working through something difficult, but at least you are taking baby steps to get out and move through it. That is healthy. I also think that would please Nelson…you are too special to be shut up in a house in darkness.

  4. How unfair that your first anniversary without Nelson should come so soon after his passing. Yet, as you say, much to remember and be thankful for. I, too, am glad that you are venturing forth and re-discovering your love of creativity and beauty in the midst of all that is going on. Hats off to you girl! You look amazing. You ARE amazing.
    Lots of love from England.

  5. I printed out one of your earlier posts in which you explain the process you go through putting outfits together and how it becomes a life-enhancing experience. Needless to say, I was very impressed with your thoughts on this and see how a person can be sustained during very difficult times by doing this. Nelson would be so proud of his beautiful and radiant Judith.
    Thanks again for making us a part of this experience.

  6. Take the dragon energy and use it keep going…you are doing exactly what needs to be done! C

  7. So glad you and Camille were able to be together, and thank you for the photo. I love the earrings with that great jacket.

  8. You have so much love in your heart and I am sure that the spirit of Nelson and Camille was with you all evening.

  9. You have so much love in your heart and I am sure that the soul of Nelson was with you and Camille all evening.

  10. I am thinking about you! We are having fun reading your blog! You are getting ready for Nelson’s memorial service. I love you! ~ Mom

  11. I know these “firsts” are really hard, and I am very sorry to hear you had one so soon. I have been thinking of you, getting things ready for Sunday, which I know must have seemed so huge & daunting! May you will be richly blessed that day by the gathering of everyone who loved your dear Nelson! And I hope all the love & beauty you and Nelson created and LIVED sustains you now, as well as the loving wishes of your friends, family and readers out here in cyberspace. We are all sending our support and loving thoughts to you each day. Much courage, Judith – tho I hardly need wish you that, you display it in spades. Especially in today’s post, in your gorgeous jacket and accessories. You are a marvel! Brava!

  12. You look stunning as usual and so glad you and Camille carried on. How wonderful a tribute to your long marriage. Thinking of you as you put finishing touches on memorial service.
    Love from Arabia.

  13. I think this blog is the true Dragon Journal, which imparts its power and grace across the globe to all of us who follow your posts.
    How beautiful that you commemorated your anniversary with Camille.
    I think of you every day and hope that Nelson’s memorial service is everything you want it to be and honors his life in ways that bring peace to your heart.
    Sending love.

  14. I think of you every day. It was good to see your lovely smile again. You look beautiful in the embroidered jacket.

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