The SC and Diana headed to the Mercury Cafe HERE, which was created by Denver icon Marilyn Magenity in 1975 (on The SC’s birthday the year she moved to Denver) and “this exploration of food, the arts, politics and community that surround food” has settled in a highly visible north of downtown location.  We attended a fundraiser, “Not Forgotten, Denver For Haiti,” and I decided that fuchsia and orange were my inspiration for this festive event.  Not a big surprise, as these colors frequently pop out at me from their resting places, eager for an outing.


The Mercury is a Denver institution.  I have cherished memories of eating, drinking, dancing and enjoying poetry readings and theatre at the various incarnations of this local masterpiece.


The Mercury is powered by the wind and sun.


The interior of the Mercury is a wonderland of wall murals, vintage lamps, sparkling lights, and interesting servers who always delight with their creative ensembles.


Ready for the show in a vintage orange silk flower headpiece, vintage orange necklace, earrings and various bangles – estate sales and flea markets, orange/fuchsia crinkle scarf – flea market, black yoga top – yoga studio, orange bag – gifted, black heeled sandals – retail summer sale 10 years ago, and unusual black Thakoon leggings with attached draped skirt – never worn by its original owner and purchased for next to nothing at a yard sale this summer.


The main performance of the evening was by Natalie Stewart, the Floacist, formerly of the British neo-soul duo Floetry, one of my favorites in the year 2003.  I remember my life through outfits and music, the visual and the auditory.  Though difficult to get a crisp photo from the back of the theatre, I couldn’t resist featuring the fabulous backless gown worn by this gorgeous and talented performer.

Hat Attack is on for August 1st.   Whoever wants can join in!  Just compose a post that includes any hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, headband, hair flower or other adornment for your head that you love on the first day of every month, beginning August 1st, 2013.  Participation will be open for one week, or until the 7th day of each month.  I chose the first day of the month because headwear is the starting point for most of my compositions!

Now over to join Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Patti has been an inspiration for the birth of Hat Attack and I thank her for her kindness and love of community.


  1. Yes…I would love a cafe like this…but what I wish I could do is wear this exact outfit and look this amazing in it! I love this…it is fun, stylish, youthful, creative, chic…all at once. I like this better than any fancy dress you could ever put on…to me this is Judith!! Can you tell I love it??

  2. Oh Judith, so beautifully bright with your flower, beads, wrap, bag, and mega-watt captivating smile. I haven’t been able to comment much anywhere lately but wanted to say how much I utterly loved your recent posts from the art gallery and honouring among the columns. I am so excited about Hat Attack!

  3. I hope Denver knows how lucky they are to have you! You grace any occasion or venue. And fuchsia and orange command their own attention! This is such a dazzling outfit, from the headpiece to the orange handbag (squee!), and the photos against the blue walls are works of art!

  4. Your outfit is a work of art! The colors and shapes are marvelous and the setting is all of a wonderful piece. Thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday and I look forward to Hat Attack.

  5. Oh, you are such an icon yourself. And, that brilliant, captivating smile you own is enough to make us all join in the happiness you share.
    What a treasure you have in the city, but best of all, you know how to enjoy the treasures you have at your feet. Thank you for your example and sharing this bit of Denver with us.

  6. I’m surprised that your table is not so crowded with admirers that I can’t even see you! What a knockout you are in those powerful sun colours. And what a fantastic venue. We’re getting such great views of Denver that city hall should put you in charge of tourism promotion. Gorgeous, Judith.

  7. You are so absolutely exquisite! I love the gorgeous colour combo and your smile is stunning, as always!

    I’m in for Hat Attack (if I can remember) – fab idea!

    Sarah xxx

  8. Love the hippy-tastic look of the Mercury Cafe, it looks rather like some of my favourite Goan hangouts! You look glorious in your blast of riotous colour! xx

  9. Stunning you are in every context- that sort of cafe is right up my alley!
    And I am marking my calendar- Hat Attack is on!

  10. looking FABULOUS as usual, in one o my fave spots, wearing one of my fave colors (orange). You are stunning, as usual. Keep shining that light of yours all over Denver!


  11. The pink, the orange, the flower, your wonderful smile, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    What a fabulous combination, my dearest Judith, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I am hugging you tight.
    Love, love, love and deep admiration.

  12. That event must have been fabulous!! I can imagine the vibe (I love Floetry) and the whole atmosphere looks creative and inspiring. I can see by your gorgeous tropical outfit that Denver has emerged from it’s icy wraps. (I haven’t been following much news so I tell regional weather by my blogging friends clothes!) The colors are striking on you. The skirt/leggings piece is a “must-have” and will continue to provide the perfect foil for your extraordinary collection. What a great find!

  13. What a wonderful venue, and what a stunning outfit! The bright and flowing pink and orange against the slim-fitting black background are exquisite, and of course the headpiece and bag finish the look to perfection. Gorgeous! xxxx

  14. You are so enchanting in your summer brights, this is a masterclass in wearing colour dear Judith! I love each part of the ensemble you wore to the funky cafe, and that orange flower headpiece dazzles and delights.

  15. What a fun outfit and pictures. Love the basic black that fits just perfectly and adding fun accessories. This wrap is so pretty and you wear it with flair. Your smile is like a bright shining star!

    blue hue wonderland

  16. A landmark restaurant is a thing of beauty, just like you! Hmmm … didn’t mean to objectify you. Let’s try another one: you should move away from the door (in the first photo) ’cause you’re smokin’! Yes? Anyway you look great in your cool and sophisticated outfit. Great shoes, and you look like you’re about to be asked to dance the tango, Senora!
    Your photo of Ms. Stewart and her backless dress looks like a painting.

  17. What a wonderful evening and worthy cause for an outing! Judith, you really know how to use black as the canvas onto which you layer all of your gorgeous, colorful accessories. I think you should consider a career as a stylist!


  18. Such a beautiful headpiece! It’s been awhile since I’ve worn anything atop my head other than hair, so I might have to join your hat attack!

  19. Judith, your posts are always such a treat on so many levels! Ever the adorable one, your flower fascinator is fantastic and flattering! (How’s that for alliteration?) 🙂

  20. Hi Judith, Thrilled to see that Hat Attack is about to be launched. I have been wearing hats more frequently. Thank you for being an inspiration. I so love fuschia and orange together. Mangoes and watermelon, tangerines and lemon.

    Denver sounds like a really great city. I think I would like to visit one day. I get the sense that it has a young energy to it.

    Sue xo

  21. I love seeing you in these vibrant colors, and I laugh that your look is almost subdued by the bright hues in the cafe. Just marvelous!!!

  22. Hello Beautiful, Gorgeous, GLOWING Style Crone! What a joy to see you. I am out of the scene and then I get a chance to come here and this is what I get: AMAZING COLOR! SMILES GALORE! An eatery that uses wind and sun for energy! 🙂 And the best part… Are you kidding me????? HAT ATTACK???!!!!!! I am so all over that one. Can’t wait!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxxo

  23. I’ve being reading your blog for a while but never comment before.
    You have amazing style and I love the fact that you know the history of the places that you visit and how you describe your experience. However the best part is your smile!

  24. I was sold when I see these colors together. And what a place. It must be nice to be such a place with this story. I love your hair that looks absolutely gorgeous with the flower and your smile too..

  25. That place looks like lots of fun! I will put it on my list of places to go!
    I’ve never heard of Floetry and am going to look them up STAT.
    Music, art, garments — they are bound together for me too.

  26. Thank-you for reminding me of The Mercury; the look has changed, but the vibe is the same. I discovered it in 1980… attended some poetry readings… even shared a few of mine. They gave me a Union of Street Poets and Artists button… it might still be tucked away somewhere. Memory lane…
    Thank-you for sharing your fabulousness, strength, wisdom and eloquence. You inspire me to love the details.

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