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The SC has limitless work to do in the garden, which has been neglected for several years.  I managed to do the bare minimum last year, but now I’ve become aware that it needs my attention as much as my home does.  It must be part of ‘waking up.’  In an attempt to show my garden some love as I strolled through its pathways and small patios, I donned a luxurious 1940’s burgundy silk satin dressing gown, vintage jewels and vintage burgundy heeled sandals.

I wanted to accessorize the ensemble with a headwrap, but none of my scarfs seemed to fit my vision perfectly.  I planned to go vertical and a large piece of raw silk is usually what provides the ideal volume and texture.  But my scarf inventory lacked the piece with the perfect color or the correct character of fabric. In the process of this quandary I walked past one of the racks of clothing temporarily standing in my living room, and my gaze fell on a silk patterned mustard/burgundy reversible wraparound maxi skirt.  So there is an advantage to having my closets from upstairs exploding unto racks on my first floor!  With a few swoops and playful twists, the headwrap was created in moments and ready to join the garden party. An entirely new universe of headwrap possibilities has opened up in my world.  A skirt can become a headwrap can become a shawl can become a tablecloth can become the wrapping for a gift.  Just as in life, the possibilities are endless if I can just wrap my mind around it!

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  1. What a delightful post. I love the beauty of your outfit and the purpose behind it – to show some love to the neglected garden. After that, how can your garden do anything else but flourish.

  2. A skirt on your head! Fabulous!! I love how you have the open mind to decontextualize your clothes and push the limit. This now-turban is perfect. In your second-to-last shot in particular you remind me of a model from the forties. The pose is exquisite in this outfit and for me really projects the era. Lovely jewel tones against the greenery.

  3. Oh my goodness, that dressing gown is exquisite! I’m sure your garden appreciated its beauty as you strolled through.
    I would never have guessed that head wrap was a skirt, how clever. And how clever to do such a good job of your head wear that it doesn’t collapse, I’m impressed!
    Waking up to endless possibilities… there’s a motto to live by! xxxx

  4. Judith, I LOVE THIS!!! It is so fun to come to your blog and get a dose of you! I am so inspired to go to my closet and don my floor length gowns right now, I love them so much! And that head wrap, I wrapped my head last week with an animal scarf and my 14 year old went nuts! I have to wrap my head in my next post! So fun!!! You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!:-)

  5. Ah, Judith, you look like a 1940’s movie star lounging about in your garden in your dressing gown. There is no form of head adornment that does not suit you – the headwrap is brilliant!

  6. I admire this 1940’s look, especially the shape of the shoulders. There is a real strength to it. I also appreciate the re-purposing of a skirt to serve as a head wrap. The reminder to imagine life beyond the most obvious is a potent message, one that seems timely for me and the turns my journey is taking. Like you, I am in the midst of reimagining my life, and I find that creativity and optimism are essential to moving along with grace and style.

  7. The color of this dressing is so beautiful and the cut reminds me of something from an old and glamorous. I have a couple of reversible silk skirts and I want to try this head wrap myself!

  8. What a lovely outfit – and garden – you have! Such a clever idea to use the maxi skirt! Beautiful as always, Judith!

  9. Ahh!! Absolutely beautiful!! I LOVE the fact that your skirt became your headwrap! To play with items and reassign their function is such a creative pleasure. This is a gorgeous example and one I might have to borrow!!

  10. You look totally and utterly fabulous, Judith! Using a skirt as a head wrap is so inspired, I’ve been driven to tying mine up with a sarong when in India as a scarf just hasn’t the volume required to make an impact.
    I love the dressing gown , you look fit to conquer any task dressed like that.
    That distressed chair is a stunning touch, you should be gracing the cover of an upmarket home and garden decor mag. x

  11. I love everything about this post… the fanciful, playful feeling, the notion of honoring your garden not just with “work” but with style, thinking outside the box to take full advantage of your closet. What refreshing energy this sends into my day! Thank you. Such a lovely blog you have. 🙂

  12. Now that’s inventiveness and versatility! I’d never think of that! Looks gorgeous though, and so dramatic! you look radiant as always, those jewel colours truly suit you.
    I sometimes wish I could get away with wearing something like that where I am but alas, towering headwraps are not appropriate office wear.

  13. You my dear are forever inspiring! I saw the gorgeous Style Mentor’s wrap inspired by yourself. You give more meaning to personal style with each post….and I thank you!

  14. Hi Judith!

    Love the fuschia robe and the wrap is extraodinaire ma chère – it goes so well with the whole theme of the post !

    Nice to see close ups of your gorgeous face – I wish you would be more daring and do a real close up with one of your gorgeous hats!

  15. That is a really remarkable and classy headwrap- I would never have guessed its origins. Any chance we can coax how you did it out of you?

  16. Hi Maya, I just wrapped the skirt around my head and tied it on top. Then I just wrapped and draped and pulled it all together in a swirl. It was very spontaneous. It would turn out different every time! It’s that kind of thing!

  17. This is so glamorous! I love to retro/old movie glamour. Wish I could pull off the headscarf….but it’s doesn’t work on me! You..look great!

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