Photo by Nelson.

Hat, necklace, shoes, bag-estate sale; jacket & pants-consignment stores.

Just as we left no stone unturned in search for what Nelson needed in terms of life saving treatments after his initial diagnosis over five years ago, I prefer to leave no accessory undocumented.  I realize that the two issues have a VERY different level of urgency and are not appropriately compared, but I do like to be thorough. The first photo of my outfit did not reveal the chosen necklace and the second photo eliminated the shoes. Therefore, two photos are necessary to bring this “What to Wear to Chemo” ensemble to view. Speaking of coming to view, Nelson is minimally revealed taking The SC’s photo in the background. When will he come to full view? He’s always been mysterious!


  1. yes! mister nelson is very mysterious, which is perfect because like him you are as well and a long with your beauty you two are a great match.

    what a very well put together outfit, love the green shoes!


  2. Love this outfit! You are a legend. I love the green shoes and neutral outfit. The necklace is great. And the hat is perfection, as usual!
    xoxo tess

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