I’m happy to be home, even though the Denver Discoveries Series was invigorating and I learned more about the city I live in by preparing posts about some of my favorite spots.  I love going up and down the wooden steps between the first and second floors and taking in the dancers that populate the walls on the staircase.  A sketch of dance icon Judith Jamison, former director of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company HERE, gracefully adorns the wall behind me, inspiring me daily with her dramatic and artful beauty.


My home makes me feel warm and supported; a structure has its own energy and I feel safe and nurtured within the walls that surround me. The stained glass window on the staircase landing has been the background for my home’s occupants sine 1907.  I often wonder about the people who preceded me in residence, as I speculate on who in the past wore this vintage grey headpiece trimmed with short fringe and playful pom-pom. It was a find at Frock NYC, which sadly has now closed.


It’s the season to delve into my glove inventory and add another accessory that provides huge amounts of entertainment to my life, as I leave through the front door that provides the entry into my oasis in the city.  Grey/blue is the expression of the day, and these vintage gloves trimmed with the most amazingly minute star-shaped sequins give me much pleasure.


The very pale blue vintage velvet bed jacket embellished with pearls and delicate stitching was purchased at a friend’s inventory downsizing sale.  The estate sale pearl earrings trimmed with rhinestones create shimmer and shine on a day that the sun was hidden from view.


The SC adds another layer to provide warmth to meet the chill of the day as she leaves home with Diana to catch the Gypsies Collection Show at our friend Carolyn’s home. Years ago Carolyn had a well-known and beloved clothing boutique in Denver by the name of Tapestry and is featuring gorgeous vintage jewelry, textiles and other treasures at various shows and on Etsy HERE.

And what did I find?  A hat, of course!  A large brimmed straw beauty not to be revealed until next summer.


Photos By Diana

The vintage embroidered silk kimono was purchased at an estate sale this summer.  It was covered with stains, and therefore was offered for the price of two dollars.  Taking a chance that it could be restored to its original elegance, I was happily surprised when my dry cleaner, who specializes in vintage, was able to clean it to perfection.

I’m giving it a new life today, which is one of the thrills of wearing vintage.  Saved from sudden death at a landfill, this piece of history now has a special spot amidst my vintage kimono collection.  I have many pieces that have been rescued, restored and revered, which I’ve noticed can also happen with people.


I discovered the grey open toed kitten heels at a Minneapolis boutique summer sale in August.  Today was their first outing, accompanied by nude fishnets, and a pair of skinny jeans purchased at a retail sale years ago.  I adore the heart-shaped fabric embellishments on the shoes, which I didn’t conceptualize until a friend viewed this photo and noticed the design.  Sometimes it takes time to see what’s before my very eyes.  Today my shoes speak for themselves, sending love and gratitude to all who read and comment on Style Crone.

I’m off to participate in Sacramento’s Share-in-Style at Mis Palapios HERE and Ariane’s Show Me Your Style at Style Sud-Est HERE.  Thank you both for your creative and inclusive series!

The November HAT ATTACK falls on Friday, November 1st.  I’ve been scanning the hat room daily to decide which beauty is up next for the coming month’s hat party.


  1. Judith, you have such a beautiful form and your words are so lovely. I love reading your posts. I adore kimonos and that hat and gloves are dreamy. I wanted to let you know I have to leave the blogging world for a while. I have some seriously pressing issues going on in my life so blogging is not an option at this point. Love to you gorgeous SC. xoxox

  2. It’s the perfect time of year to begin to enjoy the hearth and home, isn’t it? Your ensemble is full of rich detail, as always. I love the shoes as a compliment to everything else. Looking forward to the next Hat Attack.:-)

    Sending love. Xxoo

  3. This is such a lovely post, both your feelings about home and the beauty of you. I adore your vintage kimono. It’s so amazing to think it used to be covered with stains. I would have never guessed. The shoes are darling. Seriously great.
    It’s not glove season here yet, but I totally love wearing them too. They make such a statement. I’ll have to hunt for some photos of me wearing a hat. I love them but I’m usually the one behind the camera. 🙂

  4. So beautiful gray color. Hat and shoes speak together. Nice to see you at your home. The first time I visited your blog (I’m not sure) you were in the very beautiful hall and the fantastic steps which I admire and the beautiful door. You look great with gloves and jacket.

  5. My dance teacher danced for Judith at Alvin Ailey; I was very lucky to have her for a teacher for 15 years–I was thrilled to see the artwork on your wall!

    Love that vintage kimono! And I agree–I feel wonderful too if I can give a new life to a precious vintage object~ xoxo

  6. You look amazing, Judith! I love seeing the glimpses of your Arts & Crafts-era? home. The layers – love them! I am appreciating gloves right now.

  7. Judith, you and your home are both glorious beauties! Great save on that sumptuous kimono!

    Have just been catching up on some of your past posts. It was great to see you continuing to look fabulous while having fun as well! You are totally amazing! 🙂


  8. Nobody does vintage better than you Judith! I especially love your new kimono. Lovely to see more details from your house too and great to know you appreciate dancing. I just visited a wonderful contemporary dance performance from Brazilian company Grupo Corpo which was superb!

  9. You wear jeans with such elegance and class, the kimono is perfect with them and I love your staircase and front door. xxx

  10. Dear Judith,
    who would have thought that combining these items together would work? But using the relatively ‘blank canvas’ of black turtle neck and skinny dark denims (which by the way make your legs look uh-mazing – dare I say ‘dancer’s legs’?) is a stroke of pure style genius as it not only allows the feature pieces to come through, it also pulls them into the current century quite seamlessly. Well done. Beautiful lady, beautiful style – dolce vita xxx

  11. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful house, and it’s lucky to have a caring owner like you. Oasis sounds like just the right word.

    Your outfit seems to embody the term haute-beatnik that Alison at That’s Not My Age has used. The jeans with all those beautiful textures and the cute little kitten heels make a fabulous combination! The gloves and the kimono seem to have been made for each other!

  12. The way you feel about your home is the way we feel about our old house too. It has energy and presence that keeps us safe. Today’s outfit are lovely as usual, with all of the details carefully considered. I especially admire the bed jacket and silk kimono. Your kimono reminds me of one I sewed for myself a couple of years ago. I should take it out and style and outfit with it soon. Have a beautiful week!

  13. Oh, my dear Judith! How you have so eloquently described the feeling a well loved house can give you! I remember the house I used to live in when I lived in Vancouver. It felt like it “held” me, and when we eventually left, I felt like I was leaving a friend. There was no one thing about the house that was an outstanding feature– it was just the whole thing that just “did it” for me.

    Your outfits look so delightful. You must be one of the few women who can wear a hat with skinny jeans and look amazing. As always with you, everything works together in harmony.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  14. Eloquent post on how “home” supports us…you look particularly beautiful, Judith…I remember my mother having pretty bed jackets. And that kimono…

  15. I so love to have little peeks at your beautiful home, Judith. And how elegantly you wear jeans, the kimono jacket is perfect, and I adore the chic little hat.
    Yes, I always have a ponder on who might have lived in houses before, who owned the vintage clothing I now wear – I like the idea of giving them new life. Your posts are always so eloquent, you express your thoughts and feelings as beautifully as you wear your clothes and hats! xxx

  16. Now THAT is how to wear skinny jeans and look divinely stylish! Love the grey accessories and the kimono jacket is the perfect proportion to balance out the slim jeans.

    Your home is beautiful, and a lovely reflection of its current owner.

  17. What an amazingly lovely home! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I, too, am a fan of the grey-blue hue that you’re wearing. The idea of pairing indigo straight-legged jeans with vintage gloves and kimono jacket is very unique and inspiring. It gives me all sorts of ideas!


  18. I love your jaunty hat, it’s the first thing I noticed. But the sumptuousness of that bed jacket and the silk kimono are decadent. Everything here is like a dessert.
    If I saw you standing in front of your doorway like you are in that photo, I would hope I would walk up and introduce myself. You are such a burst of positive energy and light.

  19. Some fine vintage pieces here, in such a lovely color. The beautiful shoes top your outfit off with exquisite adornment. You look great in jeans. Your home has a solid feel with a craftsmanship not to be found these days. This hat is jaunty and I love your haircut!

    blue hue wonderland

  20. The satin kimono just takes my breath away, Judith! So lovely … with the little embroidered white jacket in an opposing texture beneath! Genius. More of the embellished embroidery in your gloves makes it clearly thematic, and pulls everything together as neatly as a gift box from Tiffany’s! Then, you charm us all with perfectly fitting jeans! So great to see vintage and modern work so well!
    Lovely glimpse of your home. Thank you for such a treat, all the way around.

  21. You have the most beautiful home my dear! And incredible long balletic legs, too! I adore both these jackets, particularly the silk kimono, a classic bohemian orientalist style and complimented perfectly by that lovely hat.

  22. What can I say? I can rave and rant about this outfit. I love every piece so much. The kimono (you know how I like them!), the cream jacket, the shoes, the hat, the jeans. All combined is as perfect as your house.
    I wish I had your skills in finding these rare pieces.

  23. Judith I really love this outfit!! Love the way an everyday basic like blue jeans has been elevated by the use of sumptious and decadant layers of luxury! The velvet bed jacket, the peeptoes shoes and fishnets, the beaded gloves and the dainty hat and above all that stunning kimino. I can’t believe what you paid for it and am amazed at the job your drycleaner did. It looks pristine and I can’t imagine it ever had stains on it! Gives me hope for a vintage satin jacket I’ve come into possession of recently which could do with a good dryclean to restore it to it’s former glory. You have such a wonderful and inspiring way of putting clothes together and I love ogling your amazing collection of vintage xx

  24. The hat, gloves and kimono are works of art. I used to ‘save’ such special items for special occasions that never came. It is inspiring to see you wearing them casually, with jeans, and adding such pleasure to an ordinary day.


  26. I adore your style, and the vintage gloves are my favourite, what a fantastic hat as well. Such a nice feeling being home, isn’t it … You look beautiful! /Madison

  27. A wonderful post, Judith! I loved how you added more and more layers as you worked your way outdoors. A delightful play of greys and blues.
    Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up!

  28. I love your blog. Your style is very similar to my tastes, and I love trolling estate sales and thrift stores, but… I wish I were as beautiful as you. I am dumpy, lumpy, homely. Lovely, quirky clothes & accessories just look silly on me. So I must be content to read and look. Thank you for offering this escape.

  29. Judith, to me you are a queen of style! Always quirky, elegant and unique! I love love love this look, it is perfect in all the details!

    Hope you are well! 🙂


  30. There is so much gorgeous going on I don’t know what first to respond to! I love the kimono, the colors and the way you’ve mixed it all with jeans! How fresh, and poetic you look.

  31. I’m a 21 year old NYC girl and I think you ROCK. My mother is in her 60s and I’m trying desperately to re-inspire her passion for fashion! She says she’s too old and I say- not yet!

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