The SC knew she was in for a change when her nail polish color went from neutral to a vivid coral.  In the distant past I wore a shade of orange on my fingers and toes during the summer, but during the era of crisis it didn’t seem to work.  This week that suddenly changed and here I am decked out in ‘ginger,’ and I hardly recognize the crone hands that currently move in front of me.  I stare at them in amazement as I arrange my headwrap in knots and folds.  This evolution affected my outfit choice, which I wore to an evening gathering of friends and an art show three days later.


Are my changes really this radical?


And I’m wearing more white, hence the repeat of the cropped pants that I purchased in Florida last September.  Sylvia of 40+ Style HERE had me thinking about incorporating white into my compositions.  Sometimes all that is needed is the planting of a seed!


All of these changes are reflected in the plans that I have been contemplating for Style Crone.  Alyson at That’s Not My Age HERE writes about blog obsession.  Well, count me in!  After much thought and obsession I will be expanding my blog and making changes, similar to the explosion of ‘ginger,’ but not nearly as extreme.


Photos by Diana

One of my additions will be the launching of ‘Hat Attack.’  Inspired by Patti of Not Dead Yet Style and her weekly Visible Monday HERE, Bella of the The Citizen Rosebud and her monthly Shoe Shine HERE, and the gatherings of bloggers created by many others, I will be inviting all of you out there to contribute photos of you in headwear (hats, headpieces, fascinators, headwraps, headbands, etc.).  I am launching a once a month event which will take place the first of every month, hopefully beginning on July 1st.  I chose the first of every month because headwear if the FIRST item I think of  when assembling an outfit.

I understand that not everyone wears and adores hats, and I get that.  I admire the self-expression of all, with or without headwear. However, one of my life goals is to contribute to the health of the millinery industry.  I would like to be a drop in the ocean to ensure that hats have a future for generations to come.


So I’m stepping out with my crone feet in yellow patent leather heeled slides (linked with Bella’s Shoe Shine at The Citizen Rosebud HERE) and asking you, if you so choose, to give The SC a ‘Hat Attack’ on the first of every month.

Vintage multicolored silk Neusteters blouse and vintage multicolored Vera scarf as headwrap – estate sales, vintage orange earrings – vintage shop, white cropped pants and yellow patent leather heeled slides – summer retail sales of the past.

I’m linking to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style for the gathering that continues to inspire me weekly.


  1. You look so radiant, joyful and fabulously festive here! Those yellow slides are adorable. I’ll be looking forward to Hat Attack!

  2. Judith, you look stunning…joyful, radiant, vibrant! I am so excited to see what you are going to do with your have so much talent and creativity, it will be fun to watch. I can’t wait. Keep the color coming!!

  3. You look stunning and vital in these colors!! I love the way you’ve wrapped the scarf on your head. Can you explain how you did it, so I can fumble with trying it on myself? Count me in for Hat Attack!! Some say hats are the lost accessory. I don’t agree. I think they are the accessory with ATTITUDE. It takes confidence to stand out in the crowd.

  4. What a pleasure to see you in these glorious warm and vibrant colors. The vivid coral nail polish servers you well!

    I am so minimalist compared to you and I’ve never done well with hats. But you inspire me. I have time to ponder before July 1.
    This is a wonderful idea to nudge some of us forward!

  5. I love the idea of the “Hat Attack” and will try to participate! You look so gorgeous in your brilliant bold colours – a perfect pairing with the white cropped pants. Our blogs can be the perfect vehicle for creative experimentation, and I look forward to seeing how yours expands and changes. I need you to give me a lesson on how to tie a head scarf like that.

  6. You are looking glorious in your colors and white. How wonderful I could inspire you. I haven’t stopped wearing white either and am wearing it as a base today also. Also really like last week’s outfit and I love your bigger photos!

  7. I love the joy I see in these photos. The bold colors and strong posture of your poses says “yes” to life. Look forward to the hat link up, I’m going to start looking for something special!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Hurray!!! To orange nails, a flash of brilliant white, and shiny lemon! Here’s to starting the month off with hats!! I love the changes and the decision to expand the blog. I already know which hat I’ll wear when the time comes for the inauguration.

    Sending much, much love!! ……J.

  9. So glad the SC found the vivid coral nail polish because this change sure brought a smile to my face. Everything about this post radiants happiness. You also make wearing white look fun, elegant and necessary. Looking forward to the monthly hat party. Think I’ll go find me some coral nail polish.

  10. What yummy colors! So vibrant and signalling a positive direction, excitement, and joy. I look forward to seeing Hat Attack and I can’t imagine any better hostess!

  11. What a fantastic idea, I’m in!
    I adore that blouse, the fabulous turban and those glorious yellow mules. You make me happy! xxx

  12. It’s great to see you in such vivid and glorious colours! You look wonderful in them, and so fresh and vital in turban and capri pants enjoying your garden. Fabulous nails my dear!

  13. If hair flowers count, I’ll be there! What a good idea, Judith.
    You look bright and colourful and full of life and creativity, I can see that you are buzzing with ideas and new directions. Love the blouse and head wrap, what stunning colours. xxx

  14. Judith, I love your exuberance! My favourite detail of your gorgeous ensemble is that every button is a different colour, followed closely by everything else about it – headwrap, crisp white, shoes, pink cushion (which is so perfect I would have had to carry it along all day) and bright coral nails signalling change. I am especially excited about Hat Attack!

  15. Judith–just adore this combo of bright colors in the graphic print with the white! Absolutely smashing–and I would expect nothing less of YOU!

    I WENT one step further with the bright orange pedi; I did construction neon orange! NOT loving it,but its fun. It just needs a little toning down….

    I would LOVE to participate in the Hat-off! I love hats–I just have to remember…xoxo

  16. I’m excited about the Hat Attack. Even tho’ I only have two hats right now. But I have lots of patterns, fabrics, garnishment, and inspiration to make hats for big, I mean, large lovely heads.

    Coral nail polish is brilliant. I’ve started polishing my nails again recently, which usually means I’m coming out of winter hibernation (or depression).

    You look so fresh and fun. The pics are awesome, and so are you.

    Much love, peace & grace,

  17. How gloriously FESTIVE do you look in your bright citrus-y colors!! LOVE it–so summery and frsh!1
    HAT ATTACK– oh count me in!! a reason to wear my small collection of vintage hats!

  18. This is one of my favourite outfits on you Judith! The colours are fabulous – and I love that vintage blouse with the turban and coral nail polish. Absolutely stunning combination and, as always, you look beautiful.

    Thanks for linking to my blog.

  19. As always you look perfect. Love the blouse and the merry colours. Makes me happy to see you in this.
    As for Hat Attack (nice name), I might be joining from time to time. I don’t wear much hats, but I am going to dig in my closet.

  20. I can’t wait to participate in your hat event. I always think of you when I’m rocking a vintage topper. I’ve been thinking a lot of you lately. How stunning you look in vivid colors, summer shimmers so brightly on you!

  21. LOVE, LOVE hats, wraps, scarves, etc. Will be looking forward to your future blogs.

  22. Oh My Goodness! I adore this outfit, and on you…it simply vibrates with positive energy! You look brilliant. I think the buttons of different colours add just the right element of playfulness to the blouse. The scarf, the shoes, the earrings, and the Zoya polish {love Zoya!!} all come to together with such joy and exuberance. I look forward to your hat event. I wear hats for function ie: keeping the sun off my fair skin on a blistering hot day, or a toque if it’s snowing. I am just starting to experiment with wearing hats as a beautiful accessory. This will be fun!

    Sue xo

  23. BAM!! And that’s all she said. Just BAM! You are exploding here with all the good things. Wow. Bring it on. I feel that in you. Funny how that one thing, the nail colour bring this all out, or maybe you were busting out already which brought on the nail color. Who cares? It’s definitely working for you. I’m looking forward to your hat attack! I’m in.

  24. Happy to say I am sporting bright orange toenails today too – tho I lack a glorious silk blouse and yellow slides to offset them! Dahling, You Look Marvelous! And are as inspiring as ever when it comes to living boldly and expanding your sphere like this. it is thrilling to see how far this blog has come, and thrilling to anticipate, as you expand it, how far it will go. I am so happy that beautiful stylish women like you and Tziporah S and many of the other Advanced Style goddesses are making your mark. Cannot wait for the Hat attack —

    And I confess I covet those orange patent peep-toes. Orange = my favorite happy color. You wear it so well.

  25. This may be my favorite look on you. The jacket is absolutely stunning – bold, colorful, and chic – just like you. I love the coral but even better is the bright pink against your skin!
    I’m making some changes on my blog as well. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and participating in Hat Attack as often as I can 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  26. Look at you, as delicate and pretty as anything in your garden.
    Great colors, great patterns … and you look ASTONISHING in white pants! Takes a REAL woman to wear white pants, pardner!
    Nails and toes … I just can’t gather the chutzpah to wear bright color. It just overwhelms me … and neutral polish doesn’t seem worth the effort. I really admire lovely long fingers and toes in colors, so wear in good health and great happiness.
    Of course your nail color is a great jumping-off point for building an outfit. Mine is usually shoes, or an idea I want to shout about … like energy, or intuition, or poverty (ha!)
    Have a lovely week …

  27. Oooo, love the headscarf and blouse! And you have such gorgeous “crone feet”. You’re such a cutie!

    Yes, sometimes a little change is good. Love change myself; perhaps a little too much sometimes.

  28. How I adore the bigger photos and the explosion of colour, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Wonderful every time, my dearest friend.

  29. You are sunshine for my soul, dear glorious Judith. And your sunny shoes are soleful sun as well. Thank you for sharing with June’s Shoe Shine!

  30. You look incredible amazing. Two weeks ago I purchase exactly an orange nail polish. Did not used it when I needed someone discreet. You know I love ornage and pink – can not get enough of watching the beautiful color. You are transformed – beautiful beautiful. Exciting with your new project

  31. Love, love, love the photo of you with your arms spread. Thank-you for being such an inspiration to all your crone sisters.

  32. Oh Judith, count me in!! I am so excited with your upcoming gathering. Excited not only to participate, but to be inspired as well! I have been some what creatively dulled lately when it comes to fashion… this is just the adrenaline jump I needed!!

    I so enjoy your blog my dear, you might not no it by the amount of comments I leave. It’s just I love your blog so much, I can’t stop at just reading one post when I visit… but keep going only to find I have run out of time. Just know I never miss a post!

    As always… many thanks for the continual inspiration!

  33. Bright colours like orange, yellow and coral do suit you so I’m glad to hear you are embracing them again all the way to your toenails! I love the yellow shoes!
    I look forward to your hat series. I love hats actually and until my early twenties was never found without a hat on my head all year round. These days I just wear winter hats. In general I find getting on public transport in the rush hour crush isn’t conducive to wearing the dramatic hats I love. However I have found your hat collection inspirational and it does give me an urge to return to more hat wearing outside of just winter!

  34. Fantastic!! How do you tied your turban like that? I cann’t be the only one wanting (NEEDING!) a tutorial!!!

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