Photo by The Style Crone

Vintage leopard bracelet on leopard print fabric/50’s chair

Once The Style Crone gets started on leopard it just won’t quit.  This all began when fine jewelry designer Wendy Brandes ‘let the cat out of the bag’ by wearing that beautiful vintage Patrick Kelly leopard print dress! Click HERE to view the inspiration for ‘Leopard Week.’  Maybe tomorrow I will switch to another motif.

To those who have asked through your comments, ‘What do you need from us?’  I would like to say thank you.  You are doing everything we need right now with perfection.  All who read and comment on Style Crone have become an important element of our safety net.  I could not have imagined or hoped for more.  All of the love and support that you offer is accepted wholeheartedly into the door of my heart.  I then have more to give to Nelson and I am very grateful.  Every morning when I read your comments I am touched by your gifts of generosity and kindness.  I could not ask for more because it is already given.  Amore!


  1. I marvel at your grace. Thank you for sharing everything and allowing a stranger to send love your way. What a remarkable team you are.

  2. I have learned more from you and Nelson than I had ever thought about courage, love, and graciousness. Your blog has enhanced my gratitude for my life and my interest in loving and giving to others. I promise I’ll love both of you always. Hello to Nelson.

  3. The caregiver must take care of herself, which you are doing. You and Nelson are two of the most phenomenal people I have ever “met”. We are all honored that you share your journey with us.

  4. Ok, week of the leopard, fine, how about feathers next? Peacock? Pheasant? Doves? Or purple! Today is the day before Mardi Gras. Is there some FABULOUS MARDI GRAS COSTUME lurking in the Style Crone’s closet?

    Throw us somethin’ mister, and mistress! FAT TUESDAY, the day given up to all things carnival, followed by the sobering serious Lenten 40 days! Love to you both, Carolyn

  5. I love the bracelet. The perfect amount of leopard print for me to wear. I’m shy about
    wearing it. Love it everywhere else. Hope you and Nelson have blessed day.

  6. Hello,

    I wanted you and Nelson ( and Carolyn) to know that I am another silent reader. I read your blog first before anything else each day. I first discovred your blog about 3 months ago and have been following your journey with awe, sadness, happiness and admiration. I appreciate your willingness to share your inner most thoughts and feelings with such generosity. I treat it like a precious jewel of learning. Thnak you so much. I will continue to read and learn but may not write again. Just know there are many of us out there all over the world all wishing all 3 of you the very best.

  7. You are doing a wonderful job of writing and expressing your feelings. This writing and dealing with your feelings will always be helpful to you but also to all of us who go through difficult medical and health times. You are sharing with us all the agony of difficult decision making and goodbyes. Normally we never get a first hand look at the very challenging process and all that is involved. How our life is at the end for us and our loved ones is so important and not to be ignored. Thanks for sharing and for all the caring and respect you give Nelson to deal with end of life issues in the way he finds best.

  8. Thank you SC and everyone who views this blog and comments. Often I find it too hard to read these posts but the SC’s voice has a way of flowing on my computer screen and portraying all these events in a beautiful tone. Thank you for all the support you have given our family.

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