A dear friend’s birthday party presented the opportunity to create an ensemble, which was then accessorized by trees in City Park (or rather, The SC was an accessory to the majestic trees).  The blue straw fabric hat with delicate blue feather and rhinestone trim has had a perch in the hat room since the days of the hat shop in the 80’s.  The designer is Joan Carney, who was from NY and worked out of our shop as a milliner for a period of time.  I am trying to track her down, and I may have found her.  I will keep you posted on my detective work!

Speaking of trees, it feels as though beautiful, colorful Colorado is burning.  There are eight wildfires in the state and with friends living in the mountains there is an underlying anxiety surrounding our day to day lives.  Thousands of acres have burned, evacuations are occurring, homes have been destroyed, landmarks are at risk HERE and with our over 100 degree temperatures (very unusual for this time of year) with no rain in sight, it’s a tinder box in the mountains.

Even more reason to dress up and hold hope in the face of tragedy and loss.  Creating outfits isn’t just for the good times.  It is the constant thread that holds life.

Photos by Diana

Vintage silk multicolored kimono knotted at the waist, vintage Troylings open toed heels and vintage rhinestone earrings and bangles – estate sales, all on black background with a silhouette that includes leggings and tank from my trusty and easily accessed renovation outfit.

The SC is joining the party today at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE.

A close up of the kimono and the knot that The SC tied at its waist is shown above per request of several commenters.


  1. The wildfires are terrifying. I am glad to know you are safe but can imagine the worry with friends living in the mountains.

    The trees accessorize you, not vice versa. I love the blue hat very much.

  2. oooo, I love the way you have tied the kimono so it drapes in that art deco way (as seen in the center photo)!

    So true indeed, what you’ve said about dressing up and creating outfits as the thread that holds life like no other. I must remember that when all else seems to fail/fall away. Thanks again for words of wisdom so well said.

  3. I have been thinking about you a lot wrt the fires, and I am glad you are safe, Judith. They are so frightening. You look lovely and at one with nature today, the kimono is simply gorgeous!

  4. I love how you have knotted the kimono in front (I’d love to see a close up to see how it was done). You can’t lose with a foundation of basic black, layered with a beautiful statement piece like that kimono, and topped off with a colourful hat.

    That is quite scary about the wildfires – fingers crossed for a drenching downpour to put them out and provide relief from the heat.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about the fires – and here I am, almost drowning in the heavy rain. It’s just not distributed very well! I hope nature will help putting them out soon.

    The kimono is exquisite! The colours are so perfectly matched to the grass, the trees and your hat, wonderful! And like Shelley I’d love to know how you tied it to get that perfect knot in the front!

    I think that dressing up offers a zen like experience where you can find strength to deal with whatever life offers you.

  6. Love the way you’ve tied the kimono at the waist. Such a feminine drape. Your photo behind the tree is great, one of my favorites!

  7. Your weather conditions are the opposite of ours, we are having a ridiculously wet summer. I hope conditions improve and the fires reduce.
    I think there is always something positive and comforting about continuing to do what brings you joy and pleasure in the face of difficulty or anxiety. You look beautiful in that wonderful kimono, the colours are so soft and subtle, but the blue hat draws out the blue in the print. You are always elegant, whether accessorized by trucks or trees! xxx

  8. I have former students and friends who are working in Colorado…and I am concerned for them. Glad to know you are safe and that you look amazing as always. The kimono is really gorgeous!

  9. Your post titles always remind me of the titles of paintings. You look absolutely lovely. I too am concerned about family near Manitou Springs. Is the smoke bothering you in Denver.

  10. What a wonderful kimono – I love how you’ve pulled out the blue in the pattern for the accent.

    I feel so awful for you down there – my region of the world (British Columbia, west coast of Canada) is experiencing horrible flooding. I would love to send some rain your way!

  11. Sending positive thoughts your way that the fire will end soon there in Colorado. Being from California, I know all about wildfires.
    I really like a little touch of Asian here and there when it comes to clothing and accessories.

  12. You are far more beautiful than those majestic trees. I adore that knotted kaftan and the glorious blue hat.
    The fires sound dreadful, I’ve seen the damage they leave in Greece, I’m hoping they die out and make minimum impact on the area. xxx

  13. I wish we, in NYC, could move some of the heavy rain we’ve been having to Colorado. It is so heartbreaking to hear about the destruction caused by the fires. I love the beautiful kimono; it is so becoming on you.

  14. This kimono is a very very good idea, i often look at things completly out my comfort zone and wonder….well i have seen what you did, maybe i will dare!
    Love the color of that hat so gorgeous
    I love Diana’s photo shoot!

    Ariane xxxx

  15. I like how you wrote that creating outfits is the constant thread that holds life amidst tragedy. I misread that as “contrast” thread. I always wonder about the theory that you can’t have order without chaos, beauty without ugliness, hope without loss… The delicate balance. You certainly are a huge contributor to the beauty side of this equation in these photos. Stunning. I love how your hat picks up the blues in your drapey, silky kimono, and then you’ve grounded everything in darks. I hope there is soon relief from that oppressive heat and the wildfires.

  16. Wonderful photo of you sitting in the tree. Horrible news about the fires in Colorado.
    Our news here in So. Cal. has covered it. What a surprise on your heat wave. We
    are holding at 80 in the mid-day.

  17. “The constant thread…” I like that, so true. I’m sorry to hear about the fires and devastation. I’ve been taking a news break and wasn’t aware. You look cool despite the heat. I’m taking notes, as the heat here has been oppressive as well although that’s not unusual.

    I’ll look forward to the update on your milliner’s whereabouts!

  18. I didn’t know about the wildfires, I rarely watch the news, now I am very concerned. What you say is so true about our style being a constant thread that holds life. When I wasn’t hanging on to the thread anymore, my life was different. It was more non-existent, just waiting around, letting time pass. I don’t feel that way anymore because I have embraced my style again. You look so beautiful in these photos, your smile is radiating brightness. 🙂

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