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Photos by The Style Crone

The SC greets the chill of a November day with a Maeve Carr blue velvet brocade turban and scarf, which were ‘self gifted’ from the hat shop in the ’80’s.  Maeve Carr was Donna Karan’s hat designer during that era and I have several of her creations in the hat room waiting in anticipation to be featured in the future.  Navy provides the background for varying shades of blue, including a vintage Frank Gallant HERE jacket accented by vintage gloves and jewelry, all discovered at estate sales.

The morning was spent with organizational guru Alexis of Funktional Home HERE, as we brought order to files and papers which have been in disarray. Before the arrival of Alexis, I would walk into a room with the intent to focus, feel overwhelmed, and walk back out, only to feel discouraged and ineffective. It became clear that I needed ‘supervision.’  Having a neutral person to help with decisions about what to shred, what to file and what to save until further notice has made a big difference.  I have found someone to work with who is professional, fun, empathetic and willing to engage in a photo shoot before we dig in. Keeping records and documentation regarding every physician appointment, every scan and every medical experience over the past six years only retains The Emperor’s energy in my space and does nothing to honor Nelson.  I long to create peace in my home and rebuild the scaffolding of my life.


  1. Firstly your glorious blues are hitting me right between the eyes – such exquisite colour and textures!!! Oh and what a relief it must be to have Alexis – what a god send she must be! Before you know it, you will have rooms that have a place for everything and everything in its place – you will have peace:))) Big hugs to you gorgeous woman! xoxoxoxo

  2. spectacular blues!
    Organizing and de-cluttering is how I keep myself feeling calm amidst the ups and downs in life. It is so therapeutic, and strikes me as just the right thing to be doing at this time for you.

    So glad you have great help. You seem to attract good people into your life.

    I shall re-visit these glorious photos when i need inspiration!

  3. Beautiful combination of colors and textures. You have such a delightful way of
    putting clothing and accessories together. It inspires me to try doing the same
    with my wardrobe. Good luck with your house organizer and keep us posted on
    how this works out.

  4. Let me just come out and say it- it is unfiltered or censored so forgive me if it is off-subject. What I like best about coming here, seeing your beautiful face, and lovely clothes (and hats and pins..) is that I never truly know how to respond. To merely talking about the gorgeous shade of blue on you, seem topical and trivial, when your posts nearly always move me to tears, or towards something deeper. This time I got chills, but warm ones, strong bones sort of chills. Because you pull me out of the shallow waters of textile and cut and silhouette and weave my thoughts into the fabric of why are we here. The make of meaning comes to play in your words about your clothes, and the beautiful way you wear your life strikes me so powerfully, that the way you way wear your clothes serves as a kind illustration of how to how to live a life, and wear it well. You are beautiful!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  5. How very wise to get some objective and professional help with this daunting task.

    You look amazing in blue, and I love the fabric detail on the hat, truly wearable art!

  6. Well, I could never express as well as Bella Q how I feel about your posts, but I agree with everything she says in her comment.
    It’s great to unclutter. i feel that always helps me to be happy and focus.
    As for your clothes: Stunning! Love the blue and the textures of the fabrics. Love that combination of darker blue with brighter blue.

  7. Organizing is always an obstacle, but it’s super to have help. It’s even better when that help is fun and friendly. I wish you luck with the clean up. it may be a lot of work, but you will feel great after you’re done. Maybe then you can wear one of those hats that you talked about. You look smashing as always.

  8. Blue certainly becomes you, my dear!
    I adore that turban, the blingy brooch and those elegant gloves.

    Great idea to have help whilst organising. I was so grateful for a friend’s assistance after my Mum died. We have our beautiful memories, the clutter serves no purpose other than to envelope us and drag us down.

    You are an inspiration both in your positive attitude and your show-stopping style. Keep up the good work. x

  9. Of course, the outfit is smashing, but what keeps me coming back to this blog is the SC’s insights on, as Bella Q states, “the way you wear your life.” I also often learn a thing or two, for instance today about Maeve Carr, that I enjoy following up on myself. Once again, my thanks to the SC.

  10. And you’re getting this little by little, keep the memory of Nelson and move at the same time. Love this wonderful blue color on you. Hat and scarf, along with the gloves are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! Fabulous!

  11. You look beautiful in blues. I love the brocade design of your hat and scarf, and the details and colors of the brooch and gloves.

    I am familiar with the organizing process, it is a lonely task, much easier when shared with a focused guide. You are wise in identifying de-cluttering as an important step in creating peace in your home.

  12. Love the blues in this — they are so vibrant! I want to sell my house so bad, but the idea of wading through the crap in it is so completely overwhelming. Congrats on finding a way to manage it.

  13. Bela Q said it for me…you’re beautiful…and please know that every time you open your mind and heart and share your thoughts and feelings with us, we ‘grow’ with you. And the feeling of not ‘being alone’ connects us across the seas. What a warm feeling that makes us smile!!!!

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