The vintage yellow wide brimmed straw hat with scarf providing shade for The SC in the rose garden.

The Charles David platform flip-flops are a frequent companion as locating most of my summer shoes in the chaos of renovation has become a difficult task.  It will feel like I have an entirely new shoe wardrobe when this transition is complete.

Multicolored cotton shawl – flea market, yellow beads and multicolored bracelets – estate sales, black tank maxi dress – yoga studio.

Photos by Diana

I love wide brimmed hats, but wear them infrequently.  I tend to go vertical in my hat wearing choices. But when it come to a sunny day, I check out the wide brims waiting for an outing and off into the sun I go, protected by the shade that I carry with me in the form of a chapeau.  According to the site Metro Denver HERE we have 300 sunny days per year, which means that I will always have a number of wide brims to wear, especially in the summer.

The brutally hot weather continues to contribute to the raging wildfires.  At times the sun disappears behind the clouds, the wind blows and then it’s completely silent and still, the calm before the storm. But the clouds give up little rain and refuse to refresh the torched and dry earth and provide relief for firefighters and the many directly and tragically affected by this crisis.

Last evening I spoke with someone who had been evacuated from her home in Boulder, which is northwest of Denver, and hundreds of homes have been destroyed in Colorado Springs, the second largest city in our state and to the south of Denver.  A friend told me that he heard a spokesperson from the sheriff”s department in Colorado Springs say , ‘The firefighters had to move from one of the fire lines because a semi was heading toward them at 75 miles per hour, only it was three miles wide and on fire.’

There is a perceptible heavy sadness floating in the air like the smoke across the state, as the surreal reality of loss is slowly sinking in throughout this region whose residents have long seen this area as one of extreme natural beauty.  The devastation continues today, although there is some containment, but there is no predictable end in sight.

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  1. I’m sitting in the airport in Philadelphia where it’s been 100 degrees for the last few days, heading back home where I’m told it registered 108 today. I can’t imagine compounding this with the stress and sadness of a region in flames. I pray for a break for everyone. I am uplifted by your outfit and hat, and your compassion.

  2. Oh, Judith, how lovely you look in your wide-brimmed hat. I confess a real weakness for the wide brims myself, but feel a bit self-conscious when wearing one. I feel like I look a bit too glamourous, and people are thinking, “get a load of her. Who does she think she is?” When, in fact, they are probably not that interested at all, having their own lives and concerns to deal with.

    I hope the fires get under control soon, as it must be unpleasant for you. I think if the weather ever got to even 80 degrees, people here would faint dead away.

    Much love from England,

  3. We’ve been seeing the fires on the news here – so terrible…
    Wonderful hat – the shade of yellow is so lovely. You look so elegant as always.

  4. Those forest fires are so scary and thank goodness for the Firefighters and all their tireless hard work.

    Such a cute picture of you up top in your garden! Yellow is great on you!

  5. My husbands sister’s family has property and a small house right by the fire line…we have been watching it on Google earth. So much devastation…so sad. On a brighter note, you look lovely in this wide brimmed hat!

  6. Oh, I like the wide-brimmed hat! How much longer will your renovation take? I learned this past Wednesday that my step-daughter and two of our grandchildren were obliged to evacuate, although I am under the impression that her home is intact. It has been nerve-wracking.

  7. We’ve been learning about the fires on the news here in Europe, and it sound horrible! I can’t believe how it can just go on and on. With so much sadness a picture of you in this most elegant garden outfit is just what’s needed to bring a bit of harmony back into the picture! I love the hat and the beautiful scarf, and of course all the colourful bracelets!

  8. My thoughts and prayers are with Colorado and their battle with the wild fires.
    You are wearing a hat I would wear in a heartbeat. Summer for me means
    wide-brimmed hats.

  9. That shawl is beautiful!

    The forest fires are an absolute tragedy. In my country as soon as the weather goes hot it starts burning all over… and the majority are of criminal origin. It’s horrible and disgusting. I hope things get better soon as so many people can lose everything, even their lives in these terrible events.

  10. Nature defeats us. How simple she is. And how helpless we remain. I feel for everyone, including the animals, who have suffered from these fires. I hope that the power of our collective wishes for rain and relief will end this devastation soon!

    I’m so glad you’ve balanced this post with these beautiful photos of you in your lovely yellow wide-brimmed hat. Hope springs.

  11. Have no words for it. I was in Portugal the summer when Southern Europe had fires. I can still smell the burnt forests and see a single chair stand back from a burned down house. I can see the face of an old man who walked and rowed in the ash. I will never forget. Hope the best for Colorado. Beautiful hat and shawl, I really like your sandals.

  12. Seeing you pictured in a lovely safe haven is such a visual relief from the raging uncertainties going on all around you. Thanks for that view.

  13. I’ve been watching the devastation on the BBC this morning, how awful. Your description of the calm before the storm however is quite stunning.
    I love this wide brimmed hat on you and your exquisite fringed shawl. I’m in a wool one today as it’s unseasonably cold. x

  14. We atched all the News, and we are having fires on the east too.
    You are glorious as ever, my dearest Judith

  15. Those wildfires sound fierce – hope they’re under control soon. Gorgeous hat, perfect for sunny days & it goes so well with your black maxi dress.

  16. I have been watching the reports about the fires, and I keep hoping that you get rain and cooler temperatures to assist the firefighters. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be for those in the path of the fire. I’m glad you are safe, and looking lovely as always in your sunny yellow hat. I find I am more self-conscious in a wide-brimmed hat, but they really are necessary in the summer to protect your skin.

  17. The fires sound utterly terrifying, and I don’t think I would fare well in those high temperatures. I do hope the situation improves soon.
    However, a gorgeous wide-brimmed hat to provide much needed shade is a great idea, and that one is a stunner. How cool and elegant you look (even if cool is the last thing you feel!) And your shawl is a beauty. xxxx

  18. It is so hot everywhere. It is 5:08pm and 104 degrees in Atlanta. So much heat… And Boulder, so tragic… it has to break though, it just has to.

    My dearest SC of Beauty:
    1. That hat is amazing on you and I was so happy to see you in it today. You make me smile when I see your smile!
    2. You look so glorious in the photos with all the plants! So much life… 🙂
    3. Love the scarf.

  19. Judith, your writing is so very captivating in it’s honest and poignant voice. Your compassion to the pain of others always so embracing and encouraging. As always when i visit your blog, i leave the better for visiting!

  20. First, you look so beautiful! Love how you can look so elegant in anything you wear…it must be the inner beauty shining thru. So sorry to hear about the fire…praying for better days ahead for those affected.

  21. Praying for a quick control to the fires.

    In the meantime, your hat is an inspiration- I have a wide-brimmed sun-hat I’ve been wearing a lot, and the idea of providing my own decorations to it with a scarf around it, sounds like something I’m going to have to try- even if I start easy first, with a ribbon or the like, perhaps.

  22. Terri, I am so sorry to hear about your step-daughter and grandchildren. I hope that by now they have learned that their home has survived. This must be so stressful for you and your family.

  23. Hi Judith

    Terrible the fires – hopefully soon they will be under control –

    Your pretty yellow hat is bringing joy to the web planet!

    I love it !


  24. The hat is quite beautiful. I’m so sorry to hear about the fires. I’ve been so worried everyone. Like other’s, I’m dealing with temperatures in the 100s here in Tennessee. Our lawn has turned brown and we’re trying to keep our veggie and herb plants alive.

    Stay safe and best wishes.

  25. This weekend I visited a new nursery in town, and all of the staff had the most gorgeously detailed wide straw hats. If I’d had my camera, I would have chased them all down for photos. Your hat of sunshine is simply stunning, and perfect for hot summer days in the garden.

    Sending wishes for healing rain your way,

  26. How expansively marvelous you look in the sleek black pillar dress and the yellow wide brimmed hat. A character from a most charming novel, yet to be written.

    I’m sorry to hear the fires are still raging- I hope and pray they will soon be under control and harm is minimized. xo.

  27. Dear Judith,
    I was browsing on the web to find photos of a scarf on a hat as your recent comment inspired me for a new blog post. And I found these gorgeous photos of you. They are absolutely lovely! May I share them with my readers???

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