The SC and Daniel traveled to City Park just a block from home to wander its summer vistas, explore the gardens and laugh along the way while taking photos during an overcast July afternoon.  I’ve explored City Park on Style Crone several times over the past years, and today I visit its vast beauty in celebration of my four-year Blogiversary.


I can’t remember a time when I’ve composed an outfit in white.  Wearing black is an easy background for me to embellish with whatever catches my eye in my closets.  It’s familiar and comfortable.  However, this summer I’ve noticed a number of bloggers adorning themselves in white, so I decided to give it a try.  Shopping my own closet provided me with pieces that I had not thought of putting together, be it not for the community of bloggers that are a constant inspiration.


Perhaps it was the color white that I wore from head to toe in nursing school in the 60’s that created resistance to the concept of wearing it in my life in the here and now.  The utilitarian shoes.  The white hose and uniform with my name in blue letters stitched above my school’s insignia in blue and yellow on the pocket of the bodice. The large white fabric hat representative of my school of nursing, heavily starched into shape and extending upward, pinned firmly into my hair sprayed hair, no matter the caregiving task or medical procedure that was part of nearly every day over 50 years ago.


However, my consignment store Pucci hat bears no resemblance to the headwear that I wore as a nursing student in the 60’s.


The silhouette that it creates from every angle is very different from the nursing “headpiece” that wandered the halls of a large teaching hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 60’s.  But the colors and the pattern are reminiscent of that era of time.


I have my memories of wearing white a half century ago and the experiences are a part of who I am today.  I treasure and honor most of what I recollect.  Whether painful or filled with great pleasure.

My ensemble today is a contrasting expression, as I focus on caring for myself instead of caring for the many that crossed my path over the years of my career.  It’s a transition that is unfamiliar and at times confusing, but overwhelmingly I feel curious and excited about life’s unfolding journey.


I’m finding my 71st year to be filled with much to savor.  A time of growth, expansion, learning, listening and an opening to the new.  Which includes a “White Out” in the park.  And the beginning of another year of expressing myself with outfits and words, written or spoken, on Style Crone and in my life in 3-D.


Photos By Daniel

Pucci hat – Minneapolis consignment store years ago, white silk blouse with yellow trim – Zoe’s Consignment Denver HERE, white cropped pants – Florida retail sale two years ago, metallic bag, vintage Vera scarf, white/black patent leather heels, vintage silver earrings and bracelet – estate sales, ring with moonstone – d Forsythe Jewelry HERE, crystal pendant and watch – gifted.

How magical that Sacramento’s Share-in-Style HERE theme this week is white!  I’m taking my ensemble directly over to Mis Papelicos to join in the fun.

Edit – Linking up to Sheila’s Shoe Shine HERE at Ephemera.  Thanks Sheila, for this glorious shoe party!


  1. You are so lucky to be able to wear real shoes! It just isn’t the same in flats, is it.

  2. You look your stunning self in all white … always one of my favorite go to clothing compositions!

    You are always an inspiration … as you continue on your path of self discovery! Congratulations on four years of sharing … and inspiring!


  3. What a vision your nursing school description brings to mind! But it is easily overpowered by the present sight of you strolling through the gardens dressed dashingly in all white. With a spot of color here and there, of course. I don’t feel so all alone now in my too much white dress. And congratulations on 4 years with Style. I certainly would not be the same without the Crone. Thank you.

  4. You are very fresh today in all white. I sure would love to have a nurse like you walk into my hospital room in the middle if the night. 😉 That hat is fantastic too.
    I have bookmarked the Forsythe site. Her rings are amazing! I have about 10 on my wish list now.

  5. I’d love to see a photo of you as a young nursing student but I bet you are even more beautiful today, though.
    Your Pucci hat is incredible.
    4 years? My life is a whole lot richer having you as a virtual inspiration. xxx

  6. Love the way you extend your thoughts about what you’re wearing to a wider consideration of your life, both past and present.
    I’ve been wearing much more white as well, this summer, and it’s also been thanks to other bloggers’ inspiration. Such a cool, fresh look, especially as you model it here.

  7. One can’t help but think what your patients missed out on back then by only seeing you dressed in your uniform. How could they have guessed? And if they had found out, they probably would have sent around a petition asking if an exception could be made so you could be allowed to wear your street clothes at work. That would have brightened everyone’s day!

  8. You looks so fresh and chic in this white outfit and I love the bit of colour added with the hat! I’m sure nurses these days are happy not to have all the starch and stockings and caps but I kind of miss the days when you could tell who was a nurse and who was a janitor. Now it’s just all hospital employees in any scrubs they choose.

  9. Stunning, fresh and chic! I really love the look of all-white for summer, on both men and women. You look wonderful! xoxo

  10. Even the flowers joined in the composition. And weren’t they accommodating to match the shades in your hat so well? Happy Blogiversary to you – and to use who get to enjoy what you share!

  11. You look lovely and cool in white, Judith. I enjoyed the glimpse of your nursing school years. And I agree, if I were in the hospital, I would want YOU as my nurse!

    Congratulations on your 4 years of blogging.


  12. Judith–I have been enjoying your blog for some time now and have a link to it on my blog, “A Rolling Crone”. I just realized that we have more in common than the word “crone” in our blogs. I grew up in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, then went away to college (Berkeley) and then grad school in New York (Columbia.) I am in my 73rd year now–two years older than you–and live in Massachusetts with very frequent trips to Manhattan to visit my daughter and granddaughter. Did you grow up in Minnesota? Just wondering if our paths crossed there.

  13. Well, my dear, you have shown us all how to compose an all white attire and look absolutely stunning while doing so. You look so refreshing, youthful and summer ready. Once again, donning the perfect hat! So grateful for your blog.

  14. Even though I’ve never worn white for my profession, I too struggle with it, even though in theory I think it’s summer’s answer to my beloved black. But this post is a good tutorial for those of us who try to make it work. You do so admirably here!!

    Congrats on your four years of blogging, of inspiring unknown numbers of women (and men) like myself. I’ll never forget “finding” you on Style Crone, feeling an intense vibration of connection, and crying with you as you described your journey. I’ll never forget “laugh-tears”, and in fact I shared that with someone just recently.

    Your loveliness transcends all the outfits, all the words, and just IS. But I still enjoy the all the outfits and the words, you know?


  15. Beautiful, stylish and always appropriate – here’s to the next four years (at least)!

  16. White always says summer to me and you are certainly a vision in white.Your Pucci hat is simply stunning .
    Congratulations on your Blogiversary, you are an inspiration with your wonderful style and of course all your wonderful headwear.

  17. Not a fan of all-white, my signature outfit has become a white shirt (endless varieties here), low-slung jeans with cowboy boots!

    You, on the other hand, pull off the “white look” with aplomb! The hat and yellow shell make the outfit….and of course the shoes…

    Thank you again for a glimpse into elegance (and I don’t mean just in the fashion sense).

  18. And you are doing very well with white. Love the yellow/white trim of the blouse. Also the scarf on the bag is geat styling. Everything is pulled together by one thing or another.
    Great hat!!

  19. Isn’t it funny how associations from the past embed themselves in our thinking? It’s good to revisit and question our colour choices – I have done the same with white! How elegant and chic you look in white with a bright flash of yellow and that amazing Pucci hat.
    What a four years you have had, Judith, full of every emotion under the sun. Thank you for blogging, and continuing to share your life with us. xxx

  20. I am intrigued by your comparing the differences in your white outfits to the difference between caring for others and caring for yourself. I love the splash of yellow trim on the shirt and the funky hat. I automatically think “nurse” or “Mr. Clean” whenever anyone I see wearing all white. I feel too pale, and too clumsy to be able to wear white.

  21. It’s true I’ve not often seen you in all white but you look wonderful in an all white outfit. Love the pop of bright yellow! Happy Blogirversary!

  22. That is one funky fedora!!!!x
    I reALLY like wearing all white but tend to do girly, regency look- you do cool, sassy and elegant all in one!x

  23. Congratulations on 4 years! Your insights into life and your poetic take on them…including my fairy costume recently…have filled my life with beauty and wisdom. Thanks for being, albeit unknowingly, a beautiful inspiration. Oh, and you are glowing in white! XO JJ

  24. That hat is brilliant, and I love how you’ve pulled in the colors with the band on the top and the scarf accent. You are such an inspiration for living well!

  25. Dear Judith, your recollections of nursing bring white to fully tangible, tactile, rustling life! I love how you’ve related this gorgeous fresh take on its symbolism through today’s ensemble; in the pink and yellow I see glorious light shining through.

  26. You are always a dive, but above all a beautiful friend
    I adore you
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  27. Thank you, dear Judith, for sharing four years of your inner journey and outer artistic adventures with us! Your mention of the nurse’s cap, and the rituals associated with acquiring and caring for it, has unleashed an avalanche of memories of preparing for a work day in the 60s. How well you provoke us to consider the descrepancies between women’s inner and outer lives: what we were thinking about ourselves while we were thinking about what to wear. I continue to work alongside women who could be my granddaughters, and who have absolutely no idea why I get excited about “women doctors” or even “nurse practioners.”

  28. Honey!! That bright yellow stripe on that blouse is wonderful. Really takes the outfit a step further in style. Also goes well with all the green at the park.

  29. Congratulations on your four years as part of the personal style blogosphere, dear Judith!! Your lovely, eclectic and often vintage-inspired looks are always a joy to behold…and today’s outfit is no exception!! That Pucci hat was made for you; the perfect dash of pattern and colour to spice up your summer whites!! 🙂

  30. I loved your thoughts on this outfit. It makes it meaningful when you explain the intent behind it.


  31. I hate wearing pink for the same reason you hate wearing white – during my three years of nurse training, that is the colour we wore. In a shapeless shirtdress. That was 40 years ago, another country. It’s interesting how you are evolving from being a carer to caring more for yourself – it seems to be what starts to happen from the age of 50, ironically when caring duties can really start with regard to significant others.

    Enjoy your journey.

  32. White and summer go together like a glove on a hand … of course, you pulled it off in a stylish way, as per usual!

  33. Thank you so much for creating such an inspirational and delightful blog, Judith. I have received so much pleasure from your great photos and always beautifully written posts.
    Congratulations on its 4th anniversary!

  34. I’m absolutely speechless!! Which is most unusual for me. Just ask my husband! Superb down to the smallest detail. Glorious summer outfit, Judith.



  35. Yikes. This post slid down my Reader and almost got away, which would be an outrage.
    I really enjoyed reading about how you’ve reconciled the contexts of wearing whites in your nursing years with wearing them today. I sometimes forget how nurses used to dress, crisp, white, starched compared to today’s easy-going comfortable styles.
    This white is beautiful and accented just right with colours in your trim and accessories to be part of this garden. Great photos, Daniel.

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