On what felt like the coldest day of the year, Daniel and I traveled to Congress Park HERE, an area of Denver not far from my home.  The day was overcast and gray and the newly fallen snow covered the ground as far as the eye could see.

In an effort to stay warm, I ran through the snow in my boots, enveloped in layers covered by the colorful vintage maxi coat gifted by a friend many years ago.  She found this vintage beauty hanging on her dumpster, and generously offered it to me, knowing that I would give it new life.  It’s been in my closet ever since.  Made in Italy, the fully lined linen fabric is surprisingly warm and has the ability to brighten the most dreary of days.


As if on cue, I impulsively scooped up a handful of snow and prepared to throw it high into the space above me.


In lieu of video, a series of photos were captured by Daniel, and we ended up laughing hysterically at the absurdity of attempting to shoot photos in the bitter cold with insufficient light, without a plan or a pose.


A veil of snow fell on and around me and my coat of many colors.  I can’t remember the last time I engaged in an activity so frivolous and carefree.


There was something exhilarating about the snow and the starkly frigid surroundings that inspired movement and spontaneity.


There are no age limits on the ability to dwell in the playful space of unanticipated joy.


It was one of the most memorable and uninhibited afternoons of our collaboration. The priceless sensation of impromptu abandon colored my vision for days.  Another example of the many gifts of blogging!


Photos By Daniel

Vintage multicolored maxi coat and 60’s hat covered with marabou feathers and trimmed with gold beads – gifted, vintage orange earrings and vintage purple gloves – estate sales, black turtleneck – consignment shop, Fluevog boots – retail sale.

 Sylvia of 40+Style has a new style course on accessories, which was launched on February 15th HERE. I believe that accessories are everything, and her expertise in this area is beautifully demonstrated in her course.  Check it out!

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  1. This is your famous coat that Ari captured!!!! I LOVELOVELOVE these pics. I can feel the snow on my face and my toes are cold as I giggle and dodge,planning on having that hot chocolate shortly.

    Please give Daniel a huge warm hug for me. Hope to see him this summer.

    Sending love. XXXXOOOO

  2. As always you brighten my day! I was outside playing in the snow today with Lucy my Austrailian Shepherd I am afraid I wasn’t as stylish as you. Vintage jeans snow boots white down coat with white fox trim Also vintage ( please don’t judge it was a gift) and pink leather gloves!

  3. Your post was the highlight of my day!
    That coat is to die for and the blank canvas of the pure
    white snow was the perfect backdrop for the
    vivid colors. Truly an amazing shoot! You
    look beautiful and happy frolicking in the snow in that
    amazing coat!!

  4. I love love love your wardrobe!!
    I hope you plan to will it to a museum as it would be horrible for such fabulous garments to end up in a dumpster like your coat almost did. Clothes just aren’t made today like they were when we were young…our young sewist

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. I thought this was one of your best. You looked so Happy and care free and the outfit was stunning. I look forward to your fun times. It’s wonderful to have a partner that enjoys doing this with you. Thanks for including me.
    Love Vena

  6. I can feel both the cold and the joy from here! Fantastic photos, Judith – the coat is a spectacular piece, and your feathered hat is the perfect accessory. xxx

  7. You’re never too old to play in the snow! I think that coat is my favourite piece that you own, perhaps because you are wearing it in Ari’s first book, and I will always associate those marvelous colours with you and your joyful personality.

    I love the shot of you throwing the snow in the air. We got lots of snow here over the last few days, but rather than go out and play in it, I stayed in and hibernated. You and Daniel do have a lot of fun doing your blog photo shoots – I need a Daniel to add some cheer to my photo sessions.

  8. Great spontaneous photos. And the hat really makes the coat shine even better. i say the coat cannot do without that gorgeous hat now that it knows its existence.
    How many coats, hats, gloves etc are there hidden in your house, never worn??? What a pity.

  9. Judith there’s something good and pure about you that always shines out of your photos. I love visiting your blog for a dose of serenity and often, as in today, unadulterated joy. I’m a big promoter of joy myself and therefore am very drawn to you. This is such a wonderful coat of many colours, and what a fortunate find that came your way – it was clearly meant to be. Your hat is the perfect ploy for it too. Another refreshing and lovely post x
    Anna’s Island Style

  10. Despite the weather it looks like you guys really had a great time, good to see!

    Good to see a coat as utterly fabulous as this one out enjoying itself also, I’m in gaping mouthed awe of it’s total amazingness :+)

  11. Yikes! Some actually left that amazing coat on a dumpster?
    That Pucciesque beauty is one of the most fabulous vintage coats I’ve ever seen. So glad your friend saved it for you. She’s an angel!
    And you couldn’t have found a more perfect hat to go with it.

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