Several months ago I was introduced by Debra Rapoport HERE to This Chair Rocks HERE, the site by the brilliant Ashton Applewhite. “Pushing back against agesim – which affects everyone,” is the motto on her site header.

This Chair Rocks includes the blog, Yo, Is This Ageist? HERE which has me critiquing commercials, the language that I hear in my environment and my own internal dialogue.  I have become captivated by everything that Ashton writes and it has energized me in new and intriguing ways.


Though I am familiar with ageism, This Chair Rocks introduces a movement that sits so comfortably and resonates with my soul that it feels like home.  It’s always been important to me that my behavior match my values.  During my career, in my personal life and now here on Style Crone.


It fits with Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style Movement HERE in terms of changing the perception of older people in our culture, and adds another layer of dimension and understanding about the institutionalization of ageism and how it, along with all of the other “isms,” undermines our potential.


Ashton Applewhite writes HERE,  “I began blogging about aging and ageism in 2007 and started speaking on the subject in July, 2012, which is also when I started the Yo, Is This Ageist? blog. During that time I’ve become a Knight Fellow, a New York Times Fellow, and a fellow at Yale Law School. In 2015 I was included in a list of 100 inspiring women—along with Arundhati Roy, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Germaine Greer, Naomi Klein, Pussy Riot, and other remarkable activists—who are committed to social change.”

Photos By Daniel

At this point I’m raising my awareness and thinking about my own internalized agesism and how it affects my life at 72.  I don’t know where this will take me, but I do know that I’m on board.  Thank you Debra, for introducing me to Ashton Applewhite and the movement that she leads for the benefit of all.

Vintage Pucci suit  and vintage jewelry – estate sales; vintage turban – Guild Collective HERE, Minneapolis; blue/green pumps with bows – Second Debut HERE, thrift shop Minneapolis.

Linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE, Catherine’s #iwillwearwhatilike HERE and Cherie’s Shoe and Tell HERE.


  1. The colors in this outfit are stunning as always! That Pucci print is divine. And thank you for introducing me to the Yo, Is This Ageist? blog! It’s very thought-provoking, and I’m adding to my daily reads.

  2. I will be MEETING I HOPE DEBRA and ARI Wednesday night!!!!
    I adore what HE has done with the WOMAN and AGE…….he has ADDED an EXCITEMENT and ADMIRATION to the older woman.WAY over due in this country……….one thing I noticed living in ITALY years ago they adore the YOUNG and the Elderly.They are NEVER BANISHED to a HOME or told to be quiet……
    Food for thought here as they are such HAPPY people.
    ADORE your outfit…………ITALIAN NO?!!!!!

  3. Absolutely lovely outfit and so beautifully co-ordinated with the hat and the shoes.

    Ageism stinks – I’ll be checking out the blog you mentioned xxx


  4. I read with interest your post today. I couldn’t be in more agreement about how belittling ageism is and how limiting it is for anyone to accept that thinking. I have started a feature on Wednesdays on my blog,, called Senior Salon. I am sending out a call to all seniors to link to my blog and showcase their artistic endeavors and to share their artistic explorations and methods. I would like to invite your to participate.

  5. Judith you look simply stunning in your Pucci suit matched with the beautiful turban and shoes. Thank you for introducing us to the website , I have visited and will make it a must read.

  6. What an incredibly beautiful and exciting outfit, Judith! Thank you so much for the introduction to Ashton Applewhite…I love the way the internet allows us to broaden our network!

  7. I could tell that suit was Pucci from a mile away! The print is a classic and your hat is sublime.
    I took a look at that blog and what a great read it was, too. Neither angry nor patronising, just a great read with some pertinent points. xxx

  8. What a terrific suit this is. I was in awe when I opened this post. Beautiful and it suits you so well. The turban and the shoes are fantastic with it. I would never have thought to add black tights. I would have gone for nude. But black is much better.
    As for ageism, I applaud you for going up the barricades. I am too lazy for that.

  9. This is thought provoking stuff Judith and I like it. So, thank you for keeping the ball rolling. My best friend has just turned 49. She spoke to me today about wanting to buy a pair of wedge leopard print booties, but was wondering if she is maybe too old for them now. I have pointed her in your direction to show her that age is truly just a number, and not a limitation. Our mind is the limitation and we can choose to change that.
    You look spectacular in this outfit today. The colours just sing on you, and how amazing that you found those shoes to match so perfectly. You are such an inspiration. I’m delighted to have discovered your blog x
    Anna’s Island Style

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors on you!!! They are my favorite colors on one of my favorite inspirations! Gorgeous lady…. just beautiful… Both Inside and Out. Thank You also for the focus on ‘ageism’ and the introduction to Ashton Applewhite. I will be following her blog as well as yours, henceforth. I must confess, getting older is getting more exciting and more interesting all the time…
    Thank You for sharing your journey with us all…
    Warmly, Chris

  11. Vintage Pucci – wow. Stunning, Judith.
    Oh, that ageism. It’s everywhere! I love Ashton Applewhite for her passion. She is dynamic and I’m glad she’s being heard and acknowledged for what she says. And there is power in numbers – I am very optimistic there will be a massive change for the better with Ashton at the forefront. I had never heard of her so thank you for the introduction.

  12. Thanks for introducing me to Ashton – the “Yo, Is This Ageist” blog is great. I had not heard of her until I read your post.

    Beeeee-yoooo-ti-ful colours in this outfit. Love, Love, Love.

  13. Oh Judith, you’re always amazing me one way or another. Thanks so much for the introduction to such a great blog by Ashton Applewhite. Just when I need it most.

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