The SC and Mr. J traveled to San Francisco last week for a visit with friends, fun, frivolity and a health related appointment on the side.

My new strategy for carry-on involves the wearing of scarves as skirts.  I have a number of large vintage square silk scarves that I acquired at estate sales, and I can’t think of a better way to display their patterns than to wear them over a simple black background.  Add a hat and accessories, walking boots that fit for the temperate weather and voila.  No need to check a bag!


Pocket watches are the theme of this vintage estate sale scarf, which has been in my collection for  years.


We explored many areas of the city, including the waterfront.  My San Francisco scarf came along for the ride, along with the Laurel Fenenga San Francisco collapsible hat perfect for travel, purchased at a Denver boutique in the 80’s.


A highlight of our adventure was spending time in Berkley with Mr. J’s friends, Barry and Debora Barkan HERE, who for many years have been involved in changing the culture of aging through their organization, Live Oak Institute HERE.   Their mission is “to develop communities that help all elders, even those who are the most isolated and disempowered, learn, grow, develop and shape their future.”  One of their projects, the Elder’s Guild HERE, focuses on conscious aging for the greater good.

It was a privilege to meet this creative and brilliant couple, and to learn about their lives and impressive body of work.  I’m continuing to integrate what I discovered regarding their “elder definition” HERE and their vision for change.


Thank you San Francisco, for your tantalizing restaurants, diversity of people, panoramic views, introduction to Home Made Jamz Blues Band HERE, sophistication and humanistic view of the world, and the opportunity to unplug and unwind.


Thank you and a tip of the hat to Mr. J, for taking photos and for introducing The SC to fascinating friends.

The SC is off to participate in Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style, where Patti is “mad for summer plaid!”  I’m also sharing my yellow hat with the creative Anne’s 52 Pick-me-up: Sunflower HERE at Spy Girl.

HAT ATTACK #13 will be featured this coming Friday, August 1st.

Whoever wants to can join in!  Just compose a post that includes any hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head and join the party.  Participation will be open for one week, or through Thursday, August 7th. Follow the directions HERE provided on Style Crone to post your photo and hope to see you there!



  1. Wow. Wow to Barry and Debora Barkan and their programs. Wow to your scarves. (How do you manage to keep old silk scarves from splitting along fold lines?) Wow to San Francisco, in my mind our country’s most cosmopolitan city. and Wow to you and Mr. J for representing the rest of us elders so gracefully. Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful styling idea, Judith – you have inspired me yet again, to re-fashion my scarves. You and Mr. J look happy and serene and what a fabulous trip that must have been. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday, xox

  3. I love the idea of wearing a scarf as a skirt. I need to become a whole lot smaller or buy much larger scarves though. ; )

    San Fran is a brilliant city.


  4. Those scarves are beautiful – what an ingenious way to wear them and expand your wardrobe (as if you needed that)! Your new friends look really interesting, and I’m sure you had a wonderful time in that gorgeous city with the handsome Mr. J.

  5. Mr. J’s friends, The Barkans, are to be thanked for sharing and promoting their concept. I looked at their website and it’s very interesting!

    Scarves are the perfect travel accessory. So practical, versatile, and pretty! I now can add another use for them. Your skirt idea is genius!

    Happy to read about your wonderful time in San Francisco with the handsome Mr. J!

  6. What a wonderful use of these lovely scarves. One of my friends has just taught me how to wear a scarf as a top. Also very useful.
    Has Mr. J started to wear hats since he met you? Or did he already have a collection. It looks very good on his handsome head.

  7. Judith, what a marvellous way to showcase your incredible scarves while saving precious packing space – a wonderful look on you. The Elders’ Guild, what a fascinating and essential project: the greater good, absolutely! Lovely to share your San Francisco adventures, and kind greetings to Mr. J.

  8. This post is a generous buffet of good ideas! Scarves as skirts — for those whose hips are small enough, or whose scarves are large enough — and The Elders’ Guild, for those whose horizons are still growing!

  9. Scarves as skirts are a fantastic idea, perfect for travelling light and you can appreciate the beautiful designs lots more, too.
    Always wanted to go to San Francisco, hopefully next year I shall. xxx

  10. I bet you had a wonderful time in SF. I love that place!
    After this post I am officially starting a collection of silky scarves and have an idea from Carol Markel’s blog of sewing some together. 😉

  11. Ooh, I would love to go to San Francisco! What a wonderful trip – meeting inspiring friends in a great city, accompanied by a delightful partner, and with a collection of vintage scarves and hats to make you stand out from the crowd! xxx

  12. My dearest friend, I always want to run to you every time i se your photos, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Tha scarf skirt is a dream
    I shall join you in HAT ATTACK, hat or not hat, lol
    I hope you will be thinking of flowers for next Share-in-Style on the 4th
    Tonsssssssssssss of LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE

  13. A lovely post. I love your scarves beautiful colors. I’ve been following you all the time because I love your blog. You inspire me always. I’m so glad you’ve met Mr. J. For myself, I met Mr. photographer late in my life when my life was broken years ago. It’s beautiful when life becomes life again.

  14. I have never been to San Francisco, but I think I would enjoy it. How wonderful that you and Mr. J are having travel adventures together. I couldn’t get the Elder’s Guild website to open on my computer but will try again later as their work sounds very intriguing, and important.

    I love the scarf as skirt idea, and certainly that would cut down the packing volume. I would think they might be kind of flimsy as far as coverage goes- do you wear them over leggings? It is a great way to show off the full print of a scarf.


  15. You wear scarves so well! This is a great travel style tip. I’m glad you and Mr. J were able to indulge your senses in the city and that you were able to meet new wonderful people that click with you. I have many links to follow up on here – I follow this topic with interest. Oh, and I love your pancaking hat!

  16. What a stroke of genius!If you hadn’t told us I never would’ve known those were scarves! It’s also nice to be able to focus on the trip and your handsome company and not have to stress over luggage. I may have to try this:-)


  17. Thanks for asking Shelley. I wasn’t very clear, but yes, I wear the scarves over leggings and a knee length pencil skirt. A very important detail that I left out!

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