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Nelson has loved rowing on the Concept2 Rowing Machine for about 26 years and for much of that time he rowed competitively.  During the time of his remission, in 2007 he participated  in the international competition held in Boston and became certified as a rowing instructor in 2008.  He has been on the staff at the Kinetic Fitness Studio since that time; the staff photo on the left was taken in 2008 before his disease recurred.  The studio club owner honored Nelson by creating ‘The Boyd Row House’ and the members are very supportive and generous.  Nelson has rowed almost daily since his diagnosis in February of 2005 and he continues to do so today at a much slower pace. Sometimes it’s just enough to move back and forth on the machine for him to feel somewhat better. He continues to teach his rowing class every Tuesday morning.  It’s what he loves to do, just as the SC loves to put together outfits.

Today the Mile High Indoor Rowing Competition took place in Denver, and Nelson has participated for almost all of the past 25 years.  Yesterday he thought he wouldn’t be able to take part in the event because of extreme fatigue and lethargy secondary to chemo. But this morning he decided to go!  He rowed at a slow pace in a noncompetitive category with determination, persistence, strength, resilience and courage.  This post is a dedication to Nelson’s inspirational spirit!


  1. Having been at this event I cannot express the admiration and love I feel for this man. Every day I wake up and know how hard he works and it makes me work harder. Thank you Nelson Boyd!

  2. He is an inspiration for us all. I know your situation is dire but when I think of living with such a person I think you are lucky in that way.

  3. Wow…what a testimony of courage and determination! He is someone who has chosen to experience every minute of life he has been blessed with…an inspiration! He looks like someone with a tender heart!

  4. It is so fitting that the fabulous Style Crone have such an awe-inspiring man for
    life’s companion.

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes! Nelson does indeed realize what a wonderful life partner he has in Judith, a beautiful & remarkable STYLE CRONE. A short history, I was DX with cancer in 2/05 & as with every other cancer patient it was a shock. It was my moment in history that compares to Jack Swigert, “Houston, we have a problem” or FDR, “It is a day that will live in infamy”. The Style Crone was also momentarily floored but she sprung into action, You see, Wild Women don’t get the blues, they simple take control of the situation. What’s our goal? How do we get there? She spread her spirit like tentacles to all the present known medical knowledge, both Western & Eastern approaches. She laid out an action plan, everything living, non-living, organic or inorganic was given its marching orders, work with me, buy into my plan, place your trust in me. I will never let go of your hand.
    So, to the followers of the SC, thank you.

    So, once again YES, YES, YES I realize how lucky I am.

  6. This is wonderful! I am impressed by any one who rows–the most vigorous exercise around! And especially impressed that this mysterious “Nelson” has done this for years. As a new reader, it leaves me pondering the unfairness of life, as though disease can only happen to those who deserve it.

  7. Nelson and Judith, you are both an inspiration and two very special and amazing people! I’m so honored and proud to say you are my friends!

  8. Awestruck with inspiration. Particularly when you think of people who moan vigorously about something as COMPLETELY unfair as the weather!! Hey, people, take a look at people who really have something to contend with!

    Love from England

  9. What a testimony to the indominability of the human spirit! I am full of admiration for the SC and Nelson!

  10. Nelson, how wonderful it was to read through your own words how your relationship with the SC has sustained you through such a difficult time. Please participate more frequently in these comments. You are certainly a large part of this fantastic blog. Be well and know that you and SC have so many people thinking about you both.

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