I love lace in all of its permutations.  Especially vintage lace.  The delicate lace top in these photos had been hanging in my closet for years, waiting for the perfect composition.  There was a small hole in the back beneath a shoulder seam, which was insignificant to my eye, because vintage has its flaws.  However, when I gently pulled the sleeves on, the lace covering the underlying nude fabric disintegrated in several areas.  Imperfect and a bit tattered though it now appeared, I decided to go with it as is.


In the midst of this decision, I thought about a story that a dear friend told me years ago about weavers in various cultures who intentionally weave flaws into their art.  I have always remembered her words and was fascinated by the concept.


Today I’m practicing imperfection HERE and studying its beauty. “The best way to get better is to stop worrying about perfection and, counter-intuitively, begin practicing imperfection because it will actually get you closer to the goal of perfection.”  My garden and my home are in a constant state of evolution and imperfection, similar to my life.


I’m not ready to let go of this “lacy” piece of vintage art.  It accompanied me out to dinner on Friday evening with a black taffeta vintage bolero jacket.  It reminded me that life is far from perfect and that if I strive constantly for perfection I will never start anything new.  Style Crone would never have been created.

The disintegration of the lace stimulated my creativity and took my thoughts in a playful new direction.  At least for the moment.  And that’s all that we ever really have!


Photos By Daniel

Vintage black lace top, vintage straw hat with taffeta bow and trim, and vintage Robert Clergerie silk fabric covered heels – estate sales; vintage black jet dangle earrings and vintage silk embroidered skirt with ruching and silk ribbons – gifted, lace hose – don’t remember!

I’m taking my imperfections over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style, where Patti is wearing a gorgeous dress that she purchased from Bella’s Etsy shop HERE.  The blogging community is a never ending resource for the new and inspiring.

The SC is linking up with Anne’s Spy Girl 52 Pick-Me-Up HERE, with the theme of Fairy Tale.  This vintage lace top’s destiny is to live happily ever after!


  1. Ravishing of course Judith! You are an inspiration!

    I decided recently that I was going to stop dressing myself down for every occasion just because many Midwesterners seem content to wear athletic wear most of the time. So I’m having fun wearing my jewelry and clothes that I love that express my personal style. It takes some courage to be different but glad to not even own mall wear. Throwing money at something is all together different from being creative.

  2. I love that lace top with the visible flaws, it only serves to make it more lovely. You look just wonderful, the skirt is lovely and you are beautiful.
    I often prefer clothes with some visible marks of age, they feel more authentic and its good to know that they’ve been loved, worn and appreciated. xxx

  3. Gorgeous, Judith! I treasure the imperfect more and more as I age. It feels real. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look fabulous. xox

  4. You are so lovely in this! The entire look is marvelous – but I am really in love with the skirt! Thanks so much for the link to Jack Uldrich’s site. I loved his post on imperfection. Perfectionism is a debilitating trait for this writer & I want to move beyond that to beginner’s mind. Will start right now! Thanks for the nudge in that direction.

  5. Love, love, love this post!!! I am embracing my imperfections and feel great. For too long women have wanted everything just so: letting go is an absolute liberation. Thank you for reminding us!!!

  6. What an absolutely stunning outfit! I adore lace and also those gorgeous hues of peach of your hat and that beautiful skirt. I don’t blame you for hanging on to that top, it’s too good to go. I also love jet jewellery, and have spent many a happy hour wandering the streets of Whitby gazing in awe at the jet jewellery in the antiques shops there. Lovely finds, and they suit you so well.

  7. A beautiful outfit, and a wonderful message – embrace the imperfections, in us and in life! I don’t mind my vintage clothing having flaws and signs of having lived a life, that seems entirely appropriate really. I like the idea of deliberate flaws being woven into fabric, isn’t that interesting? A recognition that there is beauty and uniqueness in imperfection, I think. xxx

  8. I think you are so right. I always say, something or someone is perfect when it it imperfect. Meaning that perfection is boring. Who wants to be with a person who is perfect? You will always be the one who is slipping, making mistakes, no fun at all. The perfection lies in the imperfection.

  9. What a gorgeous look! It’s lovely to see you wearing lace and I love how you’ve layered all these sumptuous and luxurious fabrics together with all their different textures. Just beautiful!

  10. That pink skirt is divine!

    One does well to remember that perfection is unachievable and overrated.


  11. What a beautiful outfit. I love lace too and of course there is something about slightly tattered vintage lace or antique lace that is even better. If you decide you can no longer wear that lace, perhaps you could find a way to display it in your bedroom.

    I love the Japanese idea of Wabi Sabi, which is to see the beauty of imperfection. There is so much more soul, and more character in imperfection I think I will always prefer it.

  12. The skirt is absolutely amazing and you really showcased the top perfectly. It’s been in the closet for far too long. I don’t notice a single fray or tatter.

  13. Oh, Judith, I LOVE this outfit – all the lace is just to elegant on you. I really like that you’re embracing the little tears and flaws in the garment – even imperfect things need love!

    Wonderful colours and textures here. This is one of my favourite looks of yours.

  14. When I scrolled down and saw the whole outfit I gasped.
    I am definitely admiring that topping on your head. What a perfect hat for this lace top and vintage skirt. I love how you wear this lace piece despite or because of its flaws. I am a big fan of imperfection. The “mistakes” in my creative work are always what make it come alive. Some things don’t want to be fixed.

  15. To embrace imperfection is one of lifes lessons, that can take a while to learn.
    Imperfection is what makes us all unique. This outfit is simply beautiful , the history of the blouse makes it more so.As usual your hat is simply stunning.
    As someone also living in an older home , it is the imperfections that make them unique.

  16. I’ve heard a similar story about beading, that some crafters deliberately add a flaw to their beadwork. That’s what adds depth and dimension to art and life. And that lace blouse would look beautiful even in shreds. You’ve teamed it up with a beautiful and evocative outfit!

  17. I love this skirt! How wonderful to have the foresight to embrace the imperfections. Handmade teaches us this. We ourselves need not be afraid to show our imperfections, even on a public forum such as blogging. These things make us seem more human, and make us more relateable:-) thanks for stirring the pot of thoughts today! XO JJ

  18. Dear Judith, you deliver us so beautifully from the tyranny of perfection. Each piece has incredible depth, augments the whole, and I am intrigued by the play of colour and texture. Embracing the ephemeral releases such wonderful dynamic motion!

  19. “Wabi-sabi (侘寂 ) represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.
    Darling Judith! You are so lovely in your humanity, perfection would be cold and sterile. Lovely blouse … and look what art it made, on you, on this day, and as a treat for all of us who see it in this form. Thank you for this post. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t confront my imperfections, but I’m trying not to actually count them. It’s a good day if I can remember to appreciate an imperfection! You inspire and instruct and please the eye every time I stop by!

  20. Dear Judith, here you appear as a living French boudoir doll, peau d’ange taffeta and silk over fragile lace…are you wearing a floral cologne to complete the illusion? White Rose? Or Violette? This is truly performance art!

  21. When Alex was quite young she announced, “Perfection is impersonal”. I’ve never forgotten it. Yes, it’s the flaws that make us perfect if you will, the quirks and unique parts that don’t quite add up. I love the notion of intentionally weaving in “flaws”. Your outfit is lovely, the dusty-rose color with black lace. The setting enhances it all the more. XXOO

  22. Ooh Lah Lah! U in ur gardens ready for a french flick!! Straight out of gay paree, my dear, ripped lace and all.

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