Photo by Neva.

Wearing belted coat dress – vintage Victor Costa – estate sale.

I was planning to launch Style Crone on my 67th birthday in March, but life happened.  So today I will launch with a photo taken on my 67th birthday!!!  I received three vintage hats from a friend, and this blue beaded cocktail chapeau was my favorite!  My birthday gathering was in a bar/restaurant that was a theatre in a former life; I remember attending performances in that very space in the 70’s.   I’m happy that the building is still standing and so am I!


  1. Congratulations on getting this launched I will be checking in regularly to hear what my favorite fashionista is saying!!

  2. I was lucky enough admire this blue-beaded beauty in person last week, displayed lovingly amongst the Style Crone’s incredible hat collection in the Hat Room.

    Yes indeed….all of the hats were companions to one another, sharing their space and their individual stories, content to be nestled closely amongst their kin, and each knowing that they would have their turn for a special outing with the Style Crone.

    I am enjoying this blog immensely and look forward to following the Style Crone’s chronicles.

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