The rain in Denver continues, and a series of technical difficulties caused challenges for The SC and Daniel during today’s photo shoot.  Just as with aging, adjusting saves the day.  Today’s frustrations were not an issue of life or death, and led to improvisation and an unexpected flow.


Without a flash for the camera on a day without sun, we decided to use the lighting from the window in the shoe room/office for a few shots that we would not otherwise have considered.

My ensemble today was centered around the Chatino handwoven bag that was gifted by Mr. J during our trip to Santa Fe.  It was discovered at La Boheme, a shop on Canyon road and was created on a backstrap loom in Oaxaca, Mexico.  This piece of wearable art is always on display for me to admire, hanging from a chair next to my desk, evoking memories whenever I enter the room.


The patterned jacket was discovered at a West Village boutique years ago in NYC.  The shop’s proprietor drew me in with her eccentricity and her unique choice of pieces which were reasonably priced.  The name of the boutique escapes me, but the feelings of wonder that I experienced when I entered her space remain with me today.


The vintage velvet beret with detailed trim was an estate sale find, and is framed by the hanging plant in the back porch.  I love to combine pieces from different eras and origins.  What better form of self entertainment on a cold and rainy day?


Going out to eat after our photo shoot, The SC had the opportunity to return to layers, which included an estate sale patterned scarf which picked up the purple in the fringed Mexican bag.  The fragrance of rain lingered heavily in the chilled evening air, as my Fluevog boots took me to a restaurant a block from home.


Photos By Daniel

All pieces included in my ensembles, except for the boots and jacket, were gifted or acquired at estate or yard sales.  My life is rich and full!

I’m taking my Mexican bag over to Sacramento’s Share-in-Style at Mis Papelicos HERE. The purple grapes which adorn this piece of art fit in with her theme of fruit.  And I wouldn’t miss Bella’s Secondhand First at The Citizen Rosebud HERE and the opportunity to share my recycled pieces!  I’m also linking up with Sheila’s Shoeshine at Ephemera HERE.  She’s wearing the most beautiful cobalt blue Fluevogs!


  1. I am soooooooooooooo glad to see you in Share-in-Style, my dear Judith.
    Such a wonderful inspiration.
    You are such a good friend and beauty

  2. Hi Judith, such a great bag with wonderful memories to go along with it. I remember Canyon road in Santa Fe. Traveled there in 2008 and have wanted to go back ever since. I love how your entire outfit was inspired by that bag!

  3. Lovely outfit Judith. I love how you picked up the colours of that fantastic bag with your necklace, bracelet and jacket. And I agree that life is rich and full and fun with friends and gifts like this.

  4. Oh Judith … I just love the artistry you use in your ensemble creations …interwoven with personal reflections. This is always such a joyous and inspiring space to visit.

    much love to you my dear,

  5. What a lovely gift from Mr J, and it has inspired a wonderful outfit, Judith! The mustard and purple are a great combination, and the flashes of red on the bag and your bangle add some extra spicy heat! I love the quirky faces on the print of your jacket, and the velvet beret is a beauty.
    Yes, getting creative and being adaptable, these are useful skills and highly therapeutic too! xxx

  6. You brighten my day each time I open your posting. So wonderful and upbeat, so colorful and dashing. Though I am older than you, you are my model!

  7. These photos are just lovely, you look gorgeous with the natural light illuminating your face.
    Mr J has excellent taste. xxx

  8. I like the different lighting, always good to find new solutions. I need to find the fab boutique where you bought this jacket – the West Village is about my favorite place on the planet. Gorgeous with your hat too! xox

  9. Good morning Judith,

    I simply love your sense of style. Thank you for sharing your “what I’m wearing” chronicles. Keep up the good work and style. 😉

  10. What a rich tapestry of colors and patterns in that outfit. The bag is such a great starting point and must inspire so many beautiful combinations!

  11. Your styling is always exquisite, Judith. I am so in love with that jacket and would wear one like it in a moment! I will now keep my eyes open for something similar. It is fabulous…as you are!

  12. What a fabulous outfit! I do LOVE that jacket. Anything ethnic really appeals to me, so of course, this latest outfit thrilled me on every level.

    Santa Fe is mucho fabulous too, as I remember it. I remember when I was first introduced to the idea that it was an enchanting place by a woman who was wearing purple cowboy boots. Well, after that kind of a tip, I had to go, didn’t I? Wasn’t disappointed either!

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  13. You are truly a work of art! Love the photos of your radiant smile and this outfit. The bag is a treasure, and the jacket… I want one like this too. 🙂 Sincerely, Natalia xxxx

  14. You really are an original piece of moving art in this ensemble. I adore the bag. What a lucky lady!


  15. Love that bag, Judith. Ethnic bags are really hot right now, but I had an Indian mirror bag that I bought from the Brooklyn Museum shop in 1964! I took it to England for Junior Year Abroad, left it on a bus in Manchester, and got it back.

  16. Hey, those curtains look great!! So do you…your sun shines from within. Miss u lots. XXX

  17. Dear Judith, you are a wonder cloaked in wonders! I love the mustard, reds, purples, patterns, and gorgeous footwear, of course, but especially how it would take more than rain to dampen your spirits. Your hat has the exact right amount of playful, such a beauty. Thank you for your recent kind comment, which meant so much to me. My very best to you and yours, xoxo

  18. Oh the bag is exquisite! I found the wiki page on looming really interesting. When I was a girl, I used to have an inkle loom, and my Mom gave me one of her small looms recently. Too many projects tempting me, LOL. Your going out for dinner layers are just the right amount of cozy and chic! I hope you enjoyed a lovely meal! AND, I hope your weather turns warmer and dryer, SOON.

  19. Mr. J has very good taste in gifts! I love the rich colour combination here, and the funky jacket is something I would definitely wear. I’m sorry the weather has been so inhospitable lately; here’s hoping for more sun and warmth over your way.

  20. Bohemian chic with some Fluevog funk! Very pretty and colorful outfit. The jacket is amazing! I see things like that and wonder if I could recreate them, but that’s just too perfect. I love the way you’ve pulled all these pieces together, and I especially love the addition of the scarf.

  21. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHGRGH, you make me swoon every time! Gorgeous hat, gorgeous outfit, gorgeous you!!! Loving your hat so much and the story behind it and the bag too. You’ve reminded me I really was gifted a beautiful beaded vintage bag- I must use it x

  22. I can’t take my eyes off your hat! A hard colour to wear sometimes, but as usual you pulled it off( or put it on!) to perfection. Lovely against your hair. Oh and there were some other lovely things like a bag and shoes and so forth, but that hat…! Oh and your 100 watt smile 🙂

  23. You look stunning, as usual Judith! I think you made the most of your “adjustments” and showed off the lovely mustard and black in your jacket in a way that would not have been possible outside. Isn’t it wonderful to have sold the lovely things that have been gifted or purchased for a song?

    I’m adjusting, too. I’m using dictation software to type out this comment instead of my very overworked hands. That means I should be able to visit much more often 🙂


  24. Thought of you today as I returned home, getting my space and routine in order for a brief moment. I love sitting quietly in the morning with whatever book or magazine catches my eye. Today it was a book about yoga. As a Yogini, you exemplify the heart of the practice, and it was wonderful to see you reflect the loveliness of it in this post.

    You know that bag has me enthralled, and I love seeing the outfit you created around it. Daniel is a wonderful photographer! You must look forward to your photo sessions. Give him a hug for me. 🙂

    Sending love to you and Camille. XXOO

  25. I love mixing eras of vintage, for me it makes it more of a way to live in the present- to layer old memories with the new ones. Your outfit is so fetching- I love the look and color of the hat- and what a great overall look you have. You grace me with your present on last week’s link-up. Thank-you!

  26. Dear Judith, I keep returning to the second photo in this post, the beautiful “Portrait of a Lady at a Window,” to admire the golden tracery of the vase echoed on the bag and reflected on the golden damask curtain that serves as a backdrop. Please tell Daniel he has done well to seize this Vermeer scene in a shoe room!

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