Photo by Camille.

Date Night most Friday evenings since 1978 has been a ritual for Nelson and The Style Crone. It’s a time to dress up and “hit the streets.”  I’ve never been a fan of “casual Friday.”  We used to go out dancing, but that’s fallen by the wayside unless you know of a place that plays great R&B early on a Friday night.  It was important for us to connect and have fun after a busy week of working and parenting and always something to look forward to.  Romance is the spice of life and we continue to honor this tradition. Now we usually go out to dinner, catch a movie or a show; the Friday after chemo includes take out from restaurants in the neighborhood.  This “date night” outfit is almost total consignment store, including the Diane Harty hat. That would be another treasure found around the corner and positioned immediately in the hat room. There seems to be a direct route that outstanding head wear takes to this destination.

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