I’ve been ill this past week, after many years of life without even a short-lived virus to slow me down.  I have been humbled once again by how quickly life turns on a dime. Not life threatening, but energy draining and immobilizing, it was another reminder of the importance of health and well-being.

But the show must go on, and fortunately this post was waiting in the wings for completion prior to my malaise.  Continuing with the gown series, The SC and Daniel headed to the RiNo neighborhood in Denver HERE, knowing that we would find a few spots along the way for a touch of juxtaposition.  Making it up with no plan, we stopped whenever we came upon a location of interest. This chain link fence against the clear blue sky of a crisp January afternoon became our first opportunity.


Magically a mural appeared on the wall of a building not far from the fence.  Multi-colored and bold, it felt perfect as background for the vintage rust colored silk velvet gown with billowy open sleeves adorned with covered buttons.  Estate sale vintage brown suede gloves added warmth as they harmonized with vintage brown suede pumps.


The rust silk velvet turban was custom-made for the gown by Jean Bjorn HERE, a talented milliner who lived in Denver over 20 years ago.  I wore this ensemble to holiday parties during that era,  spending hours dancing in its silk velvet splendor.


Today I’m giving this gown new life, and loving its drape, texture, lines and intricate details.


I accessorized with estate sale vintage earrings with movement and a gifted deco pendant.


Photos By Daniel

Across the street from the mural was a brick building with an art installation displayed prominently on its wall, which appeared to be a painter’s palette made of skis. The sun felt luscious, landing on the bricks and my gown with its appreciated warmth. In less than one block we found everything we needed as our photo playground, with the only goal of having fun.  I consider it an afternoon well spent!

I’m linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  She’s looking gorgeous in her Karina dress and brilliant smile.


  1. What a gorgeous gown! Incredible color and drape. If you ever want your gown to have a new home in California – let me know!

  2. I am so sorry you have been sick, Judith. Take care of yourself. If you had been in this gown on the Red Carpet, at the Golden Globes last night, you would’ve out-shined every starlet there. You are gorgeous.

  3. Your gown and hat are so beautiful! Love your blog. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you!

  4. Sorry to hear that’s you’ve been under the weather. Nothing like recovering from a nasty virus to really appreciate good health, is there?
    I absolutely adore this velvet gown, those cutaway shoulders and the elegant empire line are wonderful on you and the turban is gorgeous.
    That art installation would make a wonderful brooch (for a giant!) xxx

  5. So sorry to hear you’ve been below par recently, and hope you are recovering well. What a stunning gown in such a beautiful colour. Those long buttoned cuffs are just divine and the style is so perfect on you. Just goes to show you don’t need to flash the flesh to be elegant and sexy!

  6. I’m glad you’re on the mend. Yes, illness certainly makes us pay attention to how the winds blow – which is why your post on wearing a silk velvet(!) gown in the daytime, around the streets, is such a fabulous backup, swanning about with Daniel in this masterful creation with the adorable hat and earrings. My goodness, we are lucky you had this in the wings to remind us all to Live It Now. Gowns, hats, earrings, friends…!

  7. Magnificent first shot of you gorgeous gown. I love the detail in the arms. So glorious on you. I am sorry to hear you were sick. I hope you are feeling better now.

  8. So sorry to hear of your illness, Judith! I hope you are on the road to recovery and gaining energy every minute. This gown is exquisite – thank you for sharing the pics with Visible Monday, xox.

  9. This dress, and all the accessories, was made for you. I agree that you would have outshone them all on the red carpet last night. Your blog is super!


  10. You are such a class act! The dress is gorgeous, but then you have such a fab body anything looks great on you.

    So glad you are feeling better. This virus seems to be making the rounds and one has to wait it out. Keep well my friend.

  11. Again… a perfect gown for a lady with a perfect body. You make the dress come alive. The turban is so good with the dress!! So well styled.
    I would have loved to see the pendant closer as I love art deco jewellery. Oh well, another time.
    Your locations would make my dear husband envious haha. He would chose this as well.

  12. That gown – that GOWN! Goodness but you have some absolutely stunning pieces in your collection, Judith, and this one just might be one of my favourites. The cut-away detail and buttons on the sleeves are exquisite, as is the colour, and velvet too, even better! Fantastic location too.
    Sorry you’ve been unwell, hope you feel fully recovered very soon. xxx

  13. All of these images are so gorgeous and striking, as are your gown and hat.What a perfect juxtaposition of elegance and edge. You look stunning, Judith! Hope your cold is a thing of the past and that you’re feeling better.

  14. You and that gown are perfect together, particularly with the accessories and in the settings you and Daniel chose. Wonderful artistry all around, Judith. Thank you.

  15. So happy to hear you are feeling better. Love the dress, you are truly an inspiration to always looking fabulous and fit! Thank you.

  16. Oooooooo—-kkkkk-aaaaaaa-y!!! This is (hands down) my absolute favorite look of all times. The whole image evokes a kind of artistic timeless elegance. The wine color reminds me of some really good Merlot… the ind that you sip a little at a time… in the afternoon …. with your BFF or avery naughty man.

    You go, GURL! Heal real fast !!!


    THANKFUL you are feeling better!
    I purchased at a PARISIAN FLEA MARKET this last trip earrings very similar to YOURS!
    LOVE THE VELVET………that is my favorite material…………you wear it so GRACEFULLY!

  18. So absolutely stunning my dear! Oh that gown … and how you bring it to life! I do hope you are recovering well my dear! Sending hugs full of inspiration gratitude and thoughts of wellness your way! xox

  19. Oh my dear we are in the same boat, something hit me yesterday and was like a knock out punch.I hope you are on the mend. The gown and the photos are breathtaking, the close up shot of the mural and the earring are striking. The slash in the sleeve is just the most perfect of details and the velvet elks soothing and warm. Another fantastic post, with equally fantastic writing. Please feel better soon.

    Accidental Icon

  20. I’m so sorry you’ve been ill – I hope you are feeling better, and recover your energy soon. You really do have the most amazing collection of evening gowns. The slits in the sleeves that show of your shoulders and upper arms are deliciously sexy, and the rich colour and texture of the dress makes it perfect for a winter event, or a stroll in the park!

  21. I do hope you are feeling better Judith!

    These photos and that dress are stunning. Just stunning. I especially like the one by the fence. So unusual.

    I have added, long draped velvet gown to my vintage want list. So elegant.


  22. Beautiful post and amazing locations
    So nice to have your own photographer
    The gown is exquisite!
    Hope your feeling better and yes is the most important in life without it you can’t do much –



  23. I trust you’re feeling better by now!! The richness of this ensemble warms my heart! I can see you decades ago in your “former life”, enchanting those around you. I love the way it still drapes and flows, a truly timeless piece, as evidenced by your wearing it here now, giving it life and form in this place and time. It’s as beautiful now as it was then, and the same holds true for you. Love you so much. As always, I’m lifted up by your being. XXOO

  24. I love how you just have fun and go with the flow together.
    I suspect your environs hadn’t had such a glamorous photo shoot!
    The burgundy wall with art piece seems the perfect backdrop for your various treasures, and your beautiful self.
    Please look after yourself, and heal gently. xo Jazzy Jack

  25. Hi Judith, I will be popping up all over your website like a veritable rash, hahaha! You look exquisite in this Hollywood glamour gown. The backdrop was inspired and couldn’t have been better if you’d created it yourself. Great photography, beautiful ensemble – you look a million dollars!
    Anna’s Island Style

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