Camille gave The SC the gift of photos by her friend Charli White HERE, a talented photographer who documented the first half of the event.  It’s difficult to choose the images that  I love the most, but I’ll give it a try, starting on the front porch as the party began.

Who is Diana?  Now you know, as she allows a reveal, radiating in all her glory on the staircase, dressed to the nines and ready for a party.  Diana makes blogging a less solitary endeavor; without her weekly visits and our photo sessions over the past year, that bring laughter and fun to a weekday afternoon, Style Crone may have been destined to wither on the vine.

My extraordinary friend of many years, Daniel N returned to Denver in the middle of his yearly month in Mexico to help master the music.  He flew back two days later and was on the beach again without missing a beat.  Now that’s truly a generous and loyal friend!

Bernadette Malone of Moveable Feast created The SC’s birthday cake in the shape of a hatbox.  A woman of multiple talents and a dear friend of many years, she also gives a heavenly facial!  A critical care nurse in the past, she is spreading her wings in a new and elegant direction.

Photo by Sally.

The cake close-up with Bernadette and the bow created by Barbara DeSalvo.

Photo by Sally.

The feast prepared by Bernadette with the help of Colleen Emory (above) and Sarah Ashford.

The fabulous Shelley Long of the Forest City Fashionista HERE flew from London, Ontario Canada to Denver for a 46 hour stay to attend the party.  Thank you Shelley for helping with last minute details, taking photos, for wearing the red hat from the studio with panache and for blogging about the event HERE and HERE.

The Flamenco Dancers in the living room.


Maria Vasquez of Maria Vasquez Flamenco Denver HERE.

Susan Richardson takes the floor!

The Flamenco Skirts.

We were all dazzled by the Flamenco Performance!

Vintage pale blue silk chiffon gown with blue lining, vintage silver heeled sandals and vintage jewels – estate sales, custom designed ostrich feather hat created by Erin Saboe of Go Go Chapeaux HERE.

Stay tuned for more entertainment, dancing, friends who helped make my home shine, and the vintage studio, as the party rocked on late into the night.

The SC is dancing over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE for the weekly party at Not Dead Yet Style!


  1. What a party! I’d give anything to have been there. Flamingo dancers?? And that birthday cake! Oh, My. You are blessed with some extraordinary friends. What a wonderful celebration! Of course, I love your vintage gown and wrap. Can’t wait to check out Erin’s hat site. Happy, happy birthday! Thanks for keeping me inspired!

  2. What a night! Wonderful to meet your friends, to see Shelly in all her finery and to marvel at the dancers, the incredible buffet and the cake, too.
    Give Diana a hug from me, I’m so glad she’s there to help you blog, the world would be a far less fabulous place without your blog! xx

  3. Hi Judith,
    The photography is AMAZING, as was the celebration! Chapeau
    Much love, Di

  4. What a great gift…the photography is an awesome idea! Looks like it was so much fun…not to mention..delicious!! I love it that the dancers were there…and now you have all the memories recorded for you! Love it!

  5. I can see why you couldn’t post this all at once; too fabulous and too much to reflect upon!! I’m thinking of all the work that went into the preparation, never mind the energy of the night. I’m reeling as I vicariously party with you. It’s so lovely to “meet” the precious Diana, see Daniel’s dear face (love him!!), salivate over the food, imagine the energy generated by the music and fabulous dancing, glimpse your gorgeous home with the extraordinary woodwork and paint, etc. etc. I love the view of your entrance, too. Shelly looks fab in the red hat….I could go on and on….!!!

    I just wish I’d been there. However, with this as inspiration, perhaps you can attend MY next party!! Just think, you won’t have to do a thing except get here. 🙂 XXOO

  6. To be surrounded by such a circle of love on your birthday is sure to have lasting positive effects on your life. Thanks for sharing these photos. That’s some cake! And beautiful photos.

  7. Ooooh {insert squeals of delight} What a fabulous celebration Judith! I can honestly imagine myself there; the smell of highly polished wood, heavenly aromas coming from the kitchen, laughter, music, a slight chill each time the door opens…Brilliant.


  8. What a wonderful night Judith
    It’s just great to see your friends
    I hope your 70th year will be fill with joy!

    Ariane xxxx

  9. What glorious photos, Judith, and what a wonderful celebration! I’m in love with that cake, your outfit, the flamenco dancers – everything! How fortunate to be able to count on such good friends to help put together what must have been an unforgettable evening. Thank you for introducing them in your photo essay. You are radiating happiness in your pictures and look just beautiful!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  10. Thank you for sharing these photos of your marvellous birthday celebrations Judith! You look stunning! I am beyond excited that you had flamenco dancers at your party! I hope they got you up dancing. Did you know that I met Mr V. flamenco dancing for a performance in a party that was at his house?

  11. Judith, what fabulous photos of your party – the lovely guests, the food, the flamenco dancers, meeting lovely Diana, seeing darling Shelley rocking your red hat, beautiful Camille – so much to admire and enjoy! And at the centre of it all, wonderful YOU! xxxx

  12. Almost like being there! So glad you had so many of the people you love make such an excellent BIG WHOOP of your birthday. Lovely people, lovely food … what a cake! Musical friends … family … everything! And to think, you’re only 70. This is where life evolves into magic, I think. Please enjoy.

  13. Your birthday celebration looks wonderful. Thanks for introducing us to some of the special people that joined in the festivities. It all looks a delight, magical even. I eagerly await the next installment.

  14. Judith, what a lovely party and lovely attendents. Wish I had been a fly on the wall during the party. As I said before, you looked ever so lovely. Picture perfect.
    But the greatest thing are all these friends. What a warmth.

  15. How absolutely wonderful!
    Just the BEST party! You’ll never forget this birthday! XXX

  16. Holy amazingness, you are absolutely exquisite – and what an incredibly elegant and beautiful party! Shelley looks incredible in the hat – the catering looks amazing – the cake is fantastic – and you had FLAMENCO DANCERS! What a wonderful party. Happy Birthday!

    Sarah xxx

  17. You clearly had the most joyful and beautiful birthday party, the celebration you so justly deserved! These are glorious images of you resplendent in your exquisite birthday outfit, and what an amazing party! The cake! The dancers! Wonderful!

  18. How fun, delicious, and inspiring; I am so happy your day was as splendid as you seem to be, from what I have seen on your blog. Sincere good wishes!

  19. So much fun and joy! I LOVE that first picture of you and Camille. And that cake and that spread… I am hungry! Thankful to Diana for keeping you hydrated enough to be able to share your beautiful words and photos with us. xo

  20. It looks like you had a great night! I love that cake! Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos and your night with us. Great post 🙂

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