Photo by Nelson

The Style Crone saw the first crocus of spring today!  Time to continue with the ‘Bloom Where You’re Planted’ series with a vintage felt hat with full face veil sprinkled with chenille accents and adorned with feathers.  I found this hat during one of my estate sale adventures and it has a special place in the hat room; to be honest, all the hats have an honored place in the hat room.  I love the mystery and allure of veils and the movement of feathers, so this chapeau provides a great deal of pleasure on a Wednesday afternoon, or any other time I choose to grace my head with its splendor.


  1. WOW!!! What an elegant and graceful LADY you are today. Thank you for a perfect start of the day. Love from Munich.

  2. Well, now there’s a show stopper! Just a question or two. Do your earrings get caught in the veil? And how does one eat or drink? Do you lift the veil ceremoniously llike a bride, only to drop it again after lunch? Such run-of-the-mill considerations!!

    Love from England.

  3. It’s glorious! I love on you so much, you have such poise and elegance.
    I wish I hadn’t got such a huge head, I rarely find vintage hats to accomodate it! xxx

  4. Ladies, take note! I mentioned a few days ago that I was dashing into my hat collection before heading out on a sales call, which happened to be a surf shop (here where I live in Half Moon Bay, Ca). Imagine my surprise when the first person I saw as I walked into the store was a surfer dude who did a 100% doubletake and said “Whoa! I like the hat! You look great!” Never saw him before in my life, never will again, and he was probably 20 years younger than I am. Kinda fun. Thanks for the inspiration, Judith!

  5. Thank you for your questions. Regarding earrings and veils! If the veil presents an issue with dangling earrings, I choose earrings that sit on the lobes of my ears. And regarding eating and drinking, I make it up as I go! I usually lift the veil and very carefully tuck it into a place on the hat that ‘holds’ the adornment securely without damaging it’s delicate beauty and I sometimes allow the veil to cover my eyes in the process. And as you say, I drop the veil later as circumstances change. I’m sure there were standard guidelines to follow when veils were popular, but I haven’t been able to find them as yet. So for now I flow with the situation and do whatever works best at the time.

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