Camille’s bridal shower was held recently at my home.  Her friends and I collaborated on the event, and a fabulous time was had by all.  I am thrilled to see my daughter radiant, happy, excited and in love with a man who supports and adores her.  Her dazzling smile and deeply expressive brown eyes display her inner glow!


My beloved daughter adorned her curls with her shower gift ribbons and bows as headwear in this photo.  She can make any outfit shine!  Camille loves the scent, color and appearance of the lavender plant, and in her honor I decorated the front porch to reflect her sensibilities.


I tied vintage silk scarves on existing pillows and used vintage lace and linen tablecloths to cover the porch swing cushion and establish a private area. Why leave these beauties in the cedar chest hidden from view?  Creating living spaces on the porch and in my garden with estate sale finds is as much fun as composing outfits.

My ensemble was chosen to include shades of purple and lavender, with an estate sale vintage turban and vintage maxi dress with navy background and navy booties.


The hat as wreath was accessorized by a vintage floral silk chiffon scarf, greeting guests as they arrived.  Today it continues to give me pleasure every time that I leave home and return from an outing.  It remains in place for the season, until my collections provide another adornment for my front door.

With the wedding only a week away, I find that I’m not able to comment regularly on the blogs that I love.  I will return to full blog mode after the festivities.  I don’t want to miss a moment of this significant time in my daughter’s life.  Sending love to all!

Hat Attack will be up on Friday, May 1st!


  1. Wonderful! Camille is as beautiful as her parents, and she does indeed glow. All happiness to her and the lucky man.

  2. Savor every moment, Judith.
    Will miss you while you’re occupied during this magical time and look forward to your post of everything fabulous that you experienced.
    Congratulations to Camille and her beau.

  3. Camille is beautiful and so are you in our gorgeous outfit. I love the purple, lavender and blue together. Your porch is so sweet; I love to decorate like that. Congratulations to your family! Peace! Cheryl

  4. What a beautiful bridal shower!!! Camille (my beautiful daughter is named Camille as well) looked absolutely stunning. So did her mother!!! Congratulations……
    Can’t wait for the wedding pictures.

  5. All the happiness in the world to your daughter! Both outfits are beautiful. I very much enjoy your blog.

  6. What a beautiful bride and mother of the bride! You are so creative, dear friend, making your space and yourself so memorable while enjoying this present moment. Congratulations and best wishes, Janet

  7. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful event, Judith! You and Camille both look stunning, as do the shower decorations. I’ll hope for some pictures when you return.

  8. She is GORGEOUS just like YOU!The ribbon bouquet turned out SMASHING!
    Congratulations and yes……leave the BLOGS Behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We will all need to see the BRIDE and YOU however from the BIG DAY!

  9. I’m so happy for you both! You look radiant as ever, and I love the lavender/navy combination. I’m stealing all of your decorating ideas, too! Enjoy your week, savor every moment, and tell us everything when you return for Hat Attack 🙂


  10. You are BOTH radiant! And what a great idea with the tablecloths and scarves over the pillows- brilliant! Seeing as I have tons of both around, I am totally going to borrow this idea.

    Above all, Judith, I just want to wish you all the happiness this coming week as you witness your idea Camille’s wedding, and gain a son. The melding of families is so special, and I just hope you feel wrapped up and lifted by all the love that comes with this wedding. It’s one of your best days as a parent, believe me!

    Much love, and thanks for continuing to create and share beauty with all of us –

  11. Beautiful! Both Camille and her lovely mother! I love the tradition of making a bridal shower hat from the bows and adornments that graced the bride to be’s gifts! A spring hat for door decor is so fitting for The Style Crone’s home too!

    Have a lovely, lovely celebration over the next weeks! Much love and happiness to Camille and her sweetheart! ENJOY!

  12. Camille and you are so beautiful! Congratulations to you, Camille and all your family! I’m sure the wedding will be fabulous!

  13. Your daughter is so beautiful and certainly radiant. How lucky she is to have such a warm, loving generous, artistic, fashionable, and creative mother such as yourself! The porch was glorious spring retreat and I loved the way you used your vintage treasures to make the space and place special and meaningful to your daughter. You are a wonder and an inspiration in every way. Some of my most cherished memories involve all the doings up to and including my beloved daughter’s wedding. Congratulations to you both!

    Accidental Icon

  14. You and Camille are so beautiful! I adore your purple ensemble and how much love there is between you. xxx

  15. Congratulations to you and your glorious daughter, Camille! The shower must have been wonderful. Best wishes for a lovely week of celebration, Leslie

  16. such beauty on the page…. these pictures of the two of you vibrated love and energy. Many good wishes to the bride and groom (and mother of the bride). Mazel Tov.

  17. Oh my ! Just beautiful !
    May every blessing rest upon you all, joy, happiness, health and peace.

    Barbara Harris McGrath

  18. Camille is such a beautiful and radiant bride to be and will be just so stunning on her wedding day. You too look so very radiant in your shades of lilac with the navy. Enjoy very moment of the wedding.

  19. Judith what a lovely shower you gave your daughter. It is obvious you put a lot of love into preparing for it. What a special time for you and your daughter. Have a wonderful time enjoying the big day and congratulations to you and the bride and groom.
    I hope you will be posting what you wear to the wedding at some point. I’m sure it is fabulous. Oh, and I love the purple turban!


  20. What an exciting time! Enjoy each minute…as I know you are.

    I’m happy you were able to comment on that post about aging. You have such a wonderful optimistic view on aging.


  21. What a beautiful Mother-Daughter pair!! You both have exquisite inner & outer beauty. Congratulations!!

  22. I’m so excited for you and Camille too. Not having a daughter I can guess but it’s difficult to imagine the true impact of the occasion. You give a great sense of it here in your writing and photos, and with the care you have put into the shower. You are both beaming. The excitement is palpable.
    And your hat wreath, what a warm invitation to hang on your door. Excellent idea.

  23. Like mother, like daughter – just look at those lovely smiles! I can imagine how excited you both are for this weekend. You did a beautiful job on your porch, and your love for your daughter was evident in every detail.

    Sending my best wishes to Camille, her betrothed, and all their friends and family for a joyful and memorable day (and a big hug to you).

  24. Oh. Judith. Lovely in many ways.
    Your words and pictures convey
    The deep and feeling connection
    You and your daughter share.

  25. As a parent the most important thing in this world is our children’s happiness – and she really is happy! And so beautiful. I love the picture of the two of you together. Both gorgeous, both happy.

    You maxi is fantastic, the fit is perfect and the colours are lovely.

    I’m sure the wedding will be fantastic, enjoy every minute of it – but remember to take photos 😀

  26. Such lovely photos of you and beautiful Camille. I hope the wedding day is everything you and she wish it to be. Nelson would be so delighted and proud. xxx

  27. Camille is such a beauty, taking after both of her beautiful parents! Congratulations and enjoy this special time, being close together, having fun decorating, planning and celebrating upcoming life changes! With love xxxxx

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