“Curiosity Sparks” is a sculpture created by Barbara Baer, located in front of a residential building a block from my home and across the street from City Park.  Camille was born in this building, which was formerly the home of Mercy Hospital.  I’ve been wanting to use the sculpture as background for some time now, as I drive or walk by it almost daily.  It calls to me with its bright blue and yellow features which spiral upward.


There are so many ways to play on a sculpture, which became an analogy for a change I wanted to make in my life.  Change can be elusive;  I resist, barter with myself, procrastinate and then stay stuck in a place I don’t want to be.  I needed to use new and different modalities/poses to help me wrap my brain around a new way of thinking.


A friend recommended several books by Pema Chodron, which proved helpful in making a shift that involved self compassion and radical acceptance.  I am willing to try any approach that appears on my path and makes sense to me when I find an internal puzzle in need of solutions.  I’ve come to believe that this is a lifelong, ongoing, ever evolving journey.


Finally I was able to expose barriers and hesitantly look at what was holding me back. Digging deep into mind caverns is a painful yet rewarding excavation.  Triggers from the past become more persistent and troublesome in their effort to prevent my growth.  But I wanted to change more than I wanted to grasp tightly to an old pattern.


Photos by Diana

It’s all about the big picture, opening my heart to the possibilities that exist before my very eyes and allowing/challenging myself to be sparked by curiosity.  “Seeking” is as creative and gratifying as assembling an outfit. Sometimes it’s discovering an important insight/accessory that brings everything together. I will be enthralled with the mysteries of the inner self and its outward manifestations until I wear my final hat.


Jewelry on Turban

Black tunic and tank top – yoga wear; black leggings and pencil skirt- recent yard sale; blue/purple turban – Brigitte NYC; black chunky heeled sandals – consignment store; beads, earrings and bracelet/bangles – estate sales.

I miss you Patti at Not Dead Yet Style HERE.  It doesn’t seem like Monday without you.  Hope you’re having a wonderful time in NYC  How could you not?


  1. There’s a common misconception that as we age, we are less willing to seek change and less able to accept it when we find it, or as it so often does, finds us. My experience is that a life of dealing with changes fits us to deal with more. I admire your bravery in seeking it out, what ever kind of change you want to effect And it doesn’t surprise me even a little that you want it!
    The only thing that keeps you from looking like a young girl in these photos is the sophistication of your outfit. I’ll have what you’re having, please! Enjoy the process, Judith. Whatever changes you seek, I know you’ll thrive on it!

  2. Judith, you are absolutely beautiful!! The pictures are striking and you look awesome in black. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the process of growing and changing.


  3. Judith, I love these photos of you with this sculpture, especially the first one. This was such a terrific photo opportunity for you.

    Thank you for sharing some of your inner journey toward becoming your best self. You are an inspiration in that respect as well as in your creative use of fashion as an artistic statement. I myself have been on a quest for greater clarity in my life and, like you, seek and embrace change for the better. I know all your wonderful readers support you in your efforts.


  4. Such stunning photos of you smiling against that lovely sculpture. I love that turban on you, my dear, and the jewellery on it was an inspired touch!

  5. I am totally captivated by your photos today. I’m inspired to copy your striking outfit with the incredible accessories. You are a work of art!

  6. I have just started reading “Comfortable with Uncertainty.” I’ve read 2 of her books already and really felt an impact by them. You are a wonderway way to see the impact of the art of living. It is always a joy to visit- you have such a gentle yet powerful way to share your insights.

  7. What an interesting sculpture, and the images of you playfully using it as your co-star and prop are beautiful. That amazing turban and the beads are the perfect accessories against the all-black drapey structures of your outfit.
    I think change is hard. Even if you want it,and need it, it’s difficult to know where to start, and to let go of the familiar. Good luck on your quest for the change you need and for happiness, Judith, and keep us posted! xxx

  8. It’s beautiful – your thoughts become almost symbolized by the sculpture.
    Thoughts threads meet and connect with your beautiful hat. Your sculpted hat. I like it so much.

  9. You look utterly stunning, totally rocking the black dress! What a striking sculpture and a wonderful connection to it, too. x

  10. Although I haven’t read her books, I’m familiar with Pema Chodron. My sister attended a retreat through her organization that consisted of a week spent in silence and meditation. It was profound. It sounds like this is the right book at the right time, which is often my experience as well.

    I’m delighted to see green grass all around you now. It’s a beautiful backdrop for your elegant outfit, as you pose so effortlessly with an amazing work of art. I love the way your outfit and the sculpture play off each other: the curving lines and spaces in between. Your shoes, bracelets, and shoulders echo the motif. And not by accident I’m sure, your hat is the perfect reflection of the blue elements above. Lovely.

  11. Thank you for the recommendation of pema chodrom. I had been unfamiliar with this author, but definitely find myself thinking about the nature of “change” these days.

  12. YOU are such a magnificent work of art! I love the wonderful sculpture and I love your lines and smile and that gorgeous turban. You are splendid!!!

    Sarah xxx

  13. It’s wonderful that you’ve finally grabbed the opportunity to do a shoot with that magnificent sculpture. Sometimes we don’t see the beauty in things we see everyday. I speak for myself here, as I’ve finally started seeing the potential in shooting pics in the vacant lot next door. It’s also a chance for The Stylist and I to go a bit feral – weeeeeeee!!! xoxo

  14. Hi Judith!
    Thanks for this post. I too seem to be at odds with myself even more as I get supposedly saner 😉 I must check out this book – and by the by, you rock jersey like no other!

  15. As I was looking at the last photo of the whole sculpture, I was thinking what a marvelous headpiece it would make (for a very large head, mind you) with the swirl at the top and bold colours. I think that “opening your heart to the possibilities” will be my mantra for this week.

  16. I enjoyed the direction of this post very much. Initially, I had an urge to scroll quickly, eager to see the sculpture in it’s entirety, but your words drew me in, slowed me down. I too experience an inner struggle; craving change and growth but somehow remaining stuck in a place I no longer wish to be. You’ve given me an ah ha moment. The physicality of new movement can lead to interior movement. Thank you Judith!

    Yoga wear? Brilliant! The blues in the turban and jewelry are very flattering to your skin tones.

    Sue xo

  17. I’m just as resistant to change as you are, Judith. But, like you, I’m motivated to move forward. I always tell others, “you gotta wanna”, and it sounds like we’ve both reached that point. You look far more stylish while you’re grappling with transitions than most ladies do!

    PS I attended an Art2Wear gala last week and met with a milliner who is going to make me a hat that will fit my narrow crown. I couldn’t stop thinking of you the entire time 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  18. Beautifully said. Wonderful pictures and compelling action in your poses. You are looking inspired!

    blue hue wonderland

  19. Hello beautiful Judith. Such beautiful words. These struck me: “internal puzzle in need of solutions”. That is such a driving force in my life. That never ending puzzle. Even when I put in the missing pieces, it is not enough. The puzzle somehow grows and needs even more. The journey continues. xo

  20. You look grand and playful at the same time, Judith. I’m going to look up that author as soon as I get home – I think I could use what she has to offer right now. I’m in Detroit right now on a borrowed computer and it was wonderful to read your kind comments. Mom seems to be getting stronger slowly although she’s still very confused. I feel like I’m in a foreign land, but I suppose that’s nothing compared to what she’s going through. I’m so glad you’re here – a place to gain hope, inspiration and joy. Thanks, Judith.

  21. How elegant and totally beautiful! I just found your blog but will be definitely coming back!! 🙂

    I am new to blogging myself and it would mean a lot if you could have a look at my adventures 🙂

    Warm wishes,


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