Diana and The SC continued their “Denver Discoveries” series at “Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art” HERE, located about seven minutes from home.  A treasure of a museum, we planned to take photos in front of its beautiful exterior.


As we were playing near the entrance, the museum staff opened the door and gently informed us that we had appeared on their security cameras, but then warmly and generously invited us to enjoy the outrageous beauty inside.  An unexpected and irresistible gift on a Thursday afternoon!


We were in awe of the numerous glass display cases which held objects that were a feast for the eyes.  Taking photos without the flash was challenging, but searching for the light was an adventure as we walked from room to room enthralled by the museum’s collections.


How could we resist the red typewriter, which was the perfect accessory for The SC’s ensemble of the day.  And yes, it brought back memories of typing class in high school, which is now another relic of the past.


The countless pieces of art that covered the walls were a significant source of pleasure and captivating to the senses.


Spontaneously I joined the manikins, one which displayed a Campbell’s Soup dress which was a promotional item from the Campbell’s Soup Company, modeled after Warhol’s Soup Can painting.


We were invited to the Kirkland’s sculpture garden, which was an oasis in the center of the city.  We could have stayed for the entire afternoon in this peaceful spot that would take hours of pleasure to fully explore.


The seating itself was artful as The SC sees ‘eye to eye’ with the metal chair at the entrance to the sculpture garden.


To be surrounded by the vastness of the color orange in the stairwell was a special moment.  For someone who can never get enough of this powerful color, I reveled in the dramatic splendor on the walls above my hat.


Thank you to the Kirkland and its wonderful and knowledgeable staff for a tour to remember.  I will be back!  And thank you to Diana for taking this journey with me on an afternoon of unfolding surprises and visual delight.  You never know what lies around the corner.

“Kirkland Museum has one of the most important displays of international decorative art in North America, from the last quarter of the 19th century through the first three quarters of the 20th century. More than 3,500 works are on view of Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Glasgow Style, Wiener Werkstätte, De Stijl, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Modern and Pop Art. A major survey of Colorado art and some regional art is documented. Over 700 works by about 170 artists are shown at any one time, drawing from a collection of more than 500 Colorado artists and about 4,800 works. The Colorado collection is concerned with a period from 1820 to about 1980 (traditional through modern), with an emphasis on the 1870s onwards. The museum features a retrospective of Colorado’s distinguished painter, Vance Kirkland (1904-1981). Kirkland Museum joins the studios of Jackson Pollock & Lee Krasner, Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood, Charles Russell, N.C. Wyeth, Georgia O’Keeffe and other sites as a member of Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.”


And to top everything off, just steps away was a tattoo parlor which revealed the diversity of a city block, which is one of the many reasons that I love living in an urban wonderland.


Photos By Diana

Todays’s outfit began with the Stuart Weitzman leopard print and red/black patent leather heeled sandals which had never been worn after their purchase from the “90% off rack” at DSW over a decade ago.  They were discovered in their box during my gigantic organizational surge and were eager for an outing, along with the black with red trimmed straw hat by Piazza NYC; vintage leopard print Oscar de la Renta blouse, vintage red scarf as belt, vintage red earrings and red/black bracelets – estate sales, black leggings and pencil skirt – recent yard sale.

The SC is catching up with Patti and the creative crew at Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  A weekly event not to be missed!

The shoes are running over to Bella’s “Shoe Shine” HERE at The Citizen Rosebud.  Join us!


  1. You do live an urban wonderland, Judith! How fabulous to be soaking up the beauty at the Kirkland, and contributing to it at the same time : > Thanks so much for sharing it all with Visible Monday.

  2. Ah, yes, one of the many joys of urban living is the juxtaposition of cultural icons high and low on a single block! — Love the shoes. I noticed the interesting heel in several of the photos so I appreciate the close-up. Real beauties I’m sure you are happy to have rediscovered.

  3. Now THIS was worth waiting for!!! An amazing outfit and a grand serendipitous tour of the museum!! Beauty like that is energizing and affirming on so many levels. How wonderful of the people there to invite you in, how wonderful of Diana to take so many gorgeous pictures, and how wonderful you are to share all this pleasure with us. I’m totally enamored of your shoes and hat, and the way you worked your ensemble is perfection.

  4. How incredibly fortunate for the two of you, and for us as well because you were generous enough to share this experience. Love the photo with you and the manikins, you look as if you were meant to be there. I’m certain the staff were as delighted as you were.
    Now, my cute lady, how in the world did those incredible shoes get lost in a box or hidden from view? They are breathtaking and stunning.

  5. Fantastic!! Those shoes should have come out to pay years ago. You are amazing! What a fantastic day you both had. I loved seeing this.

  6. I think this is my favorite post of your blog. I like everything about this outfit, especially your fantastic shoes, and visiting the art museum has an adventurous appeal. I am enjoying seeing your pictures of Denver. Looks like you and your friend are having a fun time creating them.

    blue hue wonderland

  7. Tremendous! No wonder the staff couldn’t resist inviting you in. Absolutely stunning. And how delicious to rediscover shoes in your own home. Thanks to you and Diana for sharing your Denver style adventures. We love gawping at the end result but what a fantastic process. Power to orange, yeah!

  8. Art imitating art! Very thoughtful use of the magnificent art in your photographs. The one with you modeling with the mannequins is particularly creative. And your outfit colours go perfectly with the tatoo parlour. Totally fantastic shoes…you must have been thrilled to have re-discovered them.

    Sue xo

  9. You, my dear, are the finest piece of art with the body of a top model, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love, love, love every single pic.

  10. What a gorgeous and glamorous outfit, a leopard in red, so elegant my dear, and perfect amongst the sophisticated surroundings of that great museum.

  11. What a fantastic exhibition but despite the gorgeousness of those frocks you steal the show! Fabulous, stylish and supermodel perfect! xxx

  12. Judith, what a steal on those stuart w. shoes! So cute–they add so much to your outfit.
    Wonderful tour! Wasn’t that Campbell Soup dress paper? xoxo

  13. Wow! Again! What a tour de force kind of tour! The Kirkland looks amazing, as do you in all shots. So sweet of your to give your little shoes such a thrilling outing … just right for their sensibilities. What I’m finding a little uncanny is how well your red, leopard and black fit in to every bit of your surroundings. Gorgeous.
    I always have mixed emotions in situations where the design eras that represent the decades of my life are presented as history! The typewriter … how many of your readers have never touched one? And this one was a particularly cool one for the era. I absolutely remember pounding and clacking away on a much more utilitarian version.
    Thank you, Judith and Diana, for a thoroughly enjoyable post. If I ever get to Denver again with Dan, you must promise to let us buy you cocktails and lunch and do a museum!

  14. Beautiful background. I can imagine you enjoyed that so much. And indeed that typewriter brings back memories. I learned it on a thing like that as well, only in black.
    Your outfit is gorgeous as always. Very nice to add the red. But shame on you to let those poor shoes in their box for over a decade. They deserved a whole lot better.

  15. The museum is right for my taste. It looks very very interesting. I wish me a trip to your exciting city. And then the orange picture. You fit perfectly to the lovely place where the pictures are taken. I’m in love with your shoes and the blouse is so beautiful. Is the hat crochet? Very chic with the red edge

  16. I’m seriously jealous of your tour of the Kirkland! You look like a work of art worthy of the exhibition in that outfit. I can’t decide which I like more, your Oscar de la Renta top or the Stuart Weitzman sandals. At any rate, you look divine as usual.


  17. Outrageous beauty indeed – in the museum, and you! What a fantastic place to visit, and how beautifully stylish you look, as always. You rock the leopard print, Judith! I adore that final shot of you outside the museum next to the poster – just gorgeous. xxx

  18. The folks at the Kirkland know a beautiful walking work of art when they see one and no doubt you’ll be getting a call soon to usher visitors through the glorious exhibits, wearing the most fantastical outfits imaginable!!!! xoxoxoo

  19. I love seeing the results of your exploration of Denver – sometimes the most interesting places are right under our noses! You look like a work of art yourself in the animal print and red trimmed accessories.

  20. And beautiful toppers continue! I bet it’s a joy to browse through your hats and shoes. The heel on those are lovely.

    I want to say thanks for the sweet comment on my post.

  21. You are a work of art, yourself. Once upon a time, I couldn’t imagine having enough shoes that I would forget about a pair, but I’m dangerously close to that now days. Sooner or later, one does run out of space. Call me blind but this is the first time I realized you live in Colorado! You lucky devil!

  22. There is hope for all our unworn items in our wardrobes then! Such fabulous shoes! So very glad you finally got to wear them – love the accents of red on leopard echoed in your outfit to go with the shoes!

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