This summer Mr J and The SC spent a few days during the week in Aspen, Colorado HERE.  Known for its beauty and historic character, it was the perfect place to relax and do nothing but enjoy the sights and take part in what a small city in the mountains known for its celebrity sightings during ski season has to offer in the summer.

The above photo was taken on the rooftop of the Aspen Art Museum HERE.  The area behind me looks like a body of water, but it’s actually part of the rooftop wall.


Just outside of Aspen lies Maroon Bells HERE, two peaks in the Elk Mountain range of the Colorado Rockies.  I wanted to include a photo that revealed its true majesty, so I downloaded an image from the website in the text above.  My home state of Colorado is filled with beautiful vistas just hours away, and this is one of them.


I discovered Heidi Hat HERE, a delightful shop where a mother/daughter team make hats and yoga wear and sell them in their shop in Aspen, in other retail locations and online.  Hats and yoga wear in one unique boutique?  What could be better?


The Dior store was across the street from:


The Thrift Shop of Aspen HERE.  I can tell you where I was hanging out!  I thrifted two wonderful pieces for a total of $30, whereas the Dior Store functioned as art gallery.


Fringe was everywhere!  As were galleries, restaurants, shops and interesting people


Flowers were present in every location in the 3.5 square miles of the city which has a population of 6658.  The garbage cans (to the center left) have special closures to prevent bears from getting to the contents.


Colorado’s state flower, the columbine, was flourishing frequently in flower beds and pots.


The Hotel Jerome HERE was built in the 1880’s and is one of the city’s major landmarks.


The lobby of the hotel is quite impressive, and a visit to Aspen always includes a peek at its grandeur.


We were photobombed by our waiter after dinner on our last evening in Aspen.  Mr J and I are wearing vintage hats from Fabulous Fanny’s HERE, which were discovered during our recent visit to New York.  Thus came the end to a peaceful summer stay in a city not far from home which provided breathtaking views and a change of pace from the lives that we love in inner city Denver.


  1. Dear Judith, this spectacular setting suits beautiful you to a T! Thanks for letting us tag along on this lovely adventure. xoxo

  2. Love your writing and photos! We recently got a new Dior store, here in Vancouver, too! Yes, it is a museum or gallery. My friend tried on a $37,000 jacket. Love your note that in Aspen Dior is right across from a thrift store!

  3. STUNNING captures…………..I heard tassels were going to be BIG this fall sounds like FRINGE might be too!YOU two do get around!
    Enjoying the hair grow out updates!
    Have a little 40 pound piggy on my lap today hard to type!

  4. Aspen looks like a lovely place to spend a few days – gorgeous scenery, from the mountains to Dior! How wonderful to find a store that incorporates two things you love (hats and yoga clothing is an odd mix).

    Love your hat from Fabulous Fannies!

  5. Breathtaking views, you can say that again. Wonderful. What is so out of this world for me is the fact the garbage cans have special closures to prevent bears from getting to the contents. I mean… the mere fact that bears come into town!! That would keep me far away from Aspen.
    You look lovely in every picture. Of course you do. And I see you have got Mr. J. wearing hats now too. it rubs off.

  6. Beautiful scenes and I love that last pic the most – such joy. I like what you said about designer shops being like art galleries. xox

  7. Thank-you for the tour and beautiful photos of Aspen. I have always wanted to visit. I will probably not be able to but I am so happy that you shared your adventure with us. You look lovely as always.

  8. Dear Judith! I love all your photos and your beautiful writing!
    You are wonderful!
    Ana Paula
    from Brazil

  9. I have never been to Aspen, but many other places in Colorado. What a beautiful state. Thank you for sharing your photos, especially the one with you and Mr. J wearing your fabulous hats. Even when you travel you look stylish!


  10. Aspen looks picture postcard perfect and I could go mad in that colourful thift shop.. The window display is stunning.
    You look gorgeous in your crochet dress and I love yours and Mr J’s styl;ish hats. xxx

  11. Beautiful views, even if some are manufactured!
    I keep thinking of your travel luggage with all these magnificent hats.
    Glad you had a lovely break xo Jazzy Jack

  12. Aspen looks stunning, I’ve only ever seen snow-covered photos. Looks like you & Mr J had a wonderful time. I’m not surprised to see he’s a hat-lover, too!

  13. Oh, too funny about the non-lake. I stared at that first photo for quite some time marveling at the beauty and stillness of that lake, LOL, LOL! I was even beginning to formulate my comment based on it.

    Moving on…love seeing Aspen in her summer glory. I’m a big fan of Whistler in the summer…alpine regions have shorter summers and I’m always mesmerized by the beauty of the natural landscape!

  14. I was wondering what made the lake that colour! Glad you told us it isn’t one.
    Where I live, wild boar walk around the city streets (mostly) at night, and as someone who grew up in London (UK) I find that pretty surreal; so I found the tale about the Bears very relevant..
    You look stunning as always, what a lovely holiday.

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