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Now this black wool fabric hat trimmed with a brilliant orange flower with a hint of green, when compared to Patricia Underwood’s designs, is on the other end of the hat continuum.  The Style Crone loves the entire spectrum as hats have the ability to express different moods, attitudes, perspectives, possibilities.  This hat is fun and a bit ‘tongue in cheek.’  I needed a touch of humor after Nelson’s PET scan this morning. On the way to the facility before the scan, I was about to take a wrong turn, at which time Nelson asked, “Did your really want to go to the airport?”  Wishful thinking on his part!

The day felt a bit askew with the scan as the anchor for the day.  It was evidenced in yoga where my balance was nonexistent.  So when my computer began ‘throwing up on itself,’  I decided to collapse into the day and accept that life is just that way sometimes.  The only part of the day that made sense was throwing on a hat with a large orange flower.  Who could be serious about that or even keep a straight face……  Especially with the addition of an equally bright orange scarf!

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  1. You look gorgeous! Orange is my favorite color. I love the hat. I love wide brim hats.
    I like to hide from the sun, winter or summer. I’m sending more happy thoughts to you.

  2. I sometimes refrain from wearing black and orange, thinking I’ll look too Halloween. Never again after beholding your fantastic outfit today! Wonderful hat. I really like your bag, too. I sympathize with yours and Nelson’s subconscious pull toward the airport.

  3. How utterly sensible to retreat when the forces were against you. As you say, some days are like that and to fight it is to wear yourself out unnecessarily. Great hat! I love wide brimmed hats too.

    Your love of hats reminded me of when my friend from Canada came to visit me in London and we went to Harrods to the hat department. Honestly, we were like a pair of four-year-olds in the dressing up box! We had such a good time, until we noticed a sign saying, “please do NOT try on the hats without assistance.” Ooops! Well, we’d had our fun and that couldn’t be taken away!

  4. I am sending a heavy dose of positive vibes to you and Nelson today. Thank you for
    brightening my day with such a glorious photo of you in that dazzling hat sizzling in the

  5. What a fabulous outfit! Can’t wear orange but love it on other people. The berries on the tree/bush behind you seem to coordinate with your hat and scarf. You have the courage and good sense of ten women…sometimes it is best to retreat from a really rotten day. The hat was a very good choice!

  6. This is a great outifit! I love the hat and scarf! Yes I bet you wish you were going to the airport instead! He is always one for a good joke 🙂

  7. A gorgeous outfit, reminiscent of the styles around 1910-1918 ( one of my favorite periods for women’s style) yet utterly wearable and contemporary. LOVE IT!!!

  8. Judith, you look wonderful, I love this outfit! I wish you two were going to the airport… Looking forward to seeing you this week!

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