I’ve been a fan of estate sales since the mid 70’s.  The people who frequent this unique and interesting shopping destination are a diverse crew.  Antique dealers, pickers, neighbors of the identified house, random regulars, collectors or someone who drove by and stopped in on a lark.  I know many of the people who work for the businesses who host the sales.  The entire scene is like theatre and I always enjoy the show.


Most of the vintage pieces that comprise my collections were discovered at estate sales.  The components of the ensemble that I wore for this post were all purchased at estate sales, except for the mustard jacket, which was found in a vintage shop in the 80’s.  The hat, the jewelry, the maxi skirt, the gloves and the tall camel boots.  All treasures that have had a mysterious past.


The vintage feather and fur felt hat was discovered this summer.  I could hardly believe my good fortune when I gazed upon its beauty.  It’s in perfect condition and I love how it sweeps around my face in every direction.  It’s feathers could function as a veil if I were so inclined. I wear it as armor for my protection and it thrills me to give it new life.


I don’t go to as many estate sales as I did in the past.  I’m very selective and I don’t always check to see what’s available.  But a text from a friend or a random notice by email still has the ability to motivate me to rush out the door to participate in one of my favorite pastimes.  It’s the thrill of the hunt!


Photos By Daniel

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  1. Hi Judith!

    Gorgeous as always! I love the fall colors and textures!

    My next door neighbor’s daughter is selling her hats. She is now 93 and always wore them to church and had over 100. I can send you photos if you are interested. Some are really fabulous and the prices are very low.

  2. Such an amazingly beautiful outfit you have put together!! So absolutely unique!! Love ❤️ it!!!

  3. Hi Judith,
    Your posts always get my spirits up – your writing, the pictures taken by (usually) Daniel, the art of your outfits, the settings… Thank you for sharing all of this and more! To me, what you share with your readers – not the digital aspect of it, but what your blog documents – is living art, and an example of how to live in/with artistry.

    I am curious to know – after a photo outing, do you stay in your amazing outfits or do you change when you arrive home?

    Cheers, Laurie

  4. Thank you for you kind words Laurie. Sometimes I stay dressed and go out, and sometimes I wear the ensemble again on another day. It depends on the structure of the day. xo

  5. I think this hat is on my “top ten” list of favourites – the way the feathers caress your face is magical, and the colour combination is lovely. Another spectacular outfit, proving once again that shopping secondhand yields the most amazing treasures if you have the patience to look. XO

  6. What a wonderful outfit. I’m not surprised you’ve owned that jacket for decades, it’s priceless!
    We don’t have estate sales here. Boo! xxx

  7. What a glorious hat. You look amazing, Judith -and the second photo is wonderful. Hope all is well, I have been thinking about you a lot after the election. What a shocker, we must stay strong & stand up for what we believe in. Sending you lots of love, Alyson x

  8. WOW!!! What a fantastic outfit! Isn’t it amazing what you can come across at estate sales?

    I agree with you, the whole event of estate sales is so intoxicating and bizarre is truly is a bit of live theatre.

    The hat is truly meant for you. Of course I love the maxi skirt. I have a bit of a weakness for those : )


  9. That whole outfit is perfection. One of the chic-est fall outfits I’ve seen. That belted jacket with the embroidered cape collar is amazing, as is your gorgeous feathered hat.


  10. I love (!!!) the feeling of this! I’ve been obsessed recently with silhouettes around WWI +/-. This has that feel, and the hat is exquisite. I especially love the little bobble/topknot-thingy; it feels unexpected, which always makes me happy with clothes.

    The colors are so wonderful, as are your smile and stride. Kudos to Daniel for another award-winning shoot. xoxoxo

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