Photo by Ari Seth Cohen

Black structured felt hat – Maeve Carr from The SC’s hat shop, 1985;  Issey Miyake jacket – consignment store; vintage black wool pencil skirt – purchased from a friend’s inventory; black wool turtleneck with peplum – consignment store; tall black leather boots – retail winter sale (perfect for hours of city walking).

The SC met for lunch with Ari Seth Cohen, creator of the revolutionary blog Advanced Style HERE, along with videographer Lina Plioplyte and Advanced Style contributor Debra Rapoport HERE . Debra’s mottos of  ‘Frame the Face’ and ‘Look Good, Feel good. Feel Good, Look Good’ ring true for women of any age.  What fun, kind, inspiring and generous company!  Time flew by as we laughed and talked about aging, style, hats and healing.

I discovered Advanced Style months before I launched Style Crone; it had huge importance, power and influence.  I was mesmerized by the photos of women who approached aging with fearless enthusiasm and creative self expression. Without Ari’s vibrant photos of gorgeous older women, I don’t think I would have had the courage to click on ‘publish’ for the first time.  I am also grateful for his support and his focus on increasing our visibility as we age.

Heading out to the streets for photos and more fun, the wind was blowing with such fury that I had to firmly grasp my highly structured chapeau, which functioned as a ‘wind catcher,’ propelling The SC as if she were a sailboat.  Chasing after a hat in a pencil skirt in traffic was to be prevented at all costs!

I was honored, thrilled and surprised to learn that a photo of The SC has been included in Ari’s Advanced Style book, which will be out in May.  A copy of this long awaited treasure, which celebrates and respects aging with style, can be ordered on Advanced Style by clicking on a photo of the book HERE. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive!


  1. Dearest SC –

    I will never forget that afternoon on the Upper West Side in NYC when I first met you, Ari & Debra – it was truly a game changing moment! I am presently writing this weeks blog, called “If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes” – I am so inspired by you & your story that, with your permission, I would like to write about it. Tnankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

  2. SQEEEEEE! Sooooo happy you got to meet with Ari, Lina and Debra, and I also heard through the NY grapevine that you met up with Jean and Valerie too (I miss the NYC blogging gang). I LOVE that outfit you’re wearing in the photo – awesomely architectural hat and the most marvelously shaped jacket. I can’t wait for Ari’s book to come out!

  3. You look like a force of nature yourself in that picture…absolutely awe inspiring! Congratulations on your inclusion in the book, but I’m not surprised as you have such a unique and vivid style.

  4. Dear Irene, I too will never forget that afternoon. It was life changing for me as well. I would be honored in you included my story in your blog post. You were an inspiration from the moment I laid eyes on you! Warmly, Judith

  5. I pre-ordered a copy of the book months ago and cannot wait for it to arrive. Now, I may have to send it your way for an autograph as well. I loved seeing the photos on Advanced Style–the contrast between the angle of the hat and the billow of the jacket was truly wonderful. Ari didn’t mention the need to chase the hat.

  6. Too wonderful in every way! I will check out your links. You done good, and so did the ‘Crew’

  7. You are beyond fabulous, Judith! I love your fearless style and attitude and it would have been a travesty had you not featured in Ari’s book. x

  8. I pre-ordered the book awhile ago and can’t wait to get my mits on it. I love your hat but especially love the idea of you being propelled like a sail boat!

  9. Judith how wonderful!! I’m so excited you’re in this book – I’m going to buy a copy – you look positively regal in that hat and my gosh the Issey Miyake jacket looks divine on you!

  10. This photo takes my breath away. You are like a piece of art, the lines are so bold. And I’m so glad the wind was blowing because the way you have placed your hand on your head makes you look like an indomitable force of nature – Napoleon surveying the horizon springs to mind, female version of course, with a non-warring heart! How fun that you are in Ari’s book. I love his Advanced Style blog and I often see you there.

  11. what a lovely post. your travels have a life of their own. this photo is stunning. the wind was actually your friend!

  12. Yes, Ari Seth Cohen has done us a great service in highlighting the great positive energy that is still available to “women of a certain age” who are still healthy, and possess all our marbles! The time to “make hay while the sun shines” is NOW. It’s always now.

    So sorry I missed your last post about the scattering of Nelson’s ashes, but want to say to you now how touching that was. It must always be a poignent moment, scattering ashes, where ever that is. The final release of what was left of the cocoon of the body. How positively wonderful to be in New York City forever!

    Many blessings to you my dear Judith. Much love from England,

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting to be in the book. I can’t wait to see what fabulous hat you were sporting. I also love the outfit you chose here. The shape of the hat perfectly compliments the artistry of the Miyake top.

    Beautiful as always, my dear friend!

    Love, Jean

  14. The pleats in the jacket billow in the wind like sails and look lovely in this photo, and the structure of the hat is a nice counterpoint. — Today your musings make me consider why I enjoy such a variety of blogs, in particular the style posts I follow. Each one keeps me interested because of the unique point of view presented. For instance, Cohen’s blog primarily features folks he discovers going about their lives with little fanfare but in a style all their own. His eye treats us to older folks who are ordinaily overlooked, and he champions the idea that older individuals often indeed have an “advanced” sense of style that only time can develop. The SC’s unique point of view is that style(in terms of outfits and how one chooses to live) can contribute to wellness. I often think of the “What to Wear to Chemo” series and of posts related to enduring loss and grief as well as the meaning that garments of a loved one hold. The thoughts shared regarding what is required to continue living on with style this past year are wonderfully insightful, and I admire your candor.

  15. WOW, not only at the divine new photos on Advanced Age (adore your hat), but to be included in the book! Brava, brava, Dear Judith!
    Actually, it was on Advanced Style that I first found the SC, and how lucky for me. You helped me navigate my own way through Karl’s cancer AND simultaneously taught me about consignment shopping! Now I check SC before any other fashion site.
    Thank you for your many gifts, as always!
    Love from Arabia,

  16. I just discovered your blog via Advanced Style, and I love it. You are an inspiring, vigorous, encouraging and brave woman and writer.

    Thank you!

  17. Judith, I can’t imagine Ari’s book without you! I ADORE your style….it’s dramatic while still being wearable and you NAIL elegance with every look! So glad to see you in a pencil skirt!!! What can I say? I just love them! BTW, your Issy jacket is priceless! My aunt has had a number of his pieces and I always am taken with how they add drama to a look. Hugs Judith!!! ~Serene

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