Instagram photo by Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE.

This is the final post related to my New York adventure.  The memories will remain in my heart forever, as I grieve in empathy from afar the losses that so many have experienced since hurricane Sandy’s brutal strike.  And now another storm has hit the East Coast at the most vulnerable of times. Fortunately my friends are safe, but I know how stressful and traumatic it is to be part of any disaster. My heart goes out to everyone in the affected area.

The SC was thrilled to spend a portion of her last week in NYC with Debra Rapoport, an artist working within the visual and healing arts and regular on Advanced Style. Debra introduced me to the East Side, and to experiences that were available because of her.  Her knowledge of the city and its wonders, including its art, culture and history, opened new worlds as the days flew by. I’m grateful for Debra’s spirit, generosity and her contagious enthusiasm for life.

Debra’s radiant and creative beauty.

I was honored to attend a presentation by Iris Apfel at Stark Design, ‘Accidental Icon – a conversation about Apfel’s journey in style and design.’  Several years ago Stark Design purchased Old World Weavers, the textile company created by Ms. Apfel.  I exchanged a few words with Iris and felt privileged to have spent a moment in her presence. Check out Carol Markel’s remarkable blog Femme et Fleur HERE for a complete review of this event.

Colorful and dignified elegance.

‘Great personal style is curiosity about yourself.’   ~Iris Apfel

‘What is Painting’ by John Baldessari at The Museum of Modern Art, synthetic polymer on canvas.

When I came upon this piece at MOMA, I thought of how this concept could also be applied to style.  Iris Apfel’s style can ‘only be hinted at with words.’  I was inspired by her life story and her creative and intelligent ‘take on life.’  If this is what the 90’s looks like, we have nothing to fear.

Debra Rapoport, The SC, Lina Plioplyte

Laughter at the Stark Design reception following the presentation by Iris Apfel.

Debra with her partner Stan before dinner on a weekday evening.

At Mood HERE, the wonderland of fabric stores which is featured on Project Runway, with Debra in a hat of her own creation.

At Mood in a brown vintage hat purchased at the Manhattan Vintage Show, choosing fabric swatches for The SC’s headwear project.

When I visit New York I frequently check out the exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  And when I do, I visit the rooms of ancient deities, take time to meditate, and sink into the deep quiet and solitude available in the middle of the bustling city.  This practice assists me in integrating the stimulating and beautifully intense experiences that flourish outside the walls of the museum.  It is in this place that I connect with Nelson’s essence and know deeply that openness and the exploration of life is the right path for me, as I say ‘yes’ to the new.

The SC is joining the glamorous crew over at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE.


  1. It is wonderful to see you with other members of our “tribe”, trail blazing with creativity. I love the picture of you with Iris Apfel. Of course Debra is amazing. I’m determined to meet her in person before the year is out. Maybe we can all convene in NY in the spring sometime. Who knows?!

  2. What wonderful experiences. And Wow! You met Iris Apfel! That must have been so exciting! You look fabulous in every photo -is that a cape you’re wearing in the first? I love that buttery yellow jacket with the quilted collar too and you look so elegant in black.

  3. I was so excited for you when met Iris – truly a memorable moment, and so great that it was captured in a photo. Debra is truly creativity personified, from her gorgeous pink & orange hair to her colourful footwear and I’m glad I got to see her when I was in NY. I have such a crush on that brown hat you got at the Vintage Show!

  4. It looks like your NY visit has been quite hectic, meeting so many fantastic people and attending lots of events. You look amazing in every photo, and always with another gorgeous hat.

    Going to a museum is such a great way to catch your mental breath when life becomes very busy. Saying ‘yes’ to the new in front of the old also seems very appropriate.

  5. What a great group of pictures, Judith. All so luxurious looking. I love the buddha image ending in all in meditation. You know how to do it all, Judith.

  6. Was thinking of you this weekend–I went to an hats exhibit at a local museum, an anthology by Stephen Jones–which was absolutely fantastic. Wish I could buy some of the designer hats or at least make one. And to be able to go to Mood? How wonderful!

  7. Thank you for sharing your trip. I’ve been looking forward to all the lovely photos gallery – they are amazing beautiful and happy colors. And the Mood! ooooh I would like to visit.

  8. My favorite places are museums and galleries. So inspiring, but also wonderful places to take a few moments and reflect in the creativity. Sounds like an amazing trip to the city.

  9. Well, I suppose this is a finale to the trip posts but great big giant bonjour to the next thing, your “yes” to the new. How wonderful! I would have loved to shadow you on this incredible New York trip.

  10. I thought of you today SC. I was in Chichester and saw an older lady and she looked AMAZING! So slim, lovely and out there stylish. Wonderfully groomed with fab hair. I wanted to rush up to her and ask her if she read Style Crone and new all about the New York scene for fashion Crones, but hadn’t the courage. Shame on me but never mind.

  11. Hi Judith!

    Wow this is fantastic you have met the great Iris!
    Sound like amazing adventures in the big Apple
    I love the East Side – this is where we stayed last time i was in NY

    Ariane xxxx

  12. I cannot tell you how much I love your outfits, you all have amazing style and panache with a capital P!
    I’ve never been to NY, would love to one day, looks like you had a wonderful time. I’m just back from a jaunt in beautiful Paris, have put some photos on the blog.

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