Two weeks ago I traveled with Mr. J to the Pioneer Network HERE Conference which was held in Chicago, Illinois. The Pioneer Network is an organization which is devoted to creating a culture of Aging that’s life-affirming, satisfying, humane and meaningful. Mr. J presented at the conference and I went along to enjoy the events and the city of Chicago.

Mr. J’s new book collaboration was recently released  and a book signing event in honor of this accomplishment was a highlight of the conference.  Musings + Art was written by Mr. J and Illustrated by the talented artist Sandy Ransom HERE.  I was honored to be a part of the book cover illustration created by Sandy.

As always, a new adventure always provides the opportunity for my role as “hat journalist.”  Beautiful blogger Jody DeFord of Red’s Shoe Diaries HERE, a regular participant on Hat Attack, connected me to Loreta Corsetti of Loreta Corsetti Millinery HERE.  I walked into a millinery studio that was awe-inspiring and captivating.  I was amazed by her beadwork and her creativity, as shown in the photo above.

I plan on blogging more about Loreta and her work later on Style Crone.  Thank you Jody, for introducing me to this magical artist.

Spending time on Michigan Avenue in Chicago was an experience of art, fashion, restaurants and constant fascination.  The above photo depicts Sandy Ransom in the act of street art photography.

The Gucci window stopped me in my tracks, as I admired the inspiration of color, pattern and texture.

The display windows were populated with head wraps, which gave me a great deal of pleasure.

The juxtaposition of old and new always sparks my interest.

The last day of the conference was another highlight for me.  Ashton Applewhite of the website This Chair Rocks HERE and author of the book A Manifesto Against Agiesm, presented the keynote address.  I had the honor of meeting this brilliant activist and she signed my copy of her book.

I blogged about Ashton and her work two years ago on Style Crone HERE, so meeting her in person was significant and thrilling. Her activism has changed me, and for that I am grateful.

Our Chicago adventure was short but filled with wonderful memories.  Next year’s conference will be in Denver and I can guarantee you that I will be there.

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  1. Hard earned congratulations to Mr. J and his illustrator, and to you too, Judith!. It looks like a most exciting trip, as the two of you explore your passions. And of course, a beaded hat always looks glorious on you. xox


  2. There you are in my town, how wonderful! Thanks for recounting your trip. I’ve just purchased Ashton Applewhite’s book.

  3. Judith,
    Loreta’s hat looks divine on you! I am beyond thrilled to have introduced two women I admire, and am so happy you both felt inspired by your meeting. I’m only still disappointed I wasn’t able to be there.

  4. You guys look wonderful. I remember when you introduced us to Applewhite and I’ve been following her blog since. I live in Chicago and missed the whole affair. Drat and double drat.

  5. All very good initiatives! Let’s show them! And you were the personification of it, a beautiful, vibrant woman, living a full life. With awesome dresses and hats. Like the ones you are wearing in this post.

  6. Many congratulations to Mr J , the conference sounds fascinating and so very worthwhile as the attitude to ageing is still so slow to change . You both are fine examples of ageing with style and purpose.
    You looked gorgeous in the Loreta Cossetti headwear. Thank you for sharing your trip . Your maxi and blach hat are swoonworthy too.

  7. I do love the juxtaposition of old and new in a city scape. that photo is glorious.
    Stunning outfit, Judith.
    You and Mr J make one fine looking couple and you radiate joy! xxx

  8. Sounds like a very inspiring trip. Chicago is a great city, and how wonderful you were able to meet Ashton Applewhite! (I need to get a copy of that book). Kudos to Mr. J on the release of the new book and to you for being part of the cover. You look smashing in the one shoulder dress – are you wearing those sleeve things you told me about under it?

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