Photo by Nelson

Long vintage turquoise wool coat for Auer’s-estate sale, vintage turquoise/fuschia/black velvet cone hat and  vintage fuschia gloves-estate sales, patent leather boots and belt-yard sales.

Today Nelson and The Style Crone decided to spend two days at the end of this week at the historic Broadmoor, a luxury hotel about an hour from home.  As I drove to yoga this morning I attempted to identify and name the feeling that I was experiencing.  And then it came to me.  I was elated!  Elated that we’re going to have an adventure!  Elated that we’re going to have a new experience!  A new experience totally unrelated to medical treatment!  Tomorrow I will choose the gowns for dinner.  After all, the gowns haven’t had an outing for quite some time.

In the meantime, I seem to be ‘hooked on turquoise.’  This coat has an Auer’s label, a high end women’s specialty store which closed years ago.  The coat is too big for me and I feel swallowed by its vivid 80’s abundance. I wrapped the coat around me and held it in place with a wide patent leather belt.  Now that I’ve documented its bold intensity, I feel that I can release it.  My desire to downsize is becoming more pronounced.


  1. I love the turquoise and fushia together. I love the close-up of the turquoise hat from
    yesterday. Adorable. Have fun on your mini-vacation. Can’t wait to see what you wear.

  2. WOW! THAT is and has always been my absolute favorite color. And it is awfully becoming to me, moreover. So I love to see it on others …. What a perfect idea to go and have a luxury weekend experience. I wish you a wonderful time. P.S.: I have always thought of you as a “crown”, that is because “crone” in German is so close in meaning to the English “crown” … you see. Love from Munich

  3. I am so excited about your adventure!!! The Broadmore is fabulous! I hope you will share pictures of your gowns…until then…this coat is just incredible. The color and the fit are exceptional….HANG ON TO YOUR ELATION!!

  4. Having fun and a new adventure is GOOD medicine. And turquoise is healing, right?

    Love from England

  5. In 1962 I visited my grandfather in Colorado and he took us to dinner at the
    Broadmoor Hotel. As a true fashionista , I have no recollection of that event other than what I wore: a brand-new teal blue smocked dress. With two older sisters, I rarely got anything new, so this was a momentous occasion!

    Have a FABULOUS time. Looking forward to hearing about your “teal blue dress”.

  6. I am so excited for you and Nelson. Enjoy your adventure at the Broadmoor. Your faithful fans will be with you in spirit enjoying the visions of the elegant Style Crone and her dashing husband as they dazzle the other guests!

  7. I am so excited you booked the weekend! You guys deserve an amazing, fantastic, and phenomenol trip!!!!

  8. What fabulous colors on you. Have a simply marvelous weekend. Anytime I think my life is rough, my thoughts go to you and Nelson and everything is put back into perspective. Looking forward to your posts on your weekend.

  9. What a gorgeous color the coat is on you! Will we get to see photos of you in the gowns as well? Have an incredible and elegant time of it!

  10. Glad to hear the two of you are planning a weekend adventure–I hope you have a lovely time and I am looking forward to seeing photos of the outfits. You definitely rock the turquoise coat. The belt is perfect, makes your waist look so tiny, and balances out the big shoulders and length. I find wearing coats like that almost feel like I’m wearing armour that protects against the storms of life (and storms of weather) with the bold colour and strong shape. Something I’m sure you could use right now…

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