Photo by Mimi.

Hat by Debra Rapoport from Advanced Style, tunic- estate sale, capris-yard sale, W Steiger shoes- consignment store.

During the days of Les Chapeaux, the hat shop, The SC and her business partner created a rose delivery service.  The service consisted of the delivery of a single long stemmed red rose by one of us dressed to the nines in a hat, gloves, and the chosen outfit of the day.  At the moment of delivery we recited the message that was desired by our client, presented the rose and a card with the inscribed message, and made a dramatic exit. Our deliveries were ordered for recipients in restaurants, work sites, and other locations across the city.  It was a form of community theatre and I loved creating a special moment and the element of surprise.  Recently The Style Crone renewed the rose delivery service for a day and presented a rose to a friend for his birthday at his workplace.  This outfit was the UNDERSTATED choice for the occasion.


  1. Yes one would have to wear an understated outfit so as not to compete with the hat!

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