Photo by Nelson

As you’ve probably noticed, The Style Crone loves leopard print and the inventory in this category is very deep.  A few days ago my gaze fell on these Tony Lama cowboy boots that I had purchased at a consignment shop, and even though I don’t usually do western I decided to challenge myself.  The boots needed an outfit!  Last evening a hose broke in the basement, which presented a bit of a water issue.  My first thought was that our home was weeping!  However, in the process of bringing order to chaos I spotted this vintage camel leather fringe jacket and men’s black felt fedora that had been estate sale finds and just happened to be hanging out in the basement. Voila!  The perfect outfit for a February afternoon of appointments and errands, with Nelson behind the lens as I flew out the door!


  1. Some of the best western I’ve seen. The leopard boots make it work for me, since I,too, don’t usually “do” western. I love the way the outfit came together as a response to the immediate circumstances. Another improvisational art form!

  2. Yee hah! Looks good to me! I’ve never seen leopard cowboy boots before, but I tell you, the combination works. What a good eye you have for spotting the things others overlook or get rid of. It’s a talent!

    Love from England

  3. You look good no matter what you wear! What a fun outfit…and your photographer isn’t shabby either!

  4. Now you’re lookin’ like a Colorado girl! Those boots AND that jacket–wowwowWOW! I love your ensemble.

  5. It seems that “bringing order to chaos” and doing it with verve and style is your gift to the world.

  6. aye yaye yaye…the jacket the boots the jeans…heaven. have loooved that look for 40 years…looks fab on you and would look fab on me if i had those pieces. you are a joy!!!

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