Taxi: Part 2 displays more of the colorful backgrounds encountered by Daniel and myself as we traveled through its spaces HERE over a month ago HERE. The photos in this post portray a focus outward, which is how I feel after the intensity of the wedding preparations and the celebration itself.


My energy has been released to create the next phase of my life.  The wedding ritual allowed me to comprehend my daughter’s growth, to view her increasing competence and generosity of heart, and to see her ability to own an event which reflected her personality and her exquisite taste.  I am in awe of the person that she’s become.


It was a major life passage for her, and because of our closeness, it has been for me too.  We both experienced sadness at times prior to the wedding.  But during the event it was pure celebration and joy.  A burst of festive energy experienced by everyone who gathered that evening and surrounded Camille and Sean with support and celebratory abandon.  A day of memorable expansion.


Photos By Daniel

The aftermath, as in all of life’s major events, has brought surprises in its wake. Savoring life changing experiences involves the full range of emotions.  Last week sorrow made its entrance boldly as I viewed the gorgeous wedding photos which landed in my email inbox.  As my gaze focused upon the images of the happy couple with their parents, the visual reality that I stood alone beside Camille was soulfully apparent.  A triggering of the place in my heart that I now believe will always be there, where loss remains mostly hidden from view, but becomes known at significant moments that open its deep, mysterious, yet accessible broken places.  Recently I have begun to sidle up to the rough and the raw and explore its jagged edges with curiosity.

At times it’s a relief and a comfort, though painful, as I feel Nelson’s essence and how it tenderly affects me today.  Coloring everything I do with deep love and never-ending good will and intention.  This place in my heart moves with me into the next chapter, ever forward and outward, affecting my evolving process as I continue to transition and reinvent.  For that I will be forever grateful.

Vintage white leather jacket, vintage earrings and vintage black with white trim leather gloves – estate sales, vintage white leather cap – vintage shop, black suede booties and black turtleneck – consignment shops, black ruched jeans – hand made years ago by friend.

I’m happy to once again join Patti at Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  I’ve missed this biweekly gathering, which celebrates community, creativity and style!


  1. Thank you for these photos and your thoughts on being the mother of a full grown adult daughter. This has been a rewarding period for me in my journey as a mother.

  2. YOU seem to be doing well…….at least from the photos and your gorgeous smile.
    I can only imagine the VOID.If you feel up to it you might write about how you are coping……how you are changing things up a bit.IT might HELP others too.
    Just a thought…… I sit here and sip an afternoon coffee.

  3. Judith, I am experiencing my daughter’s wedding plans at this time as she will be getting married in late October. It is very much a time of reflection and life changes. And to think that someone else loves our daughter as much as we do is an amazing thought! Sadly loss does come along with life and these celebrations, holidays, birthdays, day of death days, all bring to mind the empty hole the loved one left us with. It’s a heaviness in my heart as well. Life goes on in the most beautifully of ways in effort to console us some. Congratulations on your new expansion of family. May it comfort you in a helpful way to know that love never dies.
    Love your white suit and hat!

  4. These pictures are incredible Judith…they just might be my favorites of all time and that is a big statement to make as long as I have read your blog. You look alive, vibrant, joyful and ready to conquer the world!

  5. Beautiful, inspiring photos here, Judith. It hurts to read about your hurt, and it is a part of life none of us escapes. I’ve not lost a beloved husband, but I still miss my dad terribly after 13 years! Keep embracing life and love, my dear friend, and thank you for linking up. xox

  6. I am following in your healing footsteps, every day. After loosing both my Dad and my Husband 72 days apart last year, I fell apart myself. Surgery repaired the physical, but the emotional will be on-going. I have what I call ‘Bob Moments’ when I think of my husband and unexpectedly burst into tears, any time any place and I allow myself to grieve whenever my spirit needs to. Your wonderful commentary regarding your daughter’s shower and wedding give me hope for the future. I don’t know where I am headed, but I am embracing each day as a renewed opportunity to love everyone and everything, in honor of the loves I’ve lost… Thank you profusely, for sharing your experiences and your continuing growth along this path.

  7. I was very moved by your reflections on the wedding, and the passage this marks for both you and Camille. That feeling of missing our loved ones while feeling at the same time that they are present is a familiar one.

  8. Gorgeous top shot! You look like an ad in a fashion magazine. My dad wasn’t around for so many major events in my life. It’s sad. You always miss loved ones.

  9. You are an inspirational role model, Judith. You’re a beautiful, spiritual person writing so poignantly about your loss, and at the same time you’re so very very stylish – love the way you embrace life and are going forward, and I just love your vintage jacket! x

  10. I read your deep, brave and beautiful comments on sorrow and joy with admiration. Thanks for sharing so openly feelings that can be recognised, and thus endured, by many people. I am happy to follow the blog of a woman my own age, so willing to meet life´s challenges with an open heart and a never ending quest for beauty! You obviously keep elegant both in body and spirit.


  11. Your words, photos! . Such willingness to reveal who you are as you open to life and shift and merge and emerge more and more yourself inspires and radiates. When I feel your presence I sense woman: beautiful. Transparent innocent. Wise. Free. Thank you.

  12. What an eloquent writer you are! You are elegant in both your prose and your photos. Whenever writing brings affect you know how very good it is. I felt the sore and tender place of that moment when you looked at the photo. I am happy to join you soon for a moment in your journey outward and so look forward to it.

    Accidental Icon

  13. You look like the coolest bellboy! Love the hat and jacket and, as always, in awe of your beautiful narrative. xxx

  14. I was wondering if the wedding would be triggering a rush of renewed sorrow for you. To not have Nelson there to give away your beloved daughter must have been sad for both of you, but it sounds like there was much joy and celebration as well.

    I love the white against the hot pink and peach-coloured backgrounds. You are lucky to have Daniel to accompany you on photo-taking outings.

  15. You and Daniel have this model/photographer thing down to a fine art. I love these photos, the crisp white against the colour. It’s amazing how pristine the leather coat still looks as a vintage piece. It’s clearly been cared for.

    And I’m glad you’re moving down the road with new warmth and joy from the here and now and from heartful memories.

  16. That hat is so good with the jacket. It keeps surprising me it is a leather jacket.
    As for feeling the pain of being without Nelson…, you deal with that splendidly. I admire you for it.

  17. Beautiful words and images Judith. It is a memorable time, when our daughter gets married. You are stunning in that jacket. Feeling the loss of Nelson at this time, seems natural, and of course sad. Hugs to you. xo

  18. Judith, you write so honestly and movingly about love, loss and grief in all its guises. Of course Camille’s wedding was bound to be a time of reflection and remembering. Nelson would have LOVED the whole occasion, wouldn’t he? As you did, despite missing his presence.
    You look effortlessly stylish and cool in your vintage white leather. Like a cool 1960s biker chick! xxx

  19. As I opened up this post, the first photo made me catch my breath. It jumped out in it’s composition and color, absolutely stunning. I found myself reading and appreciating the rest, but what really stuck with me was the phrase “explore it’s jagged edges”. My son goes rock climbing and has special shoes. I don’t have any yet, but I will. Love you!!

  20. Oh Judith, how beautifully you write. I thought of you during the joy of Camille’s wedding, how in the midst of such happiness, there was an empty chair– so to speak. The place that Nelson had in your life and your heart is always going to be there, and what a blessing that is. It does cause sorrow, I know, but what a privilege to have known such a great love. Love always expands and leaves behind its footprint. Not all are so lucky as to know it as fully as you.

    Camille is a great credit to you, and as usual, you look SO STUNNING in your cream outfit. The most beautiful and flattering of colours.

    Much, much love to you from England,
    Rose from

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