Photo By Ari Seth Cohen

My magical NYC adventure comes to a close in today’s post.  Thank you to the brilliant Ari Seth Cohen for the feature on Advanced Style HERE.  I was thrilled for the honor.

My vintage long green satin jacket from Meek Vintage Denver HERE is perfect for twirling, topped off with my gifted  vintage Schiaparelli turban.  The Chanel bag was a recent yard sale find!


Photo By Mr. J

No trip to NYC is complete without a visit to artist, milliner and blogger Carol Markel’s fabulous “Hat Shop In A Box.”  Carol and her husband, artist Richard Cramer, always greet us with welcoming warmth.  Visit Carol’s colorful blog Femme et Fleur HERE! And if you think I left with a few irresistible  pieces of Carol’s art, you would be right. I will share more about that later on Style Crone.


Meeting up hat-to-hat on Park Avenue with the stunning Valerie of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE and flying off for some consignment store shopping was another highpoint of my trip.  Jean, the other half of this dynamic duo, was unable to join us. Over the years, Jean and Valerie have introduced me to places and experiences that I would never have discovered on my own.  This trip was no exception.


Photo By Denton Taylor

Mr. J and I spent time on the Upper West Side with photographer Denton Taylor HERE and his wife Teresa, looking for photo backgrounds and visiting along the way.  As long time NYC residents, they  enchanted us with their knowledge of the city and their hospitality.


Photo By Denton Taylor

Mr. J and I had so much fun during our stay, and our smiles speak a thousand words! I couldn’t have a better traveling partner and I’m grateful for the memories that we are creating and building together in our 70’s.


Photo By Denton Taylor

In the above photo, I’m back-to-back with Teresa, in her bright yellow jacket with a warm smile and beautiful silver hair.


Photo By Denton Taylor

Stylish jewelry designer Diana Gabriel HERE joined us for a twirl in her magnificent cape.


I had the pleasure of visiting Debra Rapoport’s studio HERE and enjoying a look at her latest creative projects. In the photo above she wears a hat of her own design.  Her pieces are made from recycled materials and I am in awe of her talent and skill as an artist and as a hat maker.  Debra is the living manifestation of her motto, “better with age, better with style!”


Debra and her partner, singer and songwriter Stan Satlin,  HERE, are always the best time! Debra wears another hat of her own creation, which I admired for its color combination, structure and design.

Thank you to everyone who made our time in New York a fantastic adventure.  Until the next time!

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  1. I so enjoy you, Judith! Your style, your graciousness, your fun personality—all so very inspirational to me. It seems like you and Mr. J hang out with some equally great friends, too! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures and I can’t wait for your next big adventure! XO

  2. Judith! This was the best post ever! Love all these wonderful women and their unabashed flair as well as your lovely face and beautiful taste in clothes. So happy to be in your age group and on your list so I can vicariously experience your wonderful life.

  3. Gorgeous photo of you and Mr J, Judith. What a handsome couple you are.
    The first photo is stunning, such drama.
    Love the ladies with the hats, I want everything they’re wearing. xxx

  4. Seems like you’re in good company amongst interesting people who dare to wear interesting hats, clothing and have ongoing careers and creative abilities and life purposes. It does my heart good and provides a brief respite from the dull uniformity of grey skies and other such mundane matters!

  5. What an amazing post Judith! Your last several posts have allowed me to visit New York through your fantastic posts and I’m so grateful. Denton’s photos are beautiful and so filled with fun. And..I am in love with Valerie’s coat and Diana’s cape!

  6. Glorious pictures of you, Mr J, and some fabulous friends, in the World’s Greatest City (we’re leaving Saturday for a week’s stay). Loving your hats, all of you gorgeous women. xox


  7. First off, that green satin coat….stunning! And I love seeing pix of all your creatively styled friends.. It’s always a pleasure to see women who enjoy dressing “Outside the box.”

  8. Hi Judith, it was a fun time! I am busily building inventory for a juried craft show in October, I hope to make paper towel hats to coordinate with my neckwear.

    These are great photos!

  9. It made my heart sing to see the photos of you and my much-missed friends in NYC! Debra’s grin in the photo of her and Stan is adorable, and you and Mr. J. look so happy together (and a very handsome couple too). I would like to know how much luggage you took with you to hold all of the gorgeous outfits you wore (especially the white one), complete with matching hats 😉

    Only you could find a Chanel bag at a yard sale. When I visit you, please take me to a sale?

  10. I LOVE going to NEW YORK with YOU!I haven’t been there since 1981!!!!!!!!
    The CHANEL BAG at a YARD SALE!Only YOU would find that there!
    As for your soulmate………..YOU TWO MAKE A VERY HANDSOME COUPLE!!!!!!!
    I must go back and LOOK into DEBRA”S STUDIO!
    I took a class with here when she was in CALIFORNIA!!!

  11. This vignette of your New York travels, with the series of photos, is just what lifts the spirits of those of us who enjoy a visual delight.

  12. So much to see, so many beautiful people. But you still have me in awe. Really you do. The green coat with the red, the cream dress (a dream), the blue kimono… And always the right hat… I mean… you are sooooo beautiful. And so stylish. I wish I could be you. Stupid thing to say. I know.

  13. So many beautiful photos, outfits and people. I love seeing all the familiar faces and sights and miss all of you. Your outfits are particularly stunning and both Ari and Denton did a great job in capturing your beauty.
    My plan for this year is London. I already booked myself an apartment in Covent garden from mid August to mid September and it has space for guests. Want to be part of my next adventure?

  14. Great post, fabulous photos and fascinating people, unique style. Love it.
    Also love your emerald green long coat – stunning. Just found your blog via Advanced style and look forward to reading more!

  15. Hi !
    I discovered your blog via the website advanced style and I’m so grateful to it because you are such a source of inspiration to me !! I love your confidence, the way you’re mixing shapes, colors and decades styles together, it’s unique, cheerful, stunning, I’m speechless.
    I hope I will become like you in the future : just be myself, dressing with what I like and not because people say it’s trendy, just not caring about what people think of me but of what I want to be.
    Man, your style is so powerful. Thank you for sharing your amazing style.
    Love from France <3

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