The Advanced Style Book is out HERE and the excitement about Ari Seth Cohen’s fabulous creation continues to build. It’s a true celebration of older women and their love of life and style, with a vibrant diversity of self expression on every page.  It came out two days before my mother’s 92nd birthday, and she received it just in time.  How wonderful that she could lay her eyes upon her peers; how special that she could revel in the visual beauty of aging, even though her eyesight has been affected by macular degeneration.  How exciting that this book is available in her assisted living to inspire others in her environment, as well as influence those of us that are a generation (or more) behind these incredible women who have reached their 90’s and into 100.

Hope radiates off the pages and it changes the landscape. Ari’s book proudly displays that beauty and style continue throughout the life span, and that it is just as aesthetically pleasing as that of youth, only different.  This is a concept for us to embrace, preparing the way for younger generations to approach aging with a more optimistic perspective.  A revolution of self perception is in the air, and it’s invigorating and exciting to be a part of  this peaceful, supportive, positive and unstoppable movement. We have been given a voice and we can choose to be highly visible to ourselves and others.  A decrease in fear equals an increase in health, a priority for any age. As Debra Rapoport, who has a page HERE and is a regular on Advanced Style so wisely states, ‘Style is Healing’ and ‘Up With Aging.’  These are refrains I can believe in!

Photo from

Videographer Lina Plioplyte and Ari Seth Cohen

Now there’s a full length film on the horizon, created by the talented Ari Seth Cohen and videographer Lina Plioplyte, which takes some of the women in the book unto the screen. Check out the trailer for ‘ADVANCED STYLE: the documentary’ at Kickstarter HERE and there is still time to contribute toward making this spirited film become reality.  Thank you Ari and Lina, for portraying that aging is a life phase to be embraced with self care and exuberance and not a disease to be feared.

I wanted to feature women who are in Ari’s book and are also independent bloggers.  I hope that I’ve included everyone, and if not, please let me know.  It takes a certain amount of courage to consistently throw oneself out unto the internet, embrace technology and be open to whatever comes from this form of communication. This medium has helped me develop the practice of self reflection as though moving through honey, accepting and transforming each thought or feeling that presents within. Blogging is one of many paths that can provide a creative outlet, new and life enhancing connections and constant evolution, so to the following blogging sisters, this one’s for you!

Photo by Ari Seth Cohen   Pages 222-227

Photo on Advanced Style HERE

The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE have it all – style, humor, impeccable writing and the ability to describe their adventures and their ensembles in detail so that you feel as though you are accompanying them to each and every event, museum, vintage show, or cocktail lounge that they decide to grace with their presence.  Lovers of hats, vintage, NYC history and all things beautiful, their photos document their activities.  Did I mention that they are great story tellers?

I had the pleasure of meeting the IFs this past March HERE, and as I stated in my post, they are even more  beautiful, warm and generous than they appear in their blog. How could that possibly be?  Maybe that’s why their photos have frequently appeared in the press and media in numerous countries over recent months.  All that I can say is BRAVA!

Photo by Ari Seth Cohen    Pages 22-27

Photo on Advanced Style HERE

Carol Markel and Richard Cramer are both artists and have been together for 45 years, a love story which is reflected in the radiant colors that they wear.  There is a life enhancing beauty in relationship, as there is in art.  I admire how they live their rich and compelling lives with creativity as a focus.

Carol’s blog, Femme et Fleur HERE, presents a riot of color as she posts with cascading photos about her adventures in NYC, her paintings, trips to France, her family, and herself in gorgeous outfits, many times accessorized by the most stunning of hats.  Carol is also a milliner, another form of art which I hold in high regard.  She creates the most unbelievable and colorful helmet hats.  I haven’t met Carol yet, but that is only a matter of time as I know she has a hat in her studio that has my name on it.

Photo by Ari Seth Cohen    Page 28

Photo on Advanced Style HERE

Rita Marcus, a blogger in her 80’s from England, is a woman who inspires and delights with every post as The Very Old Grandmother HERE.  Ari’s interview on Advanced Style (link provided above) gives us more insight into this vibrant woman’s life and how she embraces new learning and the internet as a way to connect with people around the world.  Rita has a very elegant style and portrays dignity and self respect with her words and her presence.  I see her as an example of inventing oneself anew throughout the decades and aging with style and enthusiasm.

Photo by Ari Seth Cohen    Page 203

Photo on Advanced Style HERE

I met Irene Tanner the same day that I met Ari and Debra Rapoport.  We were riding the bus on the Upper West Side on our way to an exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design, and Ari spotted Irene, looking elegant and regal in her outfit.  We all got off the bus with Irene and Ari, after creating instant rapport, took several photos of her.  I have always felt connected to Irene since that day. It’s fitting that our photos face one another in the book.

Irene’s fascinating blog, UniqueU HERE, reveals her musings on life and her breadth and diversity of experience. She also blogs on the Huffington Post HERE where you can learn more about her interesting life history, her passion for metaphysics and human potential and information about her website, Images and Insights HERE.  Irene displays a love for life, poetry, writing, photography and philosophy. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with this wise, stylish and gifted woman?

Photo by Ari Seth Cohen    Page 202

Photo on Advanced Style HERE

This photo is emotionally charged for The SC.  It was taken by Ari in November of 2010.  I was visiting our daughter Camille who lived in Harlem at the time and who would soon be moving back to Denver to spend time with her father, who was gravely ill.  I was hesitant to leave home because of this, but Nelson wanted me to go. So with a bit of trepidation, off I flew to New York.  Looking back, part of me knew this would be the last trip to NY with his physical presence in my life.

It was during this visit that I met Ari, Debra and Irene.  This photo was posted on Advanced Style the day before I returned to Denver, and Nelson called me immediately after viewing the post, thoroughly engaged and excited.  Style Crone was created as our collaboration and he felt a part of and took pride in whatever blogging brought to our lives.

When I arrived home, he had an extra sparkle in his deep brown eyes and his dazzling smile was even brighter than usual.  This photo gave him great pleasure during an unpredictable and intensely difficult time, and for that I am thankful.  He is not here to be touched by the book, but I am honored to be included  in this magical celebration of aging.  For The SC, Advanced Style has been a healing thread providing hope and inspiration, woven into the fabric of my loss.

I’m taking the coat of many colors over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE to join the gathering of fabulous bloggers.


  1. Ari has come up with a revolutionary concept and well deserves the praise for doing so, as well as all the amazing and vibrant people that appear on his page and book. Before the advanced style blog I don’t think older women’s style was as celebrated and accepted as inspiring as it is now. You are right, mentalities are changing and that can only be a good thing.

    Hugs xx

  2. What a stunning photo of you! Your coat in the picture is so beautiful – I love all the colours. Thank you for this post featuring all the other bloggers – will have to visit their blogs. I must buy the book!

  3. That coat is so wonderful!!! I’m sure the photo has made a lot of people smile. I’m going to make a purchase for that book this coming week. I’ve been following his blog for quite some time. It has totally changed the way I think about aging.

  4. That is an incredible coat you’re wearing, I love it! I hope this book will be sold in Europe as well, or that I can get some part of the family living in the US to mail it to me – it’s a “must have”!

  5. I appreciate this glimpse of other bloggers. I also was very touched by your description of what was going on in your life when your “famous” photo was taken.

    Sending love,


  6. I have read so many beautiful tributes to Ari’s book this week. It is good to have the links to so many of the blogs that women in the book keep. I had wondered about your look…as I had never seen the photo before and it is so beautiful to read the story behind your photo and how much it pleased Nelson. What an amazing gift to give your mother. What does Camille think about it?

  7. The book and the whole concept is so brilliant. It has given us all a new outlook on age.
    I adore you and that magic coat, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I could never fit in it, if not I would get a plane and steal it right away, lol

  8. Dear Judith,
    Thank you for including Richard and I in your blog post about Advanced Style. Your posts are so introspective and insightful — blending what we wear with how we feel and way we lead our lives. To those who say to focus on what we wear is insignificant, we would counter, that our clothes are the outward expression of our joy in life.
    You are a real example of that, Judith. The picture of you in your harlequin coat on a New York street — shows us a beautiful woman with a fulfilled sense of herself. That you were thinking of your beloved Nelson — weaves together art, life and love.
    Yes, I do hope that one day soon you’ll visit and find that hat with your name on it. I had better get cracking at the hat table.

  9. I pre-ordered and received the book a few weeks ago and am enjoying it very much. Your blog and Advanced Style have been an inspiration and proof that as older women we need not be relegated to invisibility and frumpiness. Thanks to you and to Ari Seth Cohen for showing us that we have options!

  10. Judith, what a lovely tribute to these very interesting and beautiful style bloggers. Carol Markel and Richard Cramer are particularly inspiring as Martin and play with style as a couple. As you know I purchased the book for a friend — she loves it. I just donated to the Kickstarter campaign for the film, a worthy project.

  11. I love this book, whenever someone comes over they look at it and can’t put it down! Advanced Style is contagious! Everyone agrees how beautiful the women are! Advanced Style is the perfect coffee table book! 🙂

  12. There have been so many wonderful posts about Ari’s book from different bloggers – all celebrating the inspiration, the joy and the positivity that radiates from every page. I have yet to do mine, but after reading yours, and Bella’s (the Citizen Rosebud) I’m thinking that I have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. I donated to the Kickstarter campaign, and can’t wait to see the documentary. I don’t know whether Ari realizes it or not, but he’s started a revolution of sorts. We refuse to “disappear” as we age, we shall blaze with all the colours of the rainbow, and our creativity, wit, wisdom, and kindred spirits will see us through the challenges.

  13. I came across your blog through Huffington Post, which led me to Ari Cohen and Advanced Style. Two of my favorite blogs that I love to check out to give me courage to dress “out of the box”!! Thank you both for your inspiration and nudge.

  14. This is a remarkable review and I’m so happy that you featured some of the women who have their own blogs. That picture of you with that glorious coat is glorious. I will try and get my hands on a book soon!

  15. I absolutely love the Advanced Style blog – have the new beautiful book and can’t wait for the documentary. One of the best parts of Ari’s blog is seeing how many wonderful and creative women of my age (and older!) there are. I discovered you and your incredible blog in this way. You have inspired me beyond words to live a full and beautiful life through all of life’s trials and tribulations.
    Thank you!

  16. What a wonderful review, I can’t wait to get my hands on this and show all my friends my beautiful Judith. That coat you are wearing is superb. xxx

  17. I don’t have the words for it all. I’ve tried to leave a comment every day since you’ve posted this and have come away each time speechless with gratitude for…for it all. So with eyes welled up and all that, thank you…for it all…

  18. Judith that coat is just beyond beautiful as are you! I will be getting the book and reveling in it page after page. Personally feel as if I’m more stylish now than I was in my twenties. So by the time I’m 60, I should be one hot mama!

  19. Judith, how wonderful to be included in such a marvelous venture as Ari’s book! You look stunning there, and to have that moment in your life “caught in amber” – it will live on forever.

    That coat is truly stunning!

  20. I waited a bit to comment, because I couldn’t quite articulate what I wanted to says about older beauties. Still no words quite for it, except I think my 86-year old neighbor is simply stunning. She’d deny it, and say her hair is almost gone, or she’s limited to wearing flat shoes, but I saw her on Sunday, with her walker, wearing a bright orange and white flowing blouse and caftan, and in the sunlight, she was simply radiant. There’s room in this world for everybody’s unique beauty, at any age.

    I think some of the invasive, life-threatening, and ultimately unsuccessful facial and physical procedures aging celebrities are willing to undergo these days are the real slaps in the face to true beauty.

  21. Ari’s project is welcome and stunning, like a big sigh of relief and joy. To say more at this point would weaken my words I think.

    The photo of you is beautiful, one of so many photos I have seen of you that radiate your stellar style, but the story behind it makes this one special now.

    Thank you for profiling all of these other interesting women too. I’m happy to know them!

  22. Judith I have been to this post so many times…always wanting to say just the right words…to be able to truly tell you what an inspiration you are to me.,,,but each time my words seem inadequate, but please accept this attempt.

    Your beauty, style and grace woven with such rich and insightful words…Your dignity and courage as you transition and find such beauty in life…even through times… I can only imagine how difficult they must truly be. Your delight and celebration of clothing and fashions, becoming a meeting place for so many.

    You give me daily inspiration…to aspire to the embracing of all that life has to offer… to find hope and brightness in transitioning and… the courage to move forward in beauty. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  23. You write more beautifully than anyone I know. Your words are like magic in weaving a picture of your life and your feelings.
    If anyone deserved to be in such a wonderful book, it would be you. Congratulations on being featured. It is an honor.

  24. I have it – it arrived this morning – and I can’t leave it alone! Every page is so filled with joyful inspiration. I can’t wait to share it with my mother. The best fashion book ever!

    Thank you for introducing all these fabulous bloggers, and for sharing your story!

  25. What a beautiful writeup of this exciting and revolutionary book! I’ve ordered it and can hardly wait to see the gorgeous and inspiring images.

  26. I wish to tell Shelley that we can not write about Advanced Style enough- I would love to read her review- let’s say it over and over again- what a glorious style revolution!

    There are some wonderful comments above that I keep nodding my head at; Carol’s eloquent “our clothes are the outward expression of our joy in life. You are a real example of that, Judith.” couldn’t be more on target about elegant you. And Tamera’s use of beauty, grace beauty, style, grace dignity and courage are words I would also use to describe you. It was through Advanced Style that I “discovered” you and this is a wonderful convergence of influence. I will be checking out the above goddesses blogs- I can not wait to see 80 year old style being rocked!

  27. You are so beautiful! I am so proud of all you have accomplished with your blog. You have taught me how to age gracefully and I hope to follow in your footsteps. Proud to have you as my momma…. Love you!

  28. I can’t wait to own a copy! Ari’s book and POV are inspirational, and I love the women you featured here, first glimpsed by me on his blog. And I LOVE the coats of many colors photo – my first look at the wondrous style crone…the abundance of orange (my fave color) in that photo really drew me in. I was so happy to discover you had a blog of your own that I could also go to.

    Grace, dignity, bodaciousness, elegance, and a fierce desire to be truly one’s self are all qualities displayed in abundance by all the women Ari celebrates. How lovely to arrive at an age when you can just relax and be truly yourself in all its glory. Thanks to Ari and all the women in the book, and thanks too to you Judith for your incredible sense of style and your keen observations of the human spirit. I so appreciate the depth of life well lived that you bring to this blog.

    XOXOXO, Janine

  29. What a wonderful coat you were wearing and what precious memories it holds. I love the way that the autumn leaves around your feet echo the colour in the coat. (And, as always, a delightful hat!)

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