Photo by Nelson

A comment from a reader asked, ‘What do you wear if you have errands after yoga?”  The above photo is an example of The Style Crone’s answer to the question. Layers, layers, layers!  My formula is hats, scarves, and boots!  In the winter I always wear a knit hat, which can be cleaned, along with one or two scarves chosen haphazardly from my winter scarf inventory.  I throw on any number of casual jackets/coats and I have a collection of boots that fall into the ‘worn’ or casual category, and off I go! My yoga ensemble is underneath the layers.  After class this outfit can easily go to the food market, tea with a friend, or any other destination I have in mind for the day that doesn’t call to The SC for a ‘step up’ in the apparel arena.  Creative expression never takes a vacation!

Namaste and stay tuned for the spring/summer solution!


  1. Hi Judith,
    I am very impressed with your wonderful and so extensive wardrobe. How
    do you organize your closets? Any other hints on putting your fabulous outfits
    together would be appreciated.

  2. So right! Creative expression never takes a holiday. Us girls gotta keep up appearances, even whilst doing the mundane things. What a treat your outfits are!

    Love from England

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