Style Crone has brought many wonderful experiences that will remain with me always. Another surprise dropped out of the sky recently, when I received an email that I had been chosen as one of the five people to participate in a PR campaign for Skyestone Denver HERE built by Taylor Morrison HERE (I was not paid for this post).  A new development for active seniors, this community will be opening soon, north of Denver adjacent to the breathtaking Flatirons HERE.

Since I had forgotten that I had filled out an entry form, this was an unexpected gift and honor.  I then learned that I had won the grand prize, which was again a bolt from the blue, as I hadn’t informed myself that this was an element of the contest.

The above photo, taken by Skyestone’s photographer during a shoot outside the Denver Art Museum, will be included in the campaign HERE and the press release HERE was revealed several weeks ago.  I met wonderful, generous and interesting people and feel grateful for the opportunity.


The brilliant, beautiful and dynamic Margaret Manning HERE

Another huge surprise which came my way was an interview by Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me HERE, a fascinating and informative website devoted to women who are 60 and older.  Margaret is warm and engaging, and though I was a bit anxious before the interview, talking with her through Skype soon became an engrossing conversation and within seconds I forgot about the fact that it was soon to be posted on her site HERE.

There are times when I have felt uncomfortable and hesitant about posting photos of myself and writing about my new and exciting experiences, or about the deep mysteries of death, loss and aging.  Though I grew up on the downplay, you may have noticed that it didn’t stop me from continuing to do so.

Also, dealing with my inner ageist and her unwelcome visits creates static that I would prefer to ignore, which then only gives her more power. I recognize her when she appears, at the most unusual times.  She seeks to rob me of my full potential, but I’m on to her now.  I believe that as I identify her more effectively, I will be more able to deal with and confront the ageism HERE that appears in my environment.

Like the other ‘isms based on fear; lack of empathy, experience and education; systemic structures and many factors too numerous to mention in one post, it’s difficult not to internalize that which has been institutionalized.  Do you believe that you have an inner ageist, and if so, when do you spot her rising to the surface? Or lurking below the level of consciousness, affecting your behavior or asking you to fade into the background, away from the fullness of life.

However, after watching the UK documentary “Fabulous Fashionistas” HERE, which many of you have written about with great insight, I found myself deeply affected by the six women featured in the film and how they are embracing their lives with incredible style, noticeable intelligence and radiant energy.  At the average age of 80, they have inspired me and have activated a passion within that was already there, waiting to be more fully exposed and engaged.

I have come to believe that visibility and aging with verve (a term used by The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE) are forms of activism, political acts (see Bridget Sojourner on Advanced Style HERE) and audacious, compelling, and life enhancing opportunities.

As a blogger of a certain age and not identified with grandiosity, I see myself as a very small part of the movement to change the perceptions of older women in our culture. A drop in the ocean of the magic of social change.  A small wave in the sea of transformation, though slow, that’s thankfully taking place in areas across the planet. That’s something that I’m proud to celebrate, contribute to and be a part of.  However that unfolds on Style Crone and in my life in 3D.

And I’m in such magnificent company!






  1. Congratulations on the honor of first place, Judith!

    I love what you’ve written here about aging as activism. Ageism is still so rife in our culture and yes, I have an ageist living inside me too. When I read your writings, she quiets down, and my true colorful self feels like jumping for joy!

  2. I love every one of these. I think you should publish your blog in a book format. Seriously.

  3. You are deserving of this honor. Judith you inspire me and I’m thinking you inspire so many women. What about a book as Leah mentioned. We all need to hear your perspective. You are an important voice in the 40+ community.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. That ageist haunts me too but thank God there are people like you and the others named in your post, to keep me optimistic! We are all in this together. Congrats on the grand prize–well deserved. xoxo

  5. Well done on winning first prize, Judith! I can’t think of a better ambassador for being over 60 and remaining totally inspiring to women of every age.xxx

  6. Well done and you are a great part of this massive movement to inspire women to me more visible and to continue to embrace life at whatever age. Keep up the good work.

  7. Judith, the more we see of you out in the world, in the media, in parks, in your backyard, the better. You are an inspiring woman of any age. I just watched most of your interview – my computer plays that back wonky. But congratulations on all these positive things going on in your life.
    My inner ageist? She’s an elusive creature. I’m most critical of her when she comes out to play on my face.

  8. SO WELL DESERVED, JUDITH!! Congratulations…you are the ultimate poster for our age group! I love the top photo and all of the attention you are receiving…enjoy each blessed second of it…for it goes so quickly. I also have learned to recognize that pesky ageist voice and I scream get behind me! There is too much of life yet to live. Your closing paragraph is one I am going to add to my quotes and use again…thank you for all you do!

  9. Congratulations, Judith! That’s excellent news, and of course you will be the most splendid figurehead for the campaign. I watched your interview via Facebook, and loved hearing your eloquent, thoughtful and always insightful observations. Now for a TV documentary of your own, I feel!
    I’m not sure if I have an inner ageist… If I have, she’s kept firmly in her place by reading the blogs of fabulous women such as yourself, and a reminder that at nearly 50 myself, many would consider me past my prime. Do I feel that way about myself? Hell, no! Energy, curiosity, interest, motivation, style – none of these things necessarily wither with age, and you are the beautiful proof of that. xxxx

  10. We’re fortunate to have trailblazers like you, Judith, who show us that we can continue to grow and blossom throughout our lives. Kudos and congratulations on the contest win!

  11. Congratulations! Your style and passion for life shines through in all that you do. I am honestly surprised you have an inner ageist. You seem to keep her well hidden.


  12. Huge congratulations to you dear Judith. You are an inspiration to me. My inner ageist does sneak in the back door of my consciousness, when I least expect or want her. I am working on quieting her nagging voice down. I haven’t seen the film you’ve linked above, so will go see it. You are a wonderful ambassador for grace, elegance and style…at any age.

  13. First, what a wonderful honor for your very deserving self. Congrats. I think that ageism is very complicated mechanism in our society. With one perspective the mature woman is honored for her great insight and ability to “grow old gracefully!” Then again every television and print extolls this product or that behavior to recapture our youth. I have chosen to be the best person I can be at 65 and read the inspirational words of persons, like yourself, to accomplish that goal. Best wishes.

  14. You deserve all the honours that come your way,
    You are beautiful inside out.
    I am with you that Advance style, with Ari, and all this wonderful women have open a path, and show people that we are not finished at any age if we wish so.
    Much love and admiration.
    I do hope we meeet one day.

  15. congratulations – you are such an inspiration. I am going to check out the film fabulous fashionistas. Older women who are confident in themselves and put effort into looking beautiful really inspire me- and remind me of my late grandmother


  16. What a wonderful, thoughtful post. I need to go have a look at the Fabulous Fashionistas – I read about the film also on The Guardian website. They have a column about mature women written by Invisible Woman.

    But enough about that, you deserve all the attention you get! You have such style and grace, and good manners, too. I think your openness is admirable, and your story is one that many women can relate to. I look forward to reading Margaret’s story.

  17. Let me add to the chorus of congratulations! You look gorgeous in your photo (love the makeup, too) and the more you’re featured, the more people you have the opportunity to inspire. I’ll never forget stumbling on Advanced Style just when I needed it. It truly felt like a gift for my parched spirit. Finding your blog felt the same way.

    I still pick up my copy of Advanced Style when I need a boost. It’s funny. My inner ageist tends to crop up unexpectedly too, whispering about what I can and can’t do or wear. She doesn’t comment on other people. But now I can wave fabulous examples in her face and say, “See?!! Yes I can too!!” And then I can move forward, wanting to be a part of the wonderful parade of people who refuse to be shut down by a culture that devalues them, in any form. It’s an honor and a privilege. See you at the parade! 🙂

  18. The campaign could not have chosen a better poster woman – you radiate warmth, intelligence, self-confidence and engagement with life.

    I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but will certainly do so. I have an inner ageist that pops up now and again, but fortunately not too often. As the years go by, that may change, so I am so grateful that I discovered you and the IFs, as well as other excellent role models, on Ari’s blog, as you have all added much needed, and unexpected, inspiration and richness to my life.

  19. Copious congrats to the chicest woman of any age I know! I am not one bit surprised at the accolades and interviews. You are so genuine in what you write as well as what you wear. It was only a matter of time before anyone with any sense at all started noticing.
    My inner ageist seems to be getting younger; imagine that 😉


  20. Congratulations to the fabulous Style Crone! I enjoyed the interview with Margaret Manning enormously. Dear Judith, you never fail to inspire me. I am so happy that I was able to meet you last year in NYC when you went to the Fabulous After 50 Beauty Bash. You are truly a role model for all women.

  21. Congratulations Judith, your wonderful style and thoughtful writing is an inspiration for women of all ages.

    I too was very moved by the Fabulous Fashionistas and their strong views on life.. and living well with purpose.

  22. Well, you are certainly changing my perceptions of aging, that is for sure. I am a more confident woman today because of women like you, writing honestly and beautifully about your lives. Thank you Judith!

  23. BRAVA!!!!! BRAVA, BRAVA!!!

    As for winning grand prize, CONTRATULATIONS!!!!

    As for combatting one’s inner ageist, very well said, and thank you for saying it!


    The IFs

  24. Oh, dear. Let’s try that again. Let’s see if we can get it right this time.

    CONGRATULATIONS! (Darn. Where are italics, bold and point size when you need them?!)


  25. Oh, Judith! How amazing! You are in the vangarde of what it is to be a beauitful older woman. I can’t tell you how much you have inspired me, and how as a consequence, I am also becoming someone who is influencing other older women through my style and what I wear. I refuse to be worried about people noticing me, and I refuse to fade into the background. I was beginning to “come into my own” before reading your blog, but since then, it’s like you’ve given me “permission” to fly! And it’s wonderful!!

    Much love and gratitude for what you’ve inspired me to do!
    Rosemary from http://www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

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