Last week after a routine visit to my physician, I was sent to the lab for a series of tests.  Health is my number one priority and thankfully all of my test results were within normal limits. However, in the process of having my blood drawn, the phlebotomist noticed on my paperwork that I had recently turned 70. He commented on my age in a respectful and bantering manner, and I responded with, ‘Well, how old are you?’  He quipped, ’52.’  ‘In reality, you’re young enough to be my son,’  I replied, throwing caution to the wind.  And he said, ‘In reality, you’re young enough to be my girlfriend.’

Surprised with his comment and the flirtatious smile on his face, I was out of the room at the drop of a hat.  I’m familiar with health care settings and all the paraphernalia that goes with it, but I wasn’t ready for a spontaneous and playful interaction of this nature.


So I will immediately change the subject and talk about the hat that I wore to an Easter gathering last Sunday afternoon, which was purchased at the Manhattan Vintage Show last September.  The yellow marabou feathers with brown veil deserved a close-up, perched upon The SC’s head, enjoying a small corner of the hat room newly painted in its metallic rose tones.

Attending the show with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE, this hat made Valerie smile, which seemed the perfect reason to acquire this chapeau, as though I needed a reason.


Photos by Rachel

Brown YSL suede pumps purchased at a consignment store years ago, with heel upon one lonely piece of fringe from the piano scarf covering the chair in the hat room, framed by hat boxes and vintage red fabric gloves.


A close-up of this estate sale vintage silk scarf reveals green pumps emerging from a multicolored circle skirt, embellished with patterned hose, yellow roses and ribbons.  This image was too delightful to hide draped around The SC’s neck, and at some point, when framed, would make a perfect piece of art in the room that holds my shoe collection or worn as a skirt, out to lunch with friends.  Some accessories lend themselves to a multitude of possibilities and functions.


This sketch by the talented artist and blogger Anne Bray of Spy Girl HERE greeted The SC by email this week.  One of the wonderful things about blogging is the unexpected and glorious surprises that appear in my life unannounced, accessorizing my days with abundant gifts beyond my imagination.


Hand massages

Photo by Shelley of the Forest City Fashionista HERE.

In a post composed of multiple subject changes, party memories include hand massages which were provided in the guest room to party participants by gorgeous manicurists (left to right) Oz and Angel of Tootsies Nail Salon HERE.  Massage recipients Diana and Carolyn demonstrate their appreciation with full-blown laughter, reinforcing the concept that nurtured guests are happy guests!


Art cake gifted by dear friend Robyn, owner of the fabulous consignment store Wardrobe Works HERE.

Off to join the crew at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style and ‘shoe shine’ with Bella Q at The Citizen Rosebud HERE.


  1. The scarf is amazing! Such beautiful colors. I kept looking for a torso, but only see a rose. And the cake is fantastic! I’m sure you hated to cut it (or did you?).

    Your story about the flirtatious phlebotomist is pretty cute, but you don’t mention if he was worth flirting with. :~)

  2. Feathers and a veil, and a scarf with shoes, and hand massages… And a flirtation!? Oh my! That was fun-scary. And just look at all those hat boxes. The mood seems rather buoyant there, I’m happy to see. And you are radiant. Anne’s sketch is lovely. What a great springboard into spring.

  3. So much to enjoy in this post, Judith. From stunning feathery hats and beautiful silk scarves (of course) and further wonderful details of your party (soft hands and that amazing cake!) to portraits (gorgeous) and heels (wow!) and the amorous potential of a phlebotomy appointment (who knew?) I love following the twists and turns of your thought processes as you reflect on all your experiences with such humour and grace.
    So what we all want to know is – was Flirty Phlebotomy guy hot?
    I know, there is always someone willing to lower the tone…. xxxxx

  4. Love that you got chatted up! Mind you, who couldn’t resist flirting with such a beautiful woman?
    Love that scarf, Anne’s illustration and the cake! xxx

  5. No surprise that you get flirted with, dear Judith! You are indeed a beauty and age is not a meaningful measure of such things. You look stunning in your NYC hat, and the scarf is beyond gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. As Melanie, Curtise, and others have observed, there’s a delightful thread of humor here, befitting the freshness of the season. I can hear your laugh and smiling incredulity as you tell the story, however I’ve seen your charming ways first hand and I’m totally not surprised at the banter. Somehow I don’t think you are either. 🙂 This is good and life affirming.

    I love the hat with it’s baby-chick softness, the beautiful gloves, and the shoes I would have to steal from you if they were my size!! The next round of party pics are delightful as well.

    Here’s to Spring, my lovely friend!! XXOO

    P.S. Ann Bray is utterly fabulous, isn’t she?

  7. I’m not surprised at the flirtatious comment by the man. You’re such a beautiful woman!!
    The scarf is gorgeous!

  8. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Phlebotomist, much less a flirty one! I will add my name to the list of inquiring minds that want to know if he was attractive 😉

    The hat makes a wonderful Easter bonnet as its yellow fluffiness conjures the picture of a bowl of baby chicks. No wonder it made Valerie smile (which is a good indicator if a hat should be purchased or not). I love the print on that scarf – it should definitely be framed so you can enjoy it in all of its glory.

    It’s so cool the amount of art you’ve been receiving- the sketch, that lovely little chair, and the Judith cake!

  9. In reality you are a cold stone fox. Whatever age.

    Love the hat- love the change of subject and LOOOOVE Anne’s sketch of you!

  10. I’m not surprised you attract admirers be they older or younger! You are beautiful, inside and out!
    And I love your feathery hat and YSL shoes!!

  11. Love your blog with the depth of links and photos. Also the phleb story was charming. So much fun to flirt with all ages.

  12. I’m not surprised your physician has the hots for you my dear, you’re such a beauty! Looking gorgeous in those earth tones, such glamour with the hat and those amazing shoes!

  13. Well your phlebotomist shows excellent taste… and a quick wit! You are looking so stylish and radiant! i am enjoying your party pics at the end of your posts! Such a great way to keep the celebrations alive!

  14. That naughty phlebotomist! Flirting in the lab — tsk tsk! And during a blood draw… did he do a good job and did you escape without a bruise?

    Baby chick hat — YES!

    Stunning profile on those pumps!

    It was a pleasure to sketch you, my muse.


  15. What a fun post, Judith. From the assignation, to the baby chick feathered hat, to the sexy heel profile and arty scarf, to the Spy Girl portrait, to party pix, to that fabulous birthday cake/ hat. Each a pearl on a string of wonderful moments/ images in the SC’s daily life. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  16. I am not at all surprised that younger men are vying for your attention! 😉

    You always post the most beautiful pictures. I totally agree that your scarf is frameworthy and your YSL shoes are incredible! It always makes me smile to see all of the lovely gifts your friends give you. The cake is very “you” and Spy Girl’s homage is gorgeous! I would be green with envy if it weren’t for the fact that you deserve every tribute you receive – and then some!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  17. What a beautiful cake. It captures the essence of the exquisite Style Crone! By the way,
    there is a wonderful blog I have been following for a while called and the writer has a super article plus fabulous photos of the milliner Lilly Dache. You would enjoy reading it.
    Again, Happy Birthday to you!!

  18. That was fun… you flirting. And the guy was so right ! You look so young and desirable.
    I can understand the flirting. I was quite a flirt myself when I was younger. Stopped for years, but I found myself flirting again (even today) at the age of 59. Just for fun, nothing serious. Makes life lighter and nicer, don’t you think?
    Your hat and scarf are beautiful.
    And those boxes… my my, I was wondering where and how you kept them all.

  19. Astonishing scarf … hat, and the SHOES… so lovely. As always, your lovely self pulls it all together in a way that makes separate objects unify in a completely Judith way.

    If you have to see a phlebotomist often, you’ll grow to appreciate the ones who are best at finding the vein and slipping the needle in with as little fuss and pain as possible. That said, it doesn’t hurt to have a cute, flirtatious one as well! He just stated the obvious, you know.

  20. A pretty cake for a pretty lady.

    Your hat with the tulle veil is striking, and you wear it with panache.

    I too would have been blushing and running out the door had I been on the receiving end of such flirtatious banter.

  21. OHHHHH I LOVE the cake Robyn made, featuring patterns from that marvelous orange/purple/magenta/etc coat you wore, featured on Advanced Style – the first pic I ever saw of you!

    Maribou is marvelous; I had never seen it on a hat before, but oh, why not?? Gorgeous and so playful.

    Hope you were at least a little pleased by the unexpected flirtation. You are a stunning woman. I know it may seem way too soon in yoru life for exchanges like that. I personally have enjoyed them of late b/c, in my early 50s, it makes me feel like not everyone in our youth-obsessed culture sees me at old and no longer of interest. Not that you need a man to tell you that!

    Anyway, that scarf, too, was marvelous and deserves a good framing. And the heels and gloves? KILLAH!

    Judith, you are such a BABE!

  22. i can’t say i am at all surprised that you are being flirted with in medical rooms (see you didn’t distract me from this with talk about the hat!) you are so very gorgeous! happy birthday, belated i know! Your party looks as awesome as your sense of style xxx

  23. Fantastic stuff. I love Ann sketch of you and that fabulous cake with your face. So many people loving you, even the doctor at your feet, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  24. That hat IS absolutely fabulous.
    Those red gloves are fabulous.
    That drawing is fabulous.
    That cake is the best possible thing anyone could ever get for their birthday.
    You are fabulous.

    And many more fabulous years to come!


  25. ouh! soft flirtation with the physician ! but you are a beautiful woman no wonder ! you are a gem!
    Love the cake and the drawing, i have seen a few of those in the bloggersphere lately!

    Take care my lovely Judith

    Ariane xxxx

  26. Migod, you are 70???I thought you were in your LATE FIFTIES! Hope I look that good at 70! Nice to still be flirted with; he’s got good taste, anyway! LOVE those YSL shoes!

  27. OMG he was totally hot for and hitting on you! BIG TIME!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! And you’re surprised? I’m not!! You are gawwwwwwwwjussssss!!!! Reminds me when I had to have an extreeeeeeeeeeeeeemly personal medical investigation and the gyno asked me if her intern could be present and do the examination. I took one look at him and I SWEAR he looked exactly like my now-24y.o son. I suggested he have a break and grab a coffee instead … I mean, REAAAAAALLLLLLY???????? C’mon! They’re employing babies! xoxoxoxoox

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