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Recently there have been several highly appreciated questions from readers of Style Crone about wearing hats and hair.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, for many years my hair has been cut for the daily wearing of hats.  During the days of the hat shop I wore a just below the chin classic bob, which was a complement to most headwear.  At times I would pin my hair to the top of my head prior to placing my chapeau, creating a totally different look. Just before my 50th birthday ( a long time ago I might add) I noticed a photo in a salon of a cut which fringed the face. The style immediately screamed ‘hat cut.’  Fortunately the stylist responsible for the coveted design had an available appointment during a work lunch hour that very week. Upon sitting in the stylist’s chair, he suggested that I might consider adding some color to my varying shades of blonde that had been with me for a lifetime.  With encouragement ‘some color’ quickly became red, so The SC gave herself the gift of change.  I returned to work incognito.  Because this cut seems to go with any hat that I’ve placed lovingly on my head since that day, I’ve not deviated from a variation on this style, as shown in the photo on the left.  But I could ‘turn on a dime’ again tomorrow!

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  1. Why mess with a winning formula? As you say, it looks good all the time with every hat. I’ve toyed with the idea of red hair, but I’m chicken. (Buck, buck, BAWK!)

    Love from England

  2. The cut and the color look lovely on you hat or not(I’m, sure not, altho I haven’t seen
    you without a hat. Coming in April in I want to do a whole lead into Easter with hats
    every day as a salute to the SC.

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