It was a cold and sunny day in the River North area of Denver. Snow had fallen the day before we traveled to this changing neighborhood of artists, restaurants and new development. Additions to the vibrant street art appear daily, and it’s always a visual surprise from one week to the next.

I chose a combination of rust and wine as my colors for the day. I threw on my favorite multicolored felted scarf, which incorporated and added to my sartorial display.

As I approach my 75th birthday I feel a sense of confusion and hesitation. Where do I want to focus my energy? What do I really want to do?  What is calling me with the greatest intensity?  What are my most intriguing passions?

The textures, patterns and lines of my scarf provide an analogy to my state of mind.  I have always followed the thread of life that presents itself as the manifestation of my desires.

Seventy-five is a substantial number and I want to choose the path that most compels. So I will sit with this at the moment and know that clarity will come forward.  It always has in the past and I expect this will be true once again.

Photos By Daniel

Vintage coat, hat, earrings and gloves – estate sales, embroidered boiled wool scarf – street market, Frye boots – retail sale.

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  1. Beautiful you with colors and clothing. Hope you will write regarding your journey for the celebration of your birthday and choices for living well in each moment.

  2. 75…………..YOU DO NOT LOOK 75!
    YOU and DANIEL make a GREAT PAIR!

  3. I adore this coat. It’s such an unusual color for outerwear and the detail is stunning. Of course it’s vintage; you probably couldn’t buy this quality today.

  4. I have been following you for a while now and receipt of every new post you pass along never fails to make me smile and lift my spirits.

    I will be 74 on March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) of this year and I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. In the meantime, I will continue to stay passionate about the things I’m passionate about.

    I am taking guitar lessons, learning Spanish to make those Winter get-aways more interesting . . . though I admit I’m interested in too many things . . . I need to live another couple of lifetimes.

    Thank you for your inspiring posts.

  5. It’s only a number – I say this with confidence and a touch of defiance as you and I are the same age! As ever, you look FABULOUS in this outfit, such cheerful colours and an elegant merging of style with funky street art.
    Only seventy-five, lots of years ahead to be/do whatever you want. My head is full of ideas.

  6. Dearest Judith. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos but most of all your reflections on your upcoming milestone. I’m always inspired by your style and candor. Much much love

  7. Dear Judith, I have always loved your honesty and expression of self. Thank you for sharing these thoughts along with this gorgeous outfit (I adore this coat, so lovely…as I sit here in 32 deg heat!) I love your Instagram posts and am in awe of you still posting such inspiring, beautiful and interesting blogs. Love and best wishes, Elizabeth.

  8. Judith, it really is hard to believe you are approaching your 75th birthday – your beauty and love of life shines through in every post. Your wonderful style and of course love of millinery is always an inspiration.Thank you.

  9. Such rich, warm colours in your outfit, perfect to ward off the chill. 75 does seem like a rather momentous number – I will be interested to see where you decide to direct your energy next. XO

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