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This past weekend presented the first snowstorm of the season.  We’ve had brief bouts of snow over the past few months, but this was the real thing.  Mounds of snow in the garden with soft white blankets stretching as far as the eye can see in an inner city neighborhood.  I don’t have huge amounts of sidewalk to uncover, but another ‘first’ for me, as Nelson was the shovel master.  The SC began the task Saturday morning as snow continued to fall in gentle layers, creating a picturesque winter landscape.  I was feeling a bit ‘snowed under’ as ‘first’s’ trigger memories and along with them an unwelcome lens of insecurity, a veil that clouds my vision as I take on another role in the now absent division of labor.  As I began slowly and methodically moving the snow I noticed that the shovel handle was red.  Suddenly I saw it as an accessory and my mind traveled to my coat inventory for the perfect outerwear to accomplish this mission with more enthusiasm than my current sad, forlorn state.  The vintage red wool maxi coat with hood and black velvet trim (previously worn HERE) nudged its way into my consciousness, and it turned out to be the ideal match.  Who cares if I defiantly shovel the snow in a long red coat, with only myself to entertain (along with Camille who generously took photos). Could this be another example of special effects? I managed to feel a sense of empowerment with the realization that I could get past the first winter storm with the assistance of an outfit and a shovel with a bright red handle.



  1. You are the perfect embodiment of my motto “When the going gets tough, DRESS UP!!”. I have been dragging along, disgruntled with the 70 degree weather here, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos. You are beautiful, strong, and I’m energized by these outstanding photos. Love, J.

  2. You are beautiful – even shovelling snow. Here in NYC, it is a balmy 61 degrees so it doesn’t feel quite like the holiday season yet. Judith, I am always so amazed at how you put together the most perfect outfits for all events. You are a unique and creative soul. I am always inspired by you!

  3. Bonjour Judith!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and thank you for the nice comments.
    Judith, i never seen anyone match her shovel with her coat, or vice versa, or let me think here…my daughter would:) Your coat is marvelous, red is one of my favorite color.

    Could not believe you were 68, you are radiant my dear Lady, i hope i will be just like you when i am 68!
    I see you like yoga, i do to! since i began 3 years ago it was a revelation, it helped me a lot in not so easy life situations – I had to stop recently because of a tendinitis, i am presently on sick leave till January. I hope i will be better in January so i could start yoga, i miss it so much –

    I am happy that you found me because i found you! I will following you Judith, you are such an inspiration –

    Ariane xxx

  4. How much you look like Red Riding Hood! Keeping the wolf at bay with your red handled shovel?! As usual, you find beauty and strength where others would just moan. I LOVE your coat, and the idea of a coat with a hood just makes such good sense!

    Much love from England,

  5. You look beautiful in your red coat shoveling snow. I love the way clothes and accessories seem to lift your spirits and help you embrace the task at hand.

  6. a long time ago my husbands twin was very sick and we could not plan a vacation. we grabbed a long week end camping. daughter – senior in hi school didn’t want to camp. i told her you just get in there and put together some ‘cute’ little camping outfits….and that became our saying when the going got tough. and it got very tough. she had cancer, her brother had a heart transplant. many years of ‘tough’. brother died 15 years later. just this thanksgiving as she and i got ready to go into town for a thanksgiving ‘todo’ she looked at me and said ‘just who do we think we are?’ we looked at each other and said ‘The Vasko Women!’…a outfit can help shore up the soul!

  7. As always, you inspire with your determination to do what must be done. No ifs and buts. And with such elan,too! Matching the red in the spade with your coat can only come from a mind and a heart that is full of ‘awareness’…something we all should have in order to live life fully! Seeing your photos and reading your thoughts give me hope, whatever the little problems the day may bring! Thanks, Judith.

  8. Oh Judith. I’ve never seen anyone shoveling snow looking this stylish. Definitely worth wearing just to entertain us and yourself. And why not. I’m sure it made the snow shovelling a whole lot more interesting. Send some snow to Austria please. I will be there in 2 weeks for skiing and they need the snow!

  9. This post – like the coat – is vintage Judith. BRAVA again! You are just marvelous. I know this season must be challenging – but wishing you many “merry & bright” days ahead! Thinking of you & sending bright light — Much love,

  10. You can not help but look beautiful in your every endeavor, dear Judith. I love the look. then I read the original post of the Valentine’s coat, and now the snow and shovel mean so much more. Thinking warm thoughts of you, of Nelson and your loves. xo.

  11. It’s amazing what a cherished piece of clothing can do for our mood! Cheers to you for jogging your memory about this coat and pulling it out to share the shovel with you! Super big hug! ~Serene

  12. Oh Judith!! No one looks better shoveling snow than you!!
    Genius accessory. Wish I was closer, I’d definitely help you shovel.

  13. Whatever gets you through the task at hand–if it’s a beautiful red coat, all the better. You look fab; most stylish snow-shovelling outfit ever!

  14. I love the coat on you. What a great photo and thoughts about your Nelson. Blessings at the holidays.

  15. My first thought when I saw the photo was “LIttle Red Riding Hood”, but that is probably because I have been watching the Grimm TV show.
    You look stunning in the red against the white of the snow. Such a pure color against the white.
    That is a lot of snow to have to shovel. I have an intense dislike of snow. I would like it just fine if it only snowed on areas that do not have to be walked or driven on.

  16. It’s great to see that this crimson coat has been featured twice, once as an adjunct to a piece relating to Valentine’s Day memories and now taking a functional role assisting with the management of the necessity of snow removal and the reality of Nelson’s absence. A great garment can appear over and over, alluding each time to unique circumstances, and I’m sure that on this appearance part of what kept you warm were the lovely recollections of Nelson forever attached to the coat and to your consciousness. May those and other memories warm you as the holiday season continues.

  17. Very Red Riding Hood, this coat is wonderful. Only divas shovel snow in full length fancy coats. You are such a trooper.

  18. What a wonderful coat! So far we’ve been fairly lucky here in the UK and snow has been avoiding us thus far.
    I just found your page through Rosemary and I am definitely following you now!

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